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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
September 22, 2004

In attendance: Members: Sharon Haugen, Mike Griffith, Marvin Holtz, Dick Alberts, and Rita Blouke. There was not a quorum present. Thank you Sara Scott for opening the doors and getting us settled in.

The president called the meeting to order. The minutes of the August meeting were reviewed without correction. The in-kind document was passed around.

Treasurer’s report: Mike distributed copies of 3 documents – a detailed history of the checking account since 5/7/2003; a detailed history of the savings account since 5/7/2003; and a balance sheet with status of restricted/unrestricted funds draft. Mike reviewed all three documents with the Commission. There were questions and some clarifying comments, especially to the Restricted/Unrestricted Funds draft. Mike will add a column to the restricted funds category for county signage and prepare an amended document. Sharon will send Mike a copy of the last report of the QuickBooks that is still on her computer.

Correspondence – 1.) 4 final and interim reports to the NPS and the State Commission for the GN grant, the Devil’s Elbow grants, and the county signage grant; 2.) a form to complete from the NPS for the GN grant volunteer hours for 2004; 3.) a letter from the State Commission indicating completion of the requirements for the DE grant but noting that we were to place their name on the entrance sign rather than on each interpretive sign; 4.) notice from the Labor Law Poster Service that we needed to place labor posters in our work sites; 5.) a letter from the State Commission about the regional meeting in Pablo, October 14-15; 6.) a PowerPoint presentation on Corps II; 7.) from Lewis & Clark at the Confluence a press release packet with flyers and poster (it was suggested we give it to Lillian); 8.) a bid packet from Geoff Wyatt for the county signage; 9.) an email about a new Lewis and Clark in Montana map made available from the Dept. of Transportation; 10.) a letter asking for an extension of the GN curriculum grant to the Forest Service; 11.) an email to Bob Bergantino asking for help with maps for the county signage.

Brochure – Rita displayed the color proof draft and the folded sample from ColorWorld. There were two editing corrections suggested: the “12” had been left off and there was a strange mark in the title. Marv checked to see that the Canyon contributors were correct. If we approve the drafts we need to send them back to ColorWorld with the paperwork and they can finish the project in about 8 days. We received an email from Cheryl asking if she could proof the final copy. Dick will call her tomorrow morning; we need to get the drafts to ColorWorld ASAP so we can meet the Russell Country grant deadline of the end of the month.

Corps II - Paul Putz will work as the City Park Board liaison on the subcommittee. The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 12, at the Chamber meeting room. Ray Reed from the military museum will work on the military salute subcommittee.

County Signage – Rita and Dick met with Geoffry Wyatt about contracting to complete the design and production of the county signage. We have a $15,000 grant from the NPS. The Commission reviewed the bid and examples of installation stands. They also reviewed samples of Wyatt’s work at Alice Creek and GOTM. Mike said York Road was being redesigned and we should check with the MT. Dept. of Transportation about see if there was a more appropriate place for that sign than The Glass Slipper. Mike will work with Dick on York Road and Marv offered to help with the installation. We need a vote and Commission approval to contract with Geoff; Dick will send out an email to the Commission.

Great Northern – The subcommittee met with the City Commission today to finalize issues relating to the bids. The contract is set to be approved next week; construction should start soon. We are still approximately $21,000 short for our match. Dick signed the papers for the $10,000 grant from PPL for signage.

Devil's Elbow – Mike showed us the draft of the temporary entrance sign that will mark the entrance until the dedication in July, 2005, when it will be replaced with a bronze plaque. Dick signed the papers for the $3,000 grant from PPL for signage. Mike suggested that once the signage and rose compass are complete, if there is additional money in the DE account, we should look at landscaping the center area where the sidewalk splits with native plants.

Fundraising – There was discussion of additional fundraising needs. We still need money for the GN project and Corps II. If anyone has ideas, let Dick or Rita know. Dick received an email from Bob about the airport display and it still needs additional funding. Dick reported that Big Fish fundraising has not been overwhelmingly successful, but they are still trying.

Morgan Print - There was discussion about the selling of the Morgan original but no one knew where that currently was.

We have an open slot on the Commission; Dick’s email will include suggestions for membership. Mike suggested we nominate Mary Lou Garrett; without a quorum we can not move on a nomination.

The next meeting will be October 20. Meeting adjourned.




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