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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
November 19, 2003

In attendance, members: Ann Tedesco, Mike Griffith, Sharon Haugen, Clete Daily, Louise Fischer, Mark and Terry Peck, Marvin Holtz, Jack Taylor, Lillian Hegstad, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke. Guest: Sara Scott represented the Forest Service.

There was a motion by Sharon, seconded by Marv, to approve the minutes as presented. Motion passed. The in-kind document was passed around.

Sharon handed out an expenses and revenues sheet from 2000 to 2003. We have $1241.93 in the checking account; we have $17805.37 in savings which includes the $10,000 National Park Service grant. Dick said we have clarified the state grant extension for $10,000. Clete is going to get with Sharon about updating the information from his computer. Rita reapplied to the Tour Train for $500 for brochures. The letter to Ron Alles for the $20,000 Park Service money for Devilís Elbow will only be paid on a reimbursement basis; the money will not be transferred to the commission account. Mike expressed concern about having Paulette DeHart work with Sharon on commission business. He also expressed displeasure about the lack of financial information we have. There was lengthy discussion. Motion by Jack, seconded by Rita, to accept the treasurerís report. Motion passed 6-2 with 3 not voting.

We received a letter from the IRS that needs a response. Rita gave the letter to Sharon who gave the letter to an accountant to see what we needed to do. Sara Scott reported on the L&C Trail Heritage meeting in Philadelphia.

Correspondence: 1. Letter from Clint Blackwood about 2 additional 1-day interpretive sign workshops in 2004. Ann & Dick will get together about it. 2. Rita reported she had received the IRS letter and the November Journal Notes with the finalized dates for Corps II and she had sent the Tour Train letter. We received lots of emails including one from Cindy Lewis about Clay Jenkinson coming to Helena in the spring.

POE: The brochure committee of Ann, Bob Cheryl and Dick met to discuss updating the format. Marv has collected $350 from sponsors, and Dick is going to talk with the GN Town Center group about $2000 for the brochure update. Sleeping Giant Brewery also wants to be a sponsor. Ann has identified $1250 per county from Gold West money, but it can only be used for production and has to have 3 competitive bids. Ann also talked with Rose Olson and Cheryl about coordinating with their Chapters. Louise would like to work more on including the Indian perspective in the brochure. The next meeting will be Dec. 2.

Corps II: Mark reported that he has been talking with Al Christopherson. The Elk meeting to discuss the convention will be Dec. 6 at the FS office. Ann will attend if needed. The National Guard is interested and wants to work with the Honor Guard, the VFW, and the American Legion to salute the military in Montana. Col. Jackson wants to work with us. Mark can invite him to the next meeting or the January meeting. MSU Native American Studies will work with planning and include the tribal representatives. Rob Quist has reserved the 17th and the 19th as tentative dates. It will cost about $9000 and Quist wants a $1000 deposit. Rita read the email from Amy about her discussion with Clint Blackwood about a grant for Corps II. The need for a theme was discussed. Louise talked with Jeanne Eder who is willing to participate. We need to schedule the Indian people soon before they get too busy.

GN Center: Dick, Clete and Jack met for 6 hrs. with the architects, the interpretive designer, and the artistic designer on the conceptual designs for the GN Center. The plans have changed and the content will change somewhat. It is still a walk that will take place with sites situated around the rivers. They are still looking at next summer to begin construction. To build all the dioramas, we need about $160-190,000 more.

Devilís Elbow: Clete reported that Brad said the estimates for the vista house came in high but that BLM has approved the extra money. Dick reported that he had received one call from the IR article and Brad had received two, but no one contributed materials.

Signage: Mike suggested we think about the Rogerís Pass area for signage. Dick will add it to his list and also the Augusta area along the scenic route. Ann asked for a copy of the update, which needs to be done before Dec. 1.

Fundraising: Clete talked with the bank. They (Janna) will put up a framed print and will take orders. The Chamber will also host a non-framed print. Dick will bring in 2 easels. Ann has a few cards; Dick has lots. Terry will cross out the incorrect information.

Rita passed around drafts of the 2004 O&P grant. Ann will ask about whether distribution costs are eligible. The commission approved the draft as submitted. There was discussion of the 2003 O&P grant expenditures.

Grants: There was discussion about whether the commission wanted to apply for any state grants. Consensus of the group was that we needed more money for the Great Northern project than was available from the state. Amy is going to pursue an NEA grant. There was a motion by Ann, seconded by Mike, to write state grants for Corps II and or signage. Motion passed. NEA grant: The commission supported submitting a grant for the maximum amount up to $190,000 for the dioramas. There was a motion by Marv, seconded by Mark, to apply for $15,000 for Corps II expenses. Motion passed. There was a motion by Mark, seconded by Ann, to apply for $18,000 for signage. There was discussion of priorities: Dearborn River, Spite Hill, Spokane Creek Rd., York Bridge fishing access, fire area, and Hauser Dam were discussed. Motion passed. Mike moved to add signage for Rogerís Pass, seconded by Mark. That would amend the motion to $21,000. Motion passed.

IR article: Ann reminded Jack that we need sample articles for the IR. Dick will resend his article to Ann.

Jack reminded Rita that he was excused for the October meeting. Ann and Mike were excused for September.

The next meeting will be December 10. Meeting adjourned.  



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