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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
November 8, 2006

Minutes of the November 8, 2006, meeting of the Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of Lewis and Clark County. Attendance: Members – Don Smith, Lillian Hegstad, Marv Holtz, Dal Sessions, Mary Lou Garrett, Mike Griffith, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke; Associate Members – Mandy Alvino.

President Dick Alberts called the meeting to order. On a motion by Mary Lou, seconded by Don, the minutes of the June meeting were approved as printed. The In-Kind document was passed around with instructions to include July through November.

Correspondence: 1. A letter and report from the State Commission, “Those Deservedly Commemorated Characters – The History of the Montana Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission 1997-2006”. 2. A letter from the Lewis & Clark Trail Heritage Foundation about the Challenge Cost Share Grant Phase III-Plaza Map with a copy of the notification and a personal note from Laurie Heupel. There also is a letter from the NPS saying the dates for the project are July 18, 2006 - September 30, 2007. 3. Letter from the State Commission thanking us for the success of Corps II - Lincoln. 4. A modification letter between the Commission and the Helena National Forest to extend the performance period for agreement #03-PA-11011200-035 through 12/31/2006. 5. A booklet from Laurie Heupel about how to produce a CCS Project. 6. A notice from the Secretary of State’s office of involuntary dissolution if we don’t pay our annual report fee and fine by December 1, 2006. 7. The Gates of the Mountains Chapter Newsletter (this is the one I forgot).

Treasurer’s Report: Mike presented the Treasurer’s Report as of 11/08/06. We have a balance of $15,026.12 with $9,140.00 restricted. Mike is working on some documentation needed to transfer $3898.38 to close out Corps II – Lincoln. He talked with Max Pigman about the t-shirts left from “The Gathering” and would like to work a deal to close out that last expense from Corps II – Helena. There was a motion by Marv, seconded by Mary Lou, to provide compensation up to $900 to pay for the t-shirts. Motion passed. Mandy asked how we ended up with Lincoln – Corps II. Mike said we incurred expenses of $6104.76 and collected $2723.00. It cost the Commission $3381.76 to put on the event, which was within budget. All bills are paid. Thanks were extended to Mandy, Don and all the people who were involved in the project. It was very successful. There was a motion by Dal, seconded by Don, to accept the treasurer’s report as presented. Motion passed.

Two Camps: Closed

GN Project: Jack, Amy, Mandy, Rita and Dick were appointed to a committee to complete work on the Plaza Map project. There was discussion about changed technology and the signage and how it might alter the original design and positioning of the Plaza Map. Dick has been working to come up with an overlay map so we can see how “busy” it might be. We need to look for a manufacturer and an installer for the project. Dick had a call from Gery Carpenter about fading on the river areas. They are looking at an agreement between the contractor, the owners’ association, and the commission to see if it can be repaired. The estimate is about $4000. There was a motion by Mary Lou, seconded by Lillian, to expend up to $1400 for the repair work to the river area from the restricted GN funds. Motion passed. When they do it, Mike will need an invoice from Gery. Airport Display: There was discussion about moving the airport display. It was suggested that we ask Exploration Works if they would like it. Dick will contact Susan Wilcox. There was a question about whether the television and laser player would be included. Mandy will ask Amy. Lillian said the CVB has been promised the space. She will ask Mike Merganthaler if there is a rush to move it out. Don will check with Ron Mercer to see if he wants it moved immediately. Don said there were 3 boxes of the L&C Trail maps at the Forest Service and he wants to know what to do with them. It was suggested that we also ask Exploration Works if they want them. The school district might want them as part of the L&C curriculum. Lillian would like some and so would Dal. Mandy will leave a box at the FS front desk.

County Signage: We still need to put up the sign at Rogers Pass. Dick says it is definitely DOT property. Dick will talk to Ron Axline. Marv said the Reaching the Rockies group has put up the stanchions for their signage and replaced the one at Spite Hill; Marv will save the logs. There was discussion of the two signs at White/Black Sandy and the Lake Helena bird watching site. Mary Lou moved in lieu of the signs at White/Black Sandy and the Lake Helena Bird watching site to put the money into the signage at the GN Plaza Map where it will get more visibility and be protected from vandalism; seconded by Marv. There was a motion by Don, seconded by Dal to amend the original motion to direct the treasurer to assign any additional signage funds to the GN Plaza Map project. Motion passed. There was discussion of whether Geoff Wyatt had completed work on the signs; Rita will contact him.

Morgan Prints: There was discussion of donating the remaining 51 prints to the Historical Society. There was discussion of restrictions we might place on the donation. There was a motion by Mike, seconded by Don, to direct Dick and Dal to pursue terms of disposition of the remaining Morgan prints with the Montana Historical Society. Motion passed.

Fundraising/Grant Activity: As soon as the documentation is completed with NPS and the final report for the State Commission is completed, Corps II - Lincoln can be closed out. Rita will complete the final report tomorrow. That will leave just the Plaza Map grant to complete and close out.

The Commission discussed whether to pursue the time capsule. It was decided to not proceed because all documentation and additional materials will go to the Montana Historical Society when we disband. They will serve as the permanent time capsule.

There was discussion of the tangible assets the Commission has. We have maps, posters, brochures, the banner, the prints if MHS doesn’t want them, and lots of Commission records. We need to continue to take brochures to places that are tourist sites.

Picnic: We had a great picnic September 23. There was a motion by Mary Lou, seconded by Marv, to give a big thank you to Don and Kay Smith for hosting. Motion passed unanimously.

The Commission discussed the need for a final meeting to report on the disposition of these projects and tasks. The general consensus was to have a final meeting at the call of the chair but to report on progress by email. There was a motion by Don, seconded by Mary Lou to adjourn. Motion passed. Great job, everyone!!!!!!  



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