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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
November 17, 2004

In attendance: Members – Mike Griffith, Sharon Haugen, Lillian Hegstad, Jack Taylor, Mark and Terry Peck, Bob Henkel, Mary Lou Garrett, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke. Marvin Holtz, Barb Fifer, and Mandy Alvino and associate member Amy Teegarden were excused.

Dick Alberts called the meeting to order. On a motion by Sharon, seconded by Mark, the minutes of the October meeting were approved as presented. The in-kind document was passed around.

Membership – We still have one commission vacancy. Dick tried to contact Joe Anderson but has been unsuccessful. Linda Howard and Carol Mason were also suggested as possibly interested. Dick will contract them.

Treasurer’s Report – Mike distributed and reviewed an updated balance sheet and tally of restricted/unrestricted funds. We have a balance of $19,682.04 in the checking and savings accounts with no current bills. On a motion by Sharon, seconded by Mary Lou, the treasurer’s report was accepted as presented.

Correspondence – 1. The CD disk of the brochure from Color World (Rita has.); 2. Information from Travel Montana about advertising in the Travel Planner; 3. The O&P grant application form; 4. A copy of a letter from the State Commission to the National Ad Council about the PS announcement; 5. The cover letter about the $13,000 from PP&L; 6. A letter of thanks to Louise; 7. The October GOTM Chapter Newsletter; 8. A news release from the NPS about the 2005 Challenge Cost Share grants; 9. The minutes of the October State Commission meeting in Pablo.

Brochures – No report.

Corps II – The planning committee met last night. Pat Jones from National Corps II was here and talked about issues, problems, and requirements. There was discussion of sending some committee members and Keith Hatch to a winter site to look at set-up. The Myrna Loy is contributing $1500 to offset Odyssey West expenses. Monday evening, November 22, the funding committee is meeting at the BrewHouse at 5:00 to set the final requirements for contributions and sponsorships. Vendor options were discussed. Mary Lou will talk with Mark Staples. Mary Lou and Dick met with the reenactors at the Fairgrounds to discuss their participation. Their plans are still in flux. Mike suggested working them into the Two Camps dedication. Paul Putz, Jon Jackson, the Honor Guard, and the 89th Calvary of the National Guard were suggested to help with the opening ceremony.

Airport Display – The display, consisting of an 8’ by 10’ facsimile of the painting, the video continuously showing on a Sony liquid plasma monitor, a map from GF to Three Forks, and the brochure rack, will be completed in late December. The airport board will contribute $3000. The total cost will be approximately $6800. There was a lengthy discussion about sponsorships and credits for the display. In the end, the Commission decided to honor Bob’s commitment.

GN Center – The groundbreaking will be Friday at noon down by the Carousel; everyone is invited. Dick Anderson Construction signed the contract for $378,000 for the primary construction. We need about $144,000 for basic artwork of which about $100,000 is already raised. We need to raise about $44,000 more. There was discussion of fundraising and of combining Corps II and GN fund raising efforts. There will be a meeting Tuesday, November 23, to discuss the artwork buying schedule. Mike was concerned that we keep the two projects separate and keep the assets separate.

Two Camps – The area has gone into winter mode. The signs are being removed. Mike and Jack will get together over the winter to talk about landscaping. The formal dedication will be July 20, 2005.

Morgan Prints – Bob and Mike thought the market would be better in 2005 and 2006 so no marketing was planned for this holiday season. (Sharon wants a framed print for Habitat for Humanity.) Bob and Rita will get together to renumber the spoiled prints and to account for the framed prints that are out in the community.

Next meeting – There was a motion by Mike, seconded by Sharon, to not meet in December and to set the next meeting for January 19. Motion passed unanimously. There was a motion by Sharon, seconded by Mary Lou, to adjourn. Motion passed.

Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas.  



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