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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
October 24, 2001

Members in attendance were Mike Griffith, Dick Alberts, Ralph Anderson, Gene Hickman, Judy Williams, Clete Daily, Ann Tedesco, Bob Henkel, Amy Teegarden, and Rita Blouke. Guests were Ed Noonan, Jeff Downhour, and Dana Walker.

Ralph talked about proposals for selling the prints. We will sell at the November 3 craft fair. He and Bob will work on the ads for the paper and TV. Clete has sold two prints (76 and 91). We still have prints 2-25 that we can sell.

Jeff presented the proposal for the Vista House. He said the committee is still working on the text for the panels and on the cost estimates. The construction time-line is fall 2003. Jeff is waiting on BLM for some information on engineering. The County Park Board has set aside money for this project. Bob asked about the total budget. Jeff and Mike said it is not complete. Amy asked if we needed to raise some money. Mike said he didn't think so. Amy suggested that we cover the signage through the NPS Challenge grants for about $40-50 thousand. They are due in December. We need to request from Brad some cost estimates for the project. Jeff will track his in-kind for the records.

Amy called the meeting to order. Rita reviewed minutes of the September meeting. There was a correction by Mike on page 2, paragraph 1, to change "public" to "private". Motion by Mike, seconded by Dick, to approve the minutes as corrected. Motion passed.

Rita distributed the treasurer's report for Gil and passed around a copy of "Transaction Detail by Account". Amy asked about the FS grant for the Encampment. There was discussion about whether Gil had moved the amount and where it is. Ann asked if someone could meet with Carol to talk about what we need. Clete will talk with her. Amy said Gil can participate in meetings on conference call. There was discussion of the need for a budget.

Ed Noonan from the Myrna Loy presented a draft outline of the Echoes of Discovery project that would use the arts in the celebration of the bicentennial over a 5-year period. They have written two grants and will continue with their efforts through at least 2006. Ed invited Commission members to the Nov. 17 concert of Metis music. There was a motion by Mike, seconded by Ann, to write a support letter for Ed to use in his grant applications for the project. Motion passed. Amy suggested that the FS has a funding opportunity with the NEA that is specific to the arts, out in February. She also suggested that events be scheduled around the signature events in Montana and the Corps II display. She will talk with Ed about it more in detail. Ann suggested that the Chapter would like a program on the proposal.

Rita passed out a new Commission roster. There were several corrections so she will redo it for the next meeting. Ann reported that she had talked to Marilyn Clark.

There was discussion of hiring someone to do administration, financial supervision, and grant writing for the Commission. We need to look at seed money from a start-up grant to contract with or hire someone. Ann suggested we need to think about what we want. Amy will talk with Mike Schechtman about helping us with a budget and a job description. Ann suggested we might be able to do this in steps by contracting with a grant writer now and then later hiring someone. Dick suggested we use Jane Weber as a resource; Bob said he would talk with Sid Armstrong about suggestions. Amy, Judy and Dick volunteered to serve on the committee with the goal to have a recommendation at the next meeting. We will devote the December meeting to developing a budget.

Amy, Clete, Dick and Ann attended the State Conference. They reported that it was well attended and they enjoyed the interaction with the other commissions. Clete thought there would be a requirement to send a representative to State Commission meetings. There was discussion of the Academy Training as a Trail Guide. Dick said he would like to take the training and contribute any remuneration to the Commission. Dick said he was encouraged by the tribal participation at the conference. Ann is working to get the schools involved in the Chapter and the Corps II activities. Amy is going to resubmit Corps II sites. Ann and Amy will work on it.

Ann reported for Louise on POE committee activities. Louise is working on some grant possibilities for the Encampment and is talking with vendors at powwows. Ann is working on a draft flyer for December. The deadline for Travel Montana is November 10. Clete talked to one of the state commissioners about liability insurance for the local commissions. She will present the issue at the state meeting. Ann suggested that we look into special events insurance with a D. and O rider. Dick asked about the MOU with BLM for the Encampment. Rita will look for it.

Mike will ask Ron Alles for a letter acknowledging that the Park Board has set aside $20,000 for the Vista House. Mike asked that we would have a plaque at the site identifying the partners. He will get a letter out to that effect.

Amy reported that the subcommittee for the River Walk has met twice and has another meeting set for next Tuesday. They have discussed the concerns about ownership and maintenance of the project. Alan supports an agreement with us and the property owners association. Mike suggested that the Historical Society (or someone like them) be named as the owner of the art items. Amy is working with the Excel Program to include them in the project. They might work with the playground and design a Commission logo. Mike asked about redesigning the L&C County seal. Bob said they had some preliminary designs and did not like them. Mike suggested sending it to Warren Morehouse. Rita will write a letter to Morehouse with the suggestion. Ann asked if it could be worked into the April Chapter meeting.

Bob reported that he would try to sell the original painting. He will contact Bob and work with Ralph on some mailings. He worked out a deal with Dan Ritter for 15 framed prints. We will pay Dan when we sell some. Clete asked whether we could use the old Morgan TV ad. Bob will check. Ann asked about placing prints in the Historical Museum, the Interpretive Center, and the Chamber. Congressman Rehburg has placed the GOTM road in his budget bill. Mike expressed concern that the county could get hit with a deduct from the transportation road budget.

Gene said we needed to get a letter to the Honor Guard requesting participation in the Encampment. Ann will get a letter to them for their next meeting.

Rita said the Commission needs to put in grants for administrative money and for state project grants. There was a motion by Mike, seconded by Dick, to submit a grant for $12,000 toward the cost of developing signage for the Vista House. Motion passed. There was a motion by Gene, seconded by Dick, to submit a grant for the River Walk project so long as we have an agreement about ownership of the project. There was discussion of the details of the grant, but the committee asked that the details be worked out at the next committee meeting. Motion passed. There was a motion by Bob, seconded by Mike, to write a letter to the chair of the County Park Board, Alicia Pichette, requesting money for river access signage. There was discussion of what signage was being discussed. Mike said the Park Board voted to dedicate $20,000 for Devil's Elbow several years ago from the Missouri River Fund. Now we are discussing river access signage. Bob withdrew his motion and he said he would work on it and the river access sites. Ann and Mike agreed to work with him. They will come with a proposal at the next meeting. They will contact Ken Soderburg at FWP to see if they will still support the installation. Amy said the Lincoln project has contracted to complete the signage. We need to close out the $9,0000 left in the grant. Rita and Amy will work on it. Dick moved that we submit a grant for $10,000 for the Encampment, seconded by Judy. Motion passed.

Meeting adjourned.

The next meeting will be November 28.  







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