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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
October 23, 2002

Dick called the meeting to order. The minutes were read; approval was delayed pending a quorum.

Clete reviewed the treasurerís report. We paid the printing bill and we have a balance of $18,324.40 with $1067 in uncleared checks. There was discussion of committed vs. uncommitted money. Approval was delayed pending a quorum.

Rita reviewed correspondence: An Oriental Trading Co. catalogue and a brochure for a workshop in Havre. Dick reviewed correspondence: A letter from A. Nicholson answering questions about the GN project to Jan Kennedy (Ann wants a copy), a letter from the Dept. of Commerce telling us we did not receive a TIIP Grant, a letter telling us we have been selected for Corps II both in Helena (2005) and Lincoln (2006), a letter from Travel Montana asking for events for the calendar, a packet about the O&P and regular grants forms for 2003, and a letter from Rob Quist.

There was discussion of brochure distribution. Clete has the brochures in the store. Ann needs some for Saturday. Dick still needs to deliver to GOTM. Ann moved up to $1000 of our money be used for brochure distribution for 2003. Clete seconded. Discussion. Rita will call Curt to see if he has any brochures left. Approval was delayed pending a quorum.

The Devilís Elbow meeting October 17 clearly delineated roles and responsibilities for the project. We have $60,000.00 for signage. There will be a meeting the second week in November to set the themes for the signage.

There will be a meeting November 4, 2:00 p.m. to meet with Alan Nicholson. One of the things to be discussed is having the MOU drawn up about the ownership of the art components. We will also discuss the state grant with him and see if they have someone who can write the grant for the trail markers.

Clete suggested we apply for the trail markers from the State grants. Ann will look into the signage and see where there are deficiencies. Bob will talk with Mike Murray and see what is happening with the GOTM interchange with Undaunted Stewardship. Someone is also looking into improving the Holter Lake Road and wants our support.

Rita distributed the fall retreat packets. There was discussion of membership. Ralph gave Bob a verbal resignation. He will remain an associate member. Dana has also resigned. Ann will talk to the Chamber about a replacement. Dick will talk with Rich. We have had three people express interest-Mark Peck, Sharon Haugen and Ed Tinsley. Dick will contact them and see if they are still interested and are willing to work.

Dick will meet with the City and County Commissioners November 7. Dick will give them an overview and ask them about grant sources, about a plaque at the Court House, and if they have any information about the GOTM Road.

There was discussion of funding needs. One of the things we need is a freestanding booth for display. Bob will check on the display. We also need money for the Vigilante Parade to sponsor a float or two and/or a display. We may also need to support the X-Cel project in the development of a display for the airport.

We need to close out last yearís State O&P and Encampment grants. We will need to apply for an extension for the Devilís Elbow grant. Clete will check on the CTIP highway money grant.

Ann and Dick attended the state planning meeting for the rotunda kickoff, January 18. The program will start at 9:00 a.m. There will be 14-20 spots available.

There was discussion of the framed prints; we are having 10 framed. They will be delivered to Ritaís. Clete will also deliver the unframed and shrink-wrapped prints to her. We will only do newspaper ads this year. Bob will check with Bob Morgan about a Christmas signing. Rita will get poster board and tape. Bob moved that we expend up to $700 for newspaper ads. Seconded by Ann. The motion was held pending a quorum. Ann will work on a press release. Ann volunteered her phone # for the ad-475-9560. Everyone will help with delivery.

In April there will be a National meeting in Great Falls. We will work on the Bylaws next meeting. The December meeting will be moved to the 20th. Meeting adjourned.




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