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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
August 28, 2002

Members in attendance were Amy Teegarden, Mike Griffith, Gene Hickman, Ann Tedesco, Clete Daily, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke. Guest was Alan Nicholson. There was not a quorum.

The agenda was amended to allow discussion of the GN project. Dick talked with Jan Kennedy about the September 18 visit. She has to be done by 12:00 to get to GF. After discussion, Dick will contact her again about her schedule to see if she can come for dinner the 17th. Hopefully Gil, Clete, Amy and Jack can also be there. There was discussion of the TIIP Grant application. We received a letter stating the grant has been received and they will be announced in late October. Alan reviewed the grant components. GN Owners will match the grant if we receive it. There was discussion of other funding options. Mike suggested that we go to the city and the county about Community Development funds. He suggested we look at Tax Increment funds down the line. Rita will talk with Sharon Haugen about what might be available through the county. Dick will call Gil to see when they can prepare for the Murdock presentation. Call Deanne at Alanís office to arrange a time. Mike volunteered to represent the Commission to the city and county for further funding. There was discussion of getting on the State Commission schedule for this fall. Bob will email Amy the graphics to put in Power Point.

Dick called the meeting to order. There was discussion of amending the bylaws to adjust the quorum requirements. Dick called the Executive Committee meeting to order in case we need a vote.

Clete distributed copies of the treasurerís report. We have a current balance of $20,624.05. We have sold two framed prints. He still has a few outstanding bills for the Encampment but everything else is paid. We had another 12,000 brochures printed; we have a bill for $2582.00. The brochures are at Lakeside and need to be distributed. Ann will contact the businesses in the brochure about contributing to the printing costs.

Rita reported correspondence: A program for the State Conference (Discussion of who would go- Dick, Amy, Ann, Mike); an email about nominating state bicentennial trees (Rita will contact Jack and the Native Plant Society); an email about the state grant to Brad; an email about the National Council and their financial problems; the July Journal Notes; a letter closing out the 2001 O&P Grant; a brochure on the 2003 NEA Grants; a Chapter newsletter; the program for the Kickoff at Monticello; a letter about the final report for the NEA grant. Dick reported a letter from the Dept. of Commerce saying that they had received the TIIP grant; a letter from the state saying we needed six-month reports on the status of the Devilís Elbow and Encampment grants (Clete and Dick will work on these; Dick will talk to Rita.); a response to lobbying efforts.

Dick reported that the Encampment worked very well and the organization changes worked well. But, Louise is not willing to continue to chair. We need to discuss whether we will continue sponsoring the Encampment at the retreat. Clete said it was too time consuming for our Commission members and we are too burned out by it. Gene said it too large and needs to be closer in town. Dick said the BLM felt it needed to have more L&C emphasis.

There is an email from Brad about a meeting for the Vista House. They are looking at the afternoon of the 18th. That works for Rita, Mike and Amy. Amy will try to check on the Park Service signage grant to see where that money is.

At the retreat we will identify our priority projects and focus on fundraising specific to them. We need to set short and long term goals to get us to 2006.

There was a meeting to discuss a January 18, Montana kickoff in the Capitol corresponding to the Monticello kickoff. We agreed to work with the planning committee. Ann and Dick will discuss volunteering to serve as organizing chair. Ralph and Bob were suggested also.

Amy Teegarden resigned from the Commission but will still serve as the FS liaison and will still attend meetings. The Commission reluctantly accepted her resignation. There was discussion of Commission attendance and membership and the problem of getting a quorum at meetings. It was felt that since we were going into the actual Bicentennial kickoff and need input and participation for some critical upcoming projects, Dick should write a letter to all Commission members explaining the problem and asking for a commitment. If someone wants to work on only one or two projects and not attend meetings, they could volunteer for just that committee or project. We have a letter of interest from Ed Tinsley, but Dick will let him know that currently we are reassessing the entire Commission. Several other names were suggested.

There was discussion of the fall retreat. It was decided to offer two dates (Oct. 7 or 10 from 10-4) and see how many people could attend each. Dick will put out a note. We will check with Rich about whether the Historical Society has a comfortable room.

Mike asked about a Commission vest or shirt that we could wear to easily identify us. After discussion, Gene will check his catalogues.

Amy showed the film footage from L&C in the L&C Forest. The POE Committee will help with the narration and the Commission could be listed as a partner.

Meeting adjourned. The next meeting will be September 25.  



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