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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
September 21, 2005

Attendance: Members – Don Smith, Lillian Hegstad, Jack Taylor, Mary Lou Garrett, Mandy Alvino, Sharon Haugen, Mike Griffith and Rita Blouke. Dick Alberts was excused. A quorum was present.

Treasurer Mike Griffith called the meeting to order. On a motion by Mary Lou, seconded by Lillian, the minutes of the August meeting were approved as presented. The in-kind document was passed around.

Correspondence: The following correspondence was initiated or received: an order of deposit slips from Mountain West Bank; a check for a print; an email from Amy asking us to consider a change of day (We decided to move to the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Our next meeting will be Oct. 18.); the agenda for the October 11 meeting in Big Timber; an email from Dick to Rita Cortright saying that we would be applying for the $1000 O& P Grant for 2006; the Corps II final report was sent to the state; the TIIP Grant was completed and delivered to the Department of Commerce; the GOTM newsletter; a letter from the Community Foundation awarding us $500 for Lincoln – we will need to sign and return and include a thank you letter; and a close out letter from the State for Corps II.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike distributed copies of the treasurer’s report as of today. We have a balance of $17,390.30 with liabilities of $28,209.08. Mike reviewed the Balance Sheet, the Restricted/Unrestricted Funds sheet, The Gathering Budget Recap chart, and the Marketing Expenses sheet. Mike and other members are still working on resolving Corps II finances. The County Parks money issue was resolved with our sincere thanks to the County Commission. Mike received a check from Hal Stearns for $677 for overpayment. There was a motion by Mary Lou, seconded by Sharon, to approve the treasurer’s report; motion passed.

GN Project: Gretchen Krumm set up a meeting to finalize the L&C Montana Experience project and to resolve outstanding issues. No one from the Commission was able to attend. Sharon will call Gery Carpenter and get a report about the meeting.

Two Camps: Two Camps has been completed and closed out.

County Signage: We received a call from Geoff Wyatt that the signage was here and looked good but the frames had not yet arrived. We will need a group to put up the signs when we get the frames. Mary Lou will check with her son about an auger. Geoff will complete the other two signs for the project and Dick has sent him the rough drafts. Jack will review the drafts when they are complete.

Fund Raising: Bob is planning a campaign for selling prints this fall and at Lincoln Corps II. He has talked with Bob Morgan about remarking and renumbering. Mike and he will work together.

Grants: We received the $500 Community Foundation Grant for Lincoln. We will complete the Northwestern Energy Grant application for $6000 for Lincoln for speaker fees, per diem and travel. Mary Lou suggested we look into the Town Pump Foundation. Don will contact Dan Connally. Sharon suggested we check Plum Creek. There was discussion of housing and travel problems that we will need to address. The timing at July 4 is an issue as is the conjunction with the rodeo.

Lincoln 2006: Mandy had to leave before reporting about the October Lincoln Chamber meeting. Rita will ask her to send out an email with the information so those members who want to attend can schedule to go.

State Commission Meeting: The State Commission meeting will be October 11 in Big Timber. Mike will go along with Dick. They will prepare information requesting $5000 to help with the Corps II deficit. They are working on talking points for the presentation.

The next meeting will be October 18, at the Chamber. Lillian, this is your reminder.

Meeting adjourned.  



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