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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
October 20, 2004

In attendance: Members – Marvin Holtz, Jack Taylor, Sharon Haugen, Mandy Alvino, Lillian Hegstad, Mary Lou Garrett, Mike Griffith, Dick Alberts, and Rita Blouke; Associate Member – Amy Teegarden.

Dick introduced Mary Lou Garrett, a nominee for the Commission and co-chair of the Corps II Committee.

The minutes of the September meeting were reviewed with two corrections: Under “County Signage” the two references to “York Road” should read “Canyon Ferry Road”. On a motion by Sharon, seconded by Jack, the minutes were accepted as corrected.

Membership: The Commission unanimously voted to appoint Mary Lou Garrett to a Commission vacancy. Rita then read a letter of resignation from Louise Fischer. Possible nominees were discussed. Louise had suggested Pat Kennedy or Cary Youpee as a Native American representative. Joe Anderson was also suggested; he had attended a meeting and expressed some interest. Dick will contact them. Jack moved, seconded by Sharon, that we write a letter of thanks and great appreciation to Louise for her work on behalf of the Commission; motion passed unanimously.

The In-Kind Form was passed around.

Treasurer’s Report: Mike distributed updates of the savings and checking accounts over the last 30 days and reviewed the deposits and withdrawals. He is working on updates of the balance sheet and restricted/unrestricted funds statements. We have a cash balance of approximately $28,000. The Commission endorsed using extra money for starter money for Corps II in Lincoln in 2006. Mike needs to get with Mark about the second check for Rob Quist. Gail Fischer will send $3000 directly to the printer in Bozeman for the brochures. Rita gave Mike the Allegra bill. The bill for the Two Camps temporary sign was $150 and is up. Sharon moved, seconded by Marv, to approve the treasurer’s report; motion passed.

Brochures: The brochures have been delivered. We have approximately 40,000 in 116 boxes – 8 have been given to Marv, 1 to Dick. The Commission reviewed a draft distribution plan and discussed distribution sites and philosophies. There was discussion of producing a bookmark with the 2005 activities and dates to include as an insert. Mandy will put together a draft. Mary Lou will contact BCBS about volunteering the printing. Amy, assisted by Lillian, will coordinate a final recommendation for distribution. Dick displayed the Montana map of the Expedition and the events and there was discussion of placing brochures at the events site.

Corps II: Mary Lou and Amy will meet with chairs Monday; November 16 is the next Corps II committee meeting. Hal Stearns wants to be contacted. The Montana Discovery Foundation is willing to put in for a Park Service grant for the F.S. concert. They are looking for big tents for the Outdoor Expo. Dick is meeting with Keith Hatch tomorrow at 10:00 to discuss Fairgrounds issues. Grant money will be available for Corps II from the State for $500 per operational day; there will also be a $1000 O&P grant available.

County Signage: We finally tallied enough votes to approve Wyatt Design for the project. Rita has a call in to Geoff Wyatt to contract. He has not called back. Dick will give Jack and Cheryl a copy of the proposed signage drafts.

GN Project: Alan Nickolson wants suggestions for banners in the GN area. Gery Carpenter is working on the specifics of the $378,000 contract to be awarded to Dick Anderson for construction. This will include all infrastructure and interpretive design and signs. Art work is not included nor is Pompeys Pillar. We still need about $40,000 for the match. There will be a ground breaking ceremony sometime next week.

Two Camps: Mike met with Marilyn Kraus, Rick Hoteling and Jason Mohr for an upcoming article. The temporary sign is in. There was discussion of native landscaping; Jack will assess. There was discussion of leaving some money for replacement of signs if necessary.

Fundraising: We did not receive the TIIP grant. Dick and Amy will contact Big Fish next week to talk about how their efforts are going. Sharon will talk with the Montana Arts Council about their NEA Grant money.

Morgan Print and Original: Bob completed the sale of the original to Chad Smith; we have the $6500 in the bank. We have about $5000 in print assets.

Airport Signage: The FS has purchased the flat screened, plasma TV and the DVD player. The video is done. There was a motion by Sharon, seconded by Mary Lou, to expend up to $5000 on the airport display; motion passed. The Commission watched the video. (Great Job, Amy) Copies of the video or DVDs are available. Jack asked if anyone knew what happened to the footage Les Cramer shot.

State Commission Meeting: Dick attended the meeting in Pablo. They want to make sure the schools and Native Americans are involved in activities. We should get the letters soon for the Corps II and O&P grant applications. Pat Jones is the Corps II coordinator. There will be a meeting the 29th about the interpretive mini camps. There was a lot of discussion about transitioning out. The signature and mini-signature events were reviewed.

There was discussion about sending someone to the Corps II site in Bismark or at Mandan. Mike, Sharon, and/or Mary Lou will look into it.

Lillian will take one of the events maps and laminate it for display at the Chamber along with brochures.

The next meeting will be November 17. Meeting adjourned.  



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