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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
December 9, 2002

Members in attendance were Mike Griffith, Gil Alexander (teleconference), Sharon Haugen, Jack Taylor, Terry Peck, Bob Henkel, Marvin Holtz, Ann Tedesco and Rita Blouke. Associate member present was Amy Teegarden.

Vice President Tedesco called the meeting to order. Initially there was no quorum. The minutes of the November meeting were reviewed. There was a motion by Mike, seconded by Gil to approve the minutes as printed. Motion was held pending a quorum.

There was no Treasurer’s report.

Correspondence: Dick received a letter from the state commission about the close-out of the 2002 O&P Grant; Rita sent a condolence card to Stephanie Ambrose and family and told them we were discussing a memorial for Stephen; Rita called Certified Folder again and talked with Candace because we had not received the contract as promised; and we received a draft of the GN River Walk MOU about ownership.

POE: There was discussion of whether there had been a response to the contacts about the Encampment. If we are going to submit a grant to support someone else’s efforts, that would need to be voted on tonight. The general feeling was not to submit this year but to work toward 2005. Last year’s State grant was an 18 month grant but we should go ahead and close it now that all the expenses have been paid.

Legacy: We have a draft RFP for Devil’s Elbow signage. We may not need an extension for the State grant if we pay for the planning and coordination and upfront costs from that grant and then pay for the design, fabrication and installation costs from the Park Board and PP and L monies.

With Bob’s arrival, a quorum was present. The chair called for a vote on the pending motion to approve the minutes. Motion passed unanimously.

The Reaching the Rockies Chapter of the Foundation has requested that Marvin Holtz fill a seat on the Commission to serve as liaison. There was a motion by Mike, seconded by Sharon, to appoint Marvin. Motion passed unanimously.

There was discussion of the draft MOU language from Alan. Concern was expressed about the word “dedicated” and it was suggested that “conveyed” or “granted” might better express the Commission’s concern about ownership. There was also discussion about ownership and which entity might want to and best be able to oversee ownership. Mike suggested we and Alan visit with the city about whether they wanted to take ownership and what their responsibilities would be. There was discussion of whether to apply for a State grant for the icons. The Commission decided not to apply. Ann will talk with Clint about the project Friday. Amy suggested she resubmit the project to the Park Service Challenge Share Program; it appears to be a better option.

Rita reviewed the proposed 2003 O&P Grant. Everyone agreed to the proposed breakdown. Clete is working on the close out for the 2002 O&P Grant.

Ann appointed Jack, Amy and Sharon to the Nominating Committee for the February Annual Meeting.

Ann reviewed the plans for the Jan. 18 kickoff. She needs volunteers about 6:00 a.m. in the Capitol Rotunda. Exhibitors can come in after 6:30. The event opens at 9:00 a.m. Bob said A-1 Rental has the exhibit stands. Amy suggested this would be the appropriate time to initiate the monthly Lewis and Clark newspaper column. Ann will talk with Brad. Jack is working on the column. Amy will brainstorm a title and theme for this project.

Bob will be at the shopping center Saturday, the 14th, remarking the prints. There had been a misprint of the phone number in the other ads.

Gil asked the Commission for a letter of recommendation for the teacher workshop on science and history of Lewis and Clark. He is requesting $10,000. The Commission unanimously agreed. Rita will write the letter and deliver to Carol.

Gil also received a grant from National Geographic to work with the Alternative School students about Lewis & Clark.

There was discussion of the Bylaws. There was a motion by Gil, seconded by Bob, to amend Article III, Section 1, to change “A majority (8)” to “Five”. Amy said she didn’t feel lowering the number solved the problem by itself. We need everyone to participate because we need varied input. Ann said she didn’t think the solution was to lower the number just so we could act when what we really needed was broad ideas and support. Proxy votes and email voting was suggested as better alternatives. The vote was 7-1 in support of bringing this proposed amendment to the next meeting. Jack suggested the editorial change in Article VII of “Roberts’” to Robert’s. We will look again at these proposals in January with the idea of voting on the Bylaws at the Annual Meeting.

Check your information on the membership list. I will add Marvin and send a corrected list.

Ann thanked Jack for his work on the invitations for the statewide the kickoff celebration.

The next meeting is scheduled for Jan. 22, 2003. Have a GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON!!!!!!!  



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