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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
August 25, 2004

In Attendance: Members – Mandy Alvino, Sharon Haugen, Lillian Hegstad, Mike Griffith, Mark Peck, Marv Holtz, Louise Fischer, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke; Associate member – Amy Teegarden; Guests – Bob and Mary Lou Garrett. Excused – Barb Fifer.

Before the meeting the commission and guests met at the Two Camps vista house at Devil’s Elbow to tour the site. Then the group moved to the Griffith home for dinner, pleasant conversation, and the meeting.

On a motion by Sharon, seconded by Mark, the minutes of the July meeting were approved as printed.

Correspondence – 1.) Information about the significant event in Glasgow, April 29-May1, 2005; 2.) A letter from the State Commission asking us to keep them informed on scheduled activities; 3.) Letter from the Dept. of Ag., National Forest, Corps II grant was accepted for $5000. (Amy says there is also an agreement for $3000 for Corps II and an additional $3000 to go to the Dearborn Rest Area); 4.) A letter from Travel MT. asking for schedule updates with a note from Rita C. asking for mailing information for Amber Kamp. Dick gave to Mandy; 5.) An invoice from I/O; 6.) Three letters from NEH and Dept. of Interior saying we did not get the NEH grant; 7.) A letter from the Dept. of Interior saying they wanted an interim report by September 1 on the Challenge Cost Share grant; 8.) A letter to Ron Alles asking for the remainder of the $8,000 from the Park Board for the DE signage; 9.) A letter of resignation from Gil Alexander; 10.) An email about the planning for mini-camps by the Honor Guard or reenactors that would compliment Corps II (would affect logistics, programming and marketing); 11.) An email from John Cronholm concerning a check Faye Daily found (Louise has); 12.) A solicitation to be in the Yellow Pages (group said no); 13.) An email concerning the Montana Tribal Tourism website; 14.) A communication from the National Park Service about semantics and being sensitive with verbage; 15.) A postcard about upcoming GOTM Chapter events; 16.) A packet of material from South Dakota; 17.) A brochure about the L&C medallions; 18.) Another letter from the IRS (Rita gave to Mike.); 18.) A notice from the State Commission that the minutes of the June regional meeting were posted on the website (They are very interesting and all members should read.)

Treasurer’s Report – As of July 31 we have a checking account balance of -$4.58 (we had a $6.00 service charge) and a savings account balance of $14,977.92. There have been no transactions since July 31. There was discussion of applying for the remainder of the money from the Park Board for the DE signage. John Hannah will come next Tuesday to install the signs. Mike wants to pay him the remainder of the contract at that time. Sharon thought if she took the bills the county could process the check by next Friday. Mike will pay John $5200 out of the savings account Tuesday. Sharon also suggested if there is money left in the Missouri River account it might go toward the compass. She asked if there were photos for the Park Board to see. Amy had a call from Clint asking for digital pictures of Two Camps. Dick will take some and forward.

Devil's Elbow - There was discussion of the additional signs for DE: MT Artworks estimated $1800 for 2 more. There was also discussion of the bronze plaque and the compass. Mike and Amy also had talked about flags at least for the bicentennial – a state flag, the U.S. flag symbolic of 1805, and a tribal flag. Louise pointed out that there were 8 different tribes and flags. Amy reminded Mike to talk to Brad about the interagency agreement between the FS and BLM for $3500 that can be used. (Louise will find out the year Clete was born.) There was discussion of the dedication ceremony July 20, 2005. Mike asked about Devil’s Elbow being designated as a Nation L&C Trail Site. Amy said the Park Service administers Trail sites. She will talk to Brad about how BLM can pursue it.

Brochure – The draft of the inner page was passed around. Barb has edited; there are a few minor changes. Beth Satre, at Allegra, still can not get the outer page the print. She thinks she needs to unlayer it and then put it together again. (The program she is using is In Design.)

Corps II – Mark has copies of the proposed contracts for the 3 concerts. He needs a $13,500 down payment to secure all the dates. We have $6000 unencumbered now. There were questions about how Big Fish fund raising was coming. Dick’s computer is down and he couldn’t get the report. There were questions about the sale of the painting. Dick explained what had happened. He said Bob Morgan is going to protest the appraisal. After discussion there was a motion by Mike, seconded by Louise, to pay $6000 now and pay the remainder of the $13,500 September 30. Amy explained the details of the National Forest grant for Corps II. Motion passed. Mark will contact them this week. Dick and Amy will get together to complete the grant paperwork. They need decisions on levels of sponsorship.

After much discussion of a theme for Corps II and many preliminary motions, there was a motion by Mandy, seconded by Sharon, to adopt “Gateway To The Rockies – Bicentennial Gathering”. Motion passed.

The next Corps II meeting will be Sept. 7, 7:00 p.m., Chamber of Commerce Conference Room.

Signage – Dick submitted a letter for $19,000 more for signage through the state to PPL. The committee is working on drafts for the signs. There was discussion of the difference in orientation and interpretive signs. Amy suggested we employ orientation information with an interpretive style.

GN – The bids came in; they were $150,000 more than expected. It will be rebid with altered specs. We are within $56,000 of making the TIF match. We still have other components that need funding but the match is priority #1. There was discussion of asking other groups to fund additional components.

Fund Raising – Louise presented several options for fund raising. She passed around a sample form that could be used for solicitation. She presented several options for booklets, inserts, or informational pamphlets that could have sold advertising included. T-shirts and/or sweatshirts were also suggested. She felt we should take action and get started, especially for Corps II. Louise offered her services; Dick asked if she would start working on a Corps II logo/poster. The Corps II executive committee decided to meet next week to discuss sponsorship levels and fund raising.

Sharon thanked Dick for the great article and tv interview concerning local fund raising and continued community support. Dick also has a letter in the latest We Proceeded On Magazine.

There was discussion of the Commission opening and membership. Think about it.

Many thanks to Mike for the delicious dinner. Meeting adjourned.  



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