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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
July 27, 2005

Attendance: Members- Marvin Holtz, Don Smith, Dal Sessions, Mary Lou Garrett, Lillian Hegstad, Jack Taylor, Mandy Alvino, Sharon Haugen, Mark and Terry Peck, Mike Griffith, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke; Associate Member – Amy Teegarden; Guest – Logan Teegarden.

Minutes – The minutes of the June meeting were reviewed. Motion by Mandy, seconded by Mary Lou, to approve the minutes as presented. Motion passed.

Corps II Review - Amy talked with Jeff Olson. Corps II averaged 1200 per day with 14000 visitor contacts. We are one of the top 3 venues of the year. The Commission credited the IR and the Fairgrounds for much of the success. Dick will write a letter to the editor thanking the paper for the coverage. The Park Service appreciated the good reception and crowds. Sharon reported that the County and City commissions were pleased.

In-Kind Document – Mandy made copies so each member could have their own because of the large amount of donated time and contributions this last month. Get those copies to Rita ASAP.

Rita also passed out copies of the new membership list. Mark changed his email to from Terry Beaver is retiring from FS.

Correspondence – A letter from the State Commission asking about suggestions for sign maintenance. Dick will respond. A postcard from Midori about the county signage expecting a final report next summer. (We sent an interim report saying we could produce the other 2 with their approval.) A letter from the L&C Community Foundation saying the request was received and would be reviewed the end of August.

TIIP Grant – Dick and Rita have been working on the TIIP Grant. We are requesting $40,000 for the north end of the GN project. Amy suggested that we need a place to list all the partners who have contributed to the project. If anyone has suggestions for grants, we could use another $100,000.

Review of “The Gathering” – We have received very good comments about the speakers, the music and the facilities. Sara has written all the speakers a thank you. There was discussion of pulling the committee together for closure. The Gates concert was very successful and the FS is very pleased. HCTV taped it and so did the Park Service. Tim Crawford said this was as many boats as he has seen on the river. Mark though everything went well and people jumped in and did what needed to be done. There was discussion of a list of thank you’s that might be needed in addition to the certificates. Keith Hatch and his staff were mentioned as deserving special thanks. Mary Lou and Dick will write a letter to the County Commission.

GN Dedication – Dick Anderson’s crew worked up to opening time. The crowd was huge; it was hot; the dedication was very well done.

Two Camps Dedication – We have received very nice comments. More people came than were expected but the crowd was handled well. The reenactors had lots of fun and did a good job.

Fundraising – We sold 5 prints, 91 magnets, 38 pins, 125 hats, 22 cushions, and 121 shirts. (We also gave away 5 shirts.) There was discussion of the extra shirts. Mike proposed that we offer Max Pigman the shirts. We made $1815; there is a $1415 bill. There was a motion by Dal to allow Mike to negotiate a deal with Max; seconded by Mandy; motion passed. We also have the vests to deal with. It was suggested that we save them for Lincoln and put a patch over the logo. Mary Lou gave us $15.00 for her vest.

Mike reviewed the Treasurer’s Report. Mike revised the June report and prepared the July report. He eliminated the $500 brochure contribution and the $13,500 loan to “The Gathering” from the accounts receivable section. We received $25,000 from the NPS for the GN signage. The GN Project Acct. bal needs correcting to $25,728. We currently have $20,026.23 in checking and $4018.40 in savings. There was a motion by Mary Lou, seconded by Mark, to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented. Motion passed. Dick will contact Midori about the county signage money.

Commission Records - We received a packet from the state office about saving all records about activities and projects completed by the local commissions and Chapters.

Marvin reported that attendance at the bridge was outstanding. The Myrna Loy was very pleased with performance and attendance.

Lincoln Involvement – Mandy reported that she and Amy will meet with the Chamber in Lincoln to introduce the topic. Dal volunteered to help. Mandy will make the community contacts. Mark, Dick, Mike, and Jack will also work on the committee. Sara will work on program. It was suggested we look to Ovando and Helmville and at the senior citizens, the Upper Blackfoot Historical Society and the Blackfoot Challenge to be involved. Amy also suggested we contact the Blackfoot area Chapter.

“The Gathering” Financial Report – Mike presented a preliminary report. Mike would like all bills given to him ASAP. Mike reported that we received $20,285.25 from the Myrna Loy for ticket sales. We still have $6,616 in the account. All speakers have been paid except Carla Wambach. We still owe some money for music and we still have to pay for the Jazz Festival bracelets. It was suggested that we approach the Park Service about reimbursing us for some of the $10,000 for speakers. Mike suggested we get a loan for the balance for 6 months to pay bills. We will cover the expenses but we need to get a final reconciliation. “The Gathering” committee will get together in 2 weeks to pull all the information together.

Other Projects - The Commission reviewed other projects they need to complete by the end of next year. The signage, time capsule, GN project, and Lincoln Corps II were mentioned. Rita said a man approached the Commission RV at the Fairgrounds and suggested we contact the Historical Society about trying to acquire the historical tent and audio programs for the new home at the mall. The Commission did not feel we should take this on but we should contact Rich Aarstad and Clint about the suggestion. We will need to put up the county signage as soon as the signs are complete. Look for a call for help toward the end of August.

The next Commission meeting will be August 17.  



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