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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
August 17, 2005

Attendance: Members - Don Smith, Dal Sessions, Sharon Haugen, Mandy Alvino, Mary Lou Garrett, Mark Peck, Mike Griffith, Dick Alberts, and Rita Blouke; Associate member – Amy Teegarden. Bob Henkel was excused.

Many thanks to the County Commission for allowing us to meet in their meeting room. President Alberts called the meeting to order. There was a quorum present.

The minutes of the July meeting were distributed, read, and (on a motion by Sharon, seconded by Mary Lou) approved.

Rita collected In-Kind documents for volunteer time for July and passed around a copy for August.

Correspondence: A nice letter from Clint Blackwood congratulating us for the Corps II activities; a request for a final report for the $13,000 from PPL for signs (Dick will complete); a check for $15,000 for the county signage project from the NPS; a request from the State for a final report for the $4500 for Corps II activities (especially those mentioning Qwest). Rita will complete. Rita reported that we had completed and sent in the TIIP grant requesting $40,000 for the GN project. Amy reported she also had received a nice letter for the Forest Service from Clint. Sara Scott has received the Interpreter of the Year award for the Northern Region and will move to the national competition.

Treasurer’s Report: (This is out of order from the meeting.) Mike presented the Treasurer’s Report as of today. He closed the savings account and put all funds in the checking and Gathering accounts. Patty Rambo has donated her design work expenses for Two Camps to the Commission. We still need to acknowledge the work of the 6 NW Energy men who erected the osprey nests. There was a motion by Sharon, seconded by Mary Lou, to donate a $25.00 gift certificate to each of the workmen with a letter of appreciation. Motion passed. Mike will write the letters. We have a balance of $15,309.03 of which approximately $12,000 is restricted. His best estimate at this point is we owe $23,814.11 from the Gathering. Mike also reviewed the breakdown of the expenses for The Gathering. We still owe the MMW Band, for lodging, for marketing, Mt. Helena Music Festival and Mark Peck. There was a motion by Mary Lou, seconded by Mark, to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. Motion passed.

Assessment of “The Gathering” Financial Situation: Linda Howard is discussing the financial situation with Rob Quist. Amy and Mark also have talked with him. We received $1000 from the GOTM Foundation and $1000 from Cadre. Other possible funding could come from the GOTM Boat Club, FWP, and the State Commission. Dick will attend the October 11 meeting in Big Timber and report on the success of Corps II and will ask for $5000 to help cover expenses. We have to pay off our immediate bills but we can not lose sight of our other projects. There was extensive discussion about whether to make a public appeal for funds to cover the bills or to work on individual funding sources to see if we can raise the amounts needed. It was decided to have a subcommittee meeting Friday or Monday and have a strategy session about how to handle the deficit. Dick will schedule the meeting and work on a possible plan. He will also work on a list of our accomplishments and resources we have generated for the area. Mike will work on an updated budget. Mike also suggested that if we decide to make a public appeal for funding, we try to read the responses generated by the IR about whether L&C was overdone.

County Signage: Because the NPS sent us all $15,000 from the grant as a result of the interim report, we will need to complete the other 2 signs in the proposal. Rita will contact Geoff Wyatt. There was discussion about whether we still want to put the signs at Hauser Dam and the bird watching site at the west end of Lake Helena. Rita asked about Black Sandy and whether FWP had erected signage there. Dick will check. Dick, Rita and Don will check out Black Sandy and White Sandy as possibilities.

Morgan Prints: Bob placed the ad for $112 for the print sales. Since there was a mistake, the paper will run an extra ad for us.

Dick will be gone from the 23rd to Sept. 3.

Lincoln Corps II: Amy and Mandy will get on the October agenda for the Chamber meeting in Lincoln. Mandy will get the dates for Corps II and see what the overlap with the rodeo is.

There was a motion by Sharon, seconded by Mary Lou, to adjourn; motion passed.

The next meeting will be September 21.  



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