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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
November 15, 2005

Attendance: Members – Jack Taylor, Mike Griffith, Dal Sessions, Marvin Holtz, Mary Lou Garrett, Lillian Hegstad, Don Smith, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke; Associate Members – Amy Teegarden and Mandy Alvino; Guests – Sara Scott, Katie Rouane, Amanda Johnston, Amber Zarski, Stormy Sauter, Becky Stuker, and Jerry McCarthy. (Mandy resigned her voting membership as of October 1. She will be listed as an Associate Member.)

The president called the meeting to order. There was a quorum present. Amy introduced XCEL class members and faculty from Helena High School. They have been working on the trunks that are the educational component of the Great Northern project. The Forest Service GN grant will pay for trunk materials. The students explained their process for putting together the trunk contents and described the materials. They also shared copies of sample lesson plans. The trunks will be housed at the Forest Service until Exploration Works is complete. A flyer will go out to school district staff members soon. They also will be available to other education groups. So far, $38,000 in indirect match has been accrued for the project.

Minutes: The following corrections were made to the October, 18, minutes: In the 8th paragraph, the “a” should be changed to “are”; paragraph 5 should be clarified to say, “Dick had been approached by Clint Blackwood after Clint talked with NPS representatives about canceling it.”; and in paragraph 11, we should add, “The State Commission has agreed to support our grant application for $5,000 to help pay off “The Gathering” debts.” There was a motion by Mary Lou, seconded by Marv, to accept the minutes as corrected. Motion passed. The In-Kind document was passed around.

Correspondence: Dick received the contracts for the $5,000 state grant and signed them. Mike will deliver. We received the November, Journal Notes. The minutes of the Oct. 11 State Commission meeting are available on the web site.

Treasurer’s Report: There was no written Treasurer’s Report. Mike wrote a check for $5000 to MMWB to pay off our remaining “Gathering” debts and he has closed out the line item. The band received proof of $1000 donations from each of the 5 members. We received checks of $500 from the GOTM Chapter, $1000 from the GOTM Boat Club, and $200 for a framed print. All Gathering debts have been paid and we are within $10.00 of having enough money to cover restricted accounts amounts.

GN Project: Dick received an accounting of the money from Alan Nicholson but has not had time to study it. The artist provided Dick with a layout of the icons that will go with the events sites. Amy talked with a local Elk Foundation representative but he thinks we need to talk with the people in the Missoula headquarters about funding for the elk statue. There was discussion of the NPS grant and whether it would be appropriate for the GN Plaza Map site. We are still waiting to hear from the NEA grant. Rita will check on it. (I did check and it is December when they announce recipients.) Amy volunteered to work on the NPS grant. Rita will send Amy information from the NEA grant application.

County Signage: Don, Marv, Dick, Rita and Peter installed 4 of the county signs at the Glass Slipper, York Bridge, Spite Hill and the Dearborn fishing access site. We will put in the Lincoln sign in the spring as a prelude to Corps II Lincoln. The Glass Slipper sign will need to be moved when the roads are redone in that area. Mike had some concerns about where the Glass Slipper sign is located. Many thanks to Home Depot for contributing the auger. Geoff is working on the other two signs. Mike suggested we look at signs along Highway 200 and on the Sun River. We could look at funding for these additional sites or at partnerships with FWP for the fabrication if we did the installation. Dal asked about the sign inventory that has been requested by the L&C Trail Heritage Foundation. Dick has the information and will send it to Dal.

Fundraising: Bob has volunteered to have prints at the Airport Open House, December 3. Mary Lou volunteered to assist him. We have 1 framed print left. After discussion, it was decided not to frame more. We will sell prints unframed or shrink wrapped. Mike has not sent out the letters to the Lincoln area because he is waiting on addresses. Mandy will help with P.O. addresses.

Grants: All the applications are done that we have talked about. If there are others you hear about, let us know.

Lincoln 2006: Dick and Mike Murray went to the Lincoln Citizens’ Council meeting. Dick presented the information. They are putting together a committee. They will have another meeting the first week of December. Mandy will check on the dates for the rodeo.

There was a motion by Mary Lou, seconded by Dal, not to have a meeting in December. Motion passed. On a motion by Don, seconded by Dal, the meeting was adjourned.

Have a great holiday season!!!!!  



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