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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
October 22, 2003

In attendance, members: Marvin Holtz, Terry Peck, Ann Tedesco, Sharon Haugen, Bob Henkel, Mike Griffith, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke; associate member: Amy Teegarden; guests: John and Nancy Hanna and Cheryl Hutchinson. Clete, Mark and Gil were excused.

President Alberts called the meeting to order. A quorum was present. The agenda was amended to move the Devil’s Elbow presentation to the top.

John and Nancy from Inside Outside, the interpretive designers for the Devil’s Elbow project, presented information about the vista house design and submitted rough drafts of the panels. They also proposed adding capstones with L&C flora and fauna laser cut into the stones. There was discussion about how much the addition would cost and from where the money would come. Mike said there was a difference between the current contract with IO and the amount we have received in grants, and it could pay for additional costs. Dick and Mike suggested that John talk with Jeff, the architect, to see if he approved of the additions. They also said we needed a proposal from IO with additional costs to our contract and to the BLM building costs. Amy suggested that Don Greytak’s drawings might be used. Mike moved that we authorize the addition proposal; Marv seconded; motion passed. John said we need to establish a review process for drafts so that they can get comments in a timely manner. John and Nancy are coming back to Helena November 14. They could get preliminary final drafts to us by December 3 for the December 10 meeting. The commission reviewed the rough drafts. John explained that we no longer have a separate transportation panel. The commission had positive comments about the panel drafts.

There was a motion by Sharon, seconded by Bob, to accept the September minutes as presented. Motion passed. The in-kind document was passed around.

Sharon reported that we have $7803.05 in savings and we are still waiting for the $10,000 from the Park Service. Dick will contact Rita C. to see where the money is. We have $841.68 in checking. Sharon said she did not know of any outstanding bills. Dick has a bill for the state commission meeting. Ann asked how much of the total was encumbered money and how much was available for possible expenditure. Sharon will find out and email the amount to members. Mike said he felt we needed an encumbered and unencumbered amount for each meeting.

Correspondence: 1. A letter from the state granting us an extension for $5000 for the grant but our grant was for $10,000. Dick will contact Rita C. about the problem. 2. A packet to apply for 2004 O&P grant. There was a motion by Sharon, seconded by Ann, to apply for a 2004 O&P grant. Motion passed. The commission discussed specifics for the grant. Ann and Rita will have a draft at the next meeting. 3. A letter from the Dept. of Commerce telling us we did not receive the TIIP grant we requested. We were #8. They also sent a letter to Alan with criticisms of the grant. The top 5 were fully or partially funded. We still need $125-150 thousand to complete the 4 dioramas for the GN project. The committee is meeting next week and they will discuss other funding options. Another NEA grant and Murdock are options. Amy will do a grant search.

Brochures: Sleeping Giants Brewery wants to talk about sponsoring our brochures. Dick will contact them. Bob suggested that it is time to contact the Tour Train. Ann is talking with Travel Montana. If nothing else she would like to talk with them about paying for distribution. Cheryl said that Russell Country has a program that could match up to $2500 if we extended our brochure narrative to include up to the Falls. The link would be a partnership with Reaching the Rockies. It would cost us some money to update. There was a motion by Bob, seconded by Sharon, to pursue adapting the brochure and applying for the grant with the Reaching the Rockies Chapter. Bob recommended Jim Crane be contacted about doing the update. He thought he might charge about $35 an hour. Amy expressed concern about the title of the brochure. Several options were discussed. Bob, Ann, Dick and Cheryl will work together on the revision. Ann will also approach Gold West. There was discussion of the CD of the brochure. Does anyone know where it is?

L&C Airport Display: Bob and Amy have developed a proposal for a 7 by 10 foot display with a 4 by 6 foot Morgan painting. We would seek a sponsor for the display, possibly Montana Magazine. The video will be done and playing on a flat screen. These will be provided by the Helena National Forrest.

Corps II: We have finalized dates for Corps II. Mark met with the Fairgrounds people and will meet with the state about the information presented in Lewistown.

Morgan Prints: There was a motion by Bob, seconded by Sharon, for 2 IR ads for $200 each the first and second weeks of December. Motion passed. Bob asked if we have any print cards left. Dick has about 100; Ann has about 2 dozen.

Dick reported on the Lewistown meeting. Steve and he raised the signage issue. PPL gave $100,000 for signage. Each regional commission is to submit its 3 highest priorities. (Cheryl suggested Tower Rock, Dearborn Inn Campsite and Transition Rock. Wolf Creek was also discussed.) GF suggested that Helena might be used as a motel area for the signature event.

Dick suggested we think about a theme for 2005 and discuss it at the next meeting. Sacagawea’s Homecoming was suggested. The idea of street banners was again suggested.

The next Chapter meeting will be November 17 at the Chamber of Commerce office. The next Commission meeting will be November 19. Meeting adjourned.  



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