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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
June 30, 2004

Attendees: Members: Sharon Haugen, Mandy Alvino. Bob Henkel, Lillian Hegstadt, Marv Holtz, Terry Peck, Barbara Fifer, Dick Alberts. Associate member: Amy Teegarden. Excused: Rita Blouke, Mike Grffith, Louise Fischer.

Guests: Blair Williams, Big Fish PR; and a husband and wife who were interested in learning of our activities (and I failed to write down their names).

The meeting started with less then a quorum, but gradually built up to one.

Approval of May minutes was tabled because of lack of quorum at that time. There were no comments from attendees present.

Mike Griffith was not in attendance so Treasurers report will be available next meeting.

There was little correspondence. Dick had three items of which only the TIIP grant information was of any importance. We probably will be getting more when Rita returns.

Brochure – Dick reported that Jim Crane has completed the basic brochure update and Cheryl Hutchinson is making the final pickups before the updated product is sent to the printer. Bob provided the bill from Jim and this will be given to Mike for payment. With any luck we may have a completed brochure to look at by the July Meeting.

Corps II and 2005 planning – Terry was there for Mark and his notes follow.

Notes for Corps II, County Commission Mtg. 06/30/04
Submitted by mark Peck

- Mission Mountain Wood Band is excited about playing on 7/15/05.

- Rob Quist is the coordination point for boty Odyssey West and the Wood Band. - I discussed the Odyssey West performances for the opening ceremony and the Gates gig at Meriwether Campground on the 16th.

- Cost for the Wood Band is $20,000, plus $3,000-$5,000 for marketing. They will need $10,000 up front to book it. They will handle all of the marketing and most likely we will make money on the show, or at least break even. Libby cleared thousands of dollars in Sept. of '03 for their ski hill benefit. Cost for the Odyssey West shows are about $10,000 a piece.
--The $10,000 will be needed within a couple of months for the Wood Band. I will try to negotiate a smaller down payment if need be.
--The $3,000-$5,000 will be later in the year. This cost is up to us; they figure $1 per persons we want to attend, i.e. if we want 3,000 people, marketing will be $3,000.
--At $15 per ticket we are looking at $45,000 gross. Libby charged $20 per ticket.
--I need to know our intent so I can get back with Rob Quist pretty quick.

- We have a Corps II leaders' meeting on Tuesday the 6th, 5:30 p.m., Sleeping Giant.

- The full planning group meeting is scheduled for 7:00 p.m. on the 13th of July at Great Northern.

It was also reported that Ed Noonan, Myrna Loy Theater, is interested in getting with us on our planning and is willing to share some expenses. The theater has a number of upcoming Lewis & Clark related activities.

The Commission members in attendance expressed agreement on the intent of securing the bands suggested in Mark’s note, but felt that these expenses now be included in the budget and definite decisions need to be part of the upcoming July Planning meetings. Any near term costs also need to be part of the fundraising activities noted below in these minutes.

Dick provided to Terry the performance data from the Livingston Showcase meeting for consideration in our planning.

Signage – Dick reported on initial contacts made for locations of the planned signage. He requested support from a small subcommittee in review and providing suggestions for the signage. Mandy and Lillian volunteered. Dick will set up a meeting for later in July.

GN Center – Dick reported that the Architect is finishing up the bid package drawings in order to get out to bids sometime in July. Construction could start in late August or early September.

Devil’s Elbow “Two Camps” Vista – Construction is progressing quite well. The Commission signage designer is about to have the 12 signs fabricated. Ellen Baumler, of the Historical Society, has reviewed the signage and she is in agreement with what we are doing.

Grants – Amy reported nothing new other than she is getting started on the TIIP grant due in early Aug. The grant application will include Installation #1 for the GN Project. TIIP has about $200,000 available for grants this year.

Morgan Print Sales – Bob reported that the bank has given us back the original painting and Ralph Anderson has it. A suggestion was made to put the original in the Western Rendezvous of Art this year for possible sale. Bob will talk to Bob Morgan and Ralph concerning this. The Commission would like to net at least $6500 from any sale of the original.

Big Fish PR, Fundraising Contract – As of June 15, 2004, the Commission has a signed agreement for fundraising with Big Fish PR. The agreement covers fundraising for the GN Center Project and the 2005 Corps II activities.

Blair Williams, Big Fish PR, reported that fundraising efforts are off and running. They have an initial cut at a brochure describing the fundraising sponsorship suggestions – animal sculptures, event sites, benches, etc. They are making contacts with potential sponsors. There will be a fundraising event Friday, July 9, at 7PM on the balcony outside Alan Nicholson’s office at the GNTC Artesian Building. Potential sponsors have been invited and Commission members will be invited. Blair reported that they have initially sold sponsorship for three benches at $500 each.

State Commission & RBC Meeting at Livingston – Dick reported on the meeting. It’s obvious that we are getting down to the main event for Montana - Summer 2005. The 2005 Great Falls Signature event will be 34 days and their budget is on the order of $3.2M. The 2006 Pompey’s Pillar Signature Event is budgeted at $1.1M. Dick’s concern expressed at the RBC meeting was that in planning the local events we are aware of the activities going on around us. We don’t want to be stepping on nearby Commissions' or Chapters' plans. One way of controlling this is to make sure all activities are reported to Travel Montana so they can be included on their schedule of activities web site.

There appears to be some Corps II grant money available from Travel Montana. Dick will get the details from Betsy Baumgart.

The State Commission (Clint) has Corps II pictures and a power point presentation available for our use. Dick will e-mail Clint and get the data to support our planning and fund raising activities.

New state Commission Chairman is Homer Staves. Vice Chairman is Darrell Martin.

You faithful scribe (In hope that Rita returns real soon),
Dick Alberts  



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