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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
December 10, 2003

In attendance: Members – Bob Henkel, Terry Peck, Lillian Hegstad, Marvin Holtz, Jack Taylor, Dick Alberts and Rita Blouke; associate member – Amy Teegarden. There was not a quorum present. Excused were Clete Daily, Ann Tedesco, Mike Griffith, Sharon Haugen, and Gil Alexander.

The meeting began with a review and discussion of the drafts of the interpretive signage for Devil’s Elbow. Amy had comments from Sara Scott. The commission reviewed the signage drafts page by page and made comments and suggestions which Dick will send to the Hannahs. There was discussion about how the theme would be included. There was lengthy discussion about where the name “Prickly Pear Valley” came from and when it was first used to identify the Helena Valley. Jack said he would research it. There was also discussion about format. Dick asked that members send comments to him in the next week so he could get back with the Hannahs by mid December.

Dick called the meeting to order. The minutes of the November meeting were reviewed with no comments. The in-kind document was passed around. There was no Treasurer’s report.

Correspondence: We received the contract for the Devil’s Elbow grant extension. We received a letter asking for a final report for the 2003 O&P grant. Rita will take care of both of these. We received another set of forms from the IRS. Rita will deliver them to Sharon. We received a packet with information about the next edition of the Lewis & Clark Travel Guide and whether we wanted to place an ad. We received a letter from the Last Chance Tour Train denying a grant for the brochure. In response to Alan’s email about a name change for the GN project, we have responses from Sara and Clete. We received an email from Clint about grants for signage from the state. It encourages direct grants to NPS for signage. There was also an email from the state laying out the state meeting schedule for next year.

Dick presented a finalized copy of the commission’s signage plan. This gives us a baseline from Ulm to Broadwater County. There was discussion of how this works with the BOR plan for Canyon Ferry. Rita passed out copies of Dick’s draft for the state grant for signage. Get comments back to Dick by next week.

Brochures: Ann wants brochure changed in the grant to public education literature. She also supports the $50.00 contributions. She met with the Al Axline of DOT who gave us a list of DOT signage that relates to L&C and he wants to attend the February sign meeting. He also gave her a color photograph of Tower Rock. The brochure committee has met with the Reaching the Rockies Chapter and they have a good draft of the layout changes. Bob presented the suggested changes. There was discussion of pictures and concessions that should be included, of giving the money already collected back, of whether it was inequitable having most of the sponsors be from the Canyon area, and of whether those people not contacted would be miffed. The general opinion of those commissioners present was that we would include a sponsors list of the names and numbers for those who have given us money. Varying the size of print depending on the amount of contribution was also discussed. Changing the title and the front to “L&C-From the Falls to the Forks” was suggested.

Morgan Print Sales: There have been no orders from the first ad in the newspaper. The second ad comes out next weekend.

Grants: Dick is working on the grant for the state commission on signage. The O&P grant is ready to be submitted. Rita handed out a rough draft of the Corps II grant. After discussion, the commission decided to keep the information general but to keep the activity at $1000. Terry will have Mark submit information when he gets back from Texas. Amy will write a NEA humanities grant for the Great Northern. The consensus of the commission was to also write a NPS grant for signage. Dick will use the information from the state grant to complete the NPS grant.

There was discussion of the Nominating Committee. We need to appoint 3 people to the committee to report at the January meeting in preparation for the Annual Meeting in February. Dick will send an email asking for volunteers to serve.

Terry had to do extensive “white-outing” to get the print cards to read correctly. She got 75 done. Dick will deliver the easels to Rita. Rita will deliver to the Chamber and the bank.

Jack did a presentation at the last Rotary meeting.

The next meeting will be January 21; Marv will be excused. Lots of good wishes to Clete; we miss you. Meeting adjourned.  



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