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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
July 21, 2004

Members - Mandy Alvino, Terry and Mark Peck, Mike Griffith, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke; Associate member – Amy Teegarden. Excused – Jack Taylor, Lillian Hegstad, and Barbara Fifer.

The president called the meeting to order. Since there was not a quorum, without objection, the president called the meeting into executive session.

The minutes of the June meeting were reviewed.

Mike reported that we have an $857.94 overdraft caused by paying John Hannah and Jim Crane. He will transfer money tomorrow to cover it. We have $15,833.27 in savings. Amy asked if that included the money from the sale of the picture. Bob sent out an email that he had sold the original to Chad Smith for $6500. But a few days ago Dick heard that there was a problem because the picture is too large. Bob is still working on it. Mike said we need to call in the NPS Challenge Cost Share grant for reimbursement for the DE signage. Dick will talk to Rita C. We still have $8,000 due from the Park Board. Mike will check with them. The contract with I/O was $34,756; we have made 4 advances but $5200 is still owed.

Mandy needs to be added to Dick’s email group.

Correspondence – Dick received a letter requesting a final report for DE from the state. We will not be finalized by the end of July but when we are done, Dick will complete the final report. Rita gave Mike 2 letters from the IRS about our yearly reports. We received a Journal Notes from the state, the GOTM Chapter newsletter, an invitation from Big Fish, and a lot of information from the GF Chapter about membership.

Brochure - Jim Crane updated the brochure with the information he had. Jack edited the information from Reaching the Rockies. Cheryl volunteered to review the draft and to do the final layout. We will need to work with Allegra at InstyPrint because they have the program it is on now. It is getting very late to try to get it out this year. After discussion it was decided to set an August 2 deadline for the materials whether they are finalized or not. Then we can get the materials to the printer by the end of August.

Corps II – The subcommittee met July 13. There were about 18 people in attendance for the 2 hour meeting. Amy talked with the Montana Discovery Foundation (formally the Forest Foundation) about handling the Outdoor Expo. The Mission Mountain Band is ready to go. There was discussion about the military salute and the appropriate level of government and tribal involvement. Several options for a Corps II theme were discussed. Amy will forward the minutes of the last meeting. Rita will add Mary Lou Garrett- (442-2674) to the list to invite to meetings. The next Corps II meeting will be September 7. Dick will ask Big Fish for a fundraising strategy and a monthly update for Corps II subcommittee planning. (Terry mentioned that Big Fish isn’t registered with the Sec. of State’s office.) It looks like the State may fund Corps II events at $500 a day. Amy is looking into Forest Service and Challenge Cost Share grants.

Signage – Mandy and Lillian are working with Dick.

GN – The bids will be broken into packages and need to be back in three weeks. The artwork can be purchased by us if under $20,000 each. Amy and Dick are working on the TIIP grant. Dick had a call from Clint. PPL is releasing money for signage. The introductory sign for the GN was suggested.

DE – Mike said the construction project is scheduled to be completed July 30. The number of signs is an issue but Mike is working on it with Brad. There was discussion of a greeting sign coming from the parking lot. Mike will get with Amy for suggestions.

Big Fish had an open house at the GN Center. About 15-20 people attended. They sold a couple of benches along the walkway.

Many thanks to Terry and Mark for the wonderful dinner. Meeting adjourned.  



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