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Lewis & Clark Trail Bicentennial Commission of L&C County
Meeting Minutes
December 11, 2001

Members in attendance were Bob Henkel, Ralph Anderson, Jack Taylor, Dick Alberts, Clete Daily, Amy Teegarden, Rita Blouke and Gil Alexander, on conference call. Guest was Jeri Riddick.

The meeting was called to order by the president. The minutes of the November 28 meeting were approved as printed.

Copies of the treasurer's report and a printout of all expenses were distributed and discussed. There was a discussion of print 91 to Mark Friez and whether he had paid and one to Mountain West Bank. Dick asked about whether the final bills for security for the Encampment were paid. Dick still has the money but doesn't know if BLM paid the bills. Amy will check. Mike has the disk of our account and is going to talk with an accountant.

Rita reported on the correspondence. The Commission decided to have our minutes linked to the state website; Rita will contact Rita C. We sent an email to Carol Crockett about our projects that would be appropriate for a Gateway sign. We sent a letter to Sara Groves giving Stephen Ambrose and John Baucus to contact for fundraising. We discussed letters of support for two project grant proposals- Nature Conservancy and Exchange. Gil said he was also applying for a MSI grant for teaching teachers to use the trunks and needed a letter of support. There was a motion by Jack to approve the 3 letters of support, seconded by Dick; motion passed. We have the application from the insurance company. Rita, Dick, and Amy will meet to complete the form.

Bob reported that the expenses for the print sales would amount to about $2200. He anticipated that the income would be about the same. He still has 9 framed prints. The ads have been variable. Rita took the money and the bills. Bob Morgan will be at the Mall this weekend doing remarks at no extra cost. Bob also made a television spot. Ralph explained why he was also marketing a portfolio for Queen City Estates. Amy suggested that the state commission should be aware of the portfolio. Bob would like to try another direct mailing. Rita will get the disk from MSI. There was discussion of additional framing. Bob suggested that we try selling the original at the Russell Auction in GF. Clete and Bob submitted the painting for acceptance for a minimum of $4000. We paid $25 for the selection process; if it is selected, we pay 10% to get it back. They take 25% of the sell. Ralph will deal on the selling of 5 prints between 10 and 20%.

Amy updated the Devil's Elbow project. Mike, Jeff and Amy presented project ideas to the X-cel class at HHS. The students are already working on a logo. They need information about what specifics we want. Jack will work with them on signage suggestions, and he and Dick offered to present to the class about L&C in the county. They also discussed a time capsule for the site. Clete said the Encampment committee also has some ideas; they want a good entrance sign and want to sell advertising. They need banners and/or signs of sponsors. Amy said we need to check the permit to see if the BLM will allow advertising. Dick suggested sponsors for each of the members of the Expedition. Clete asked if someone from the class could attend the Encampment meetings for more details. Jeri said they would need a formal request to come to the meetings.

Amy distributed a proposed budget form for project chairs to complete by Jan. 4: Bob and Ralph, print sales; Mike and Amy, Devil's Elbow; Louise, Encampment; Amy, Jack and Dick, Great Northern project; Dick, brochures; Rita, general operations; Clete, GOTM road; Clete and Amy, Lincoln project; Ann and Clete, fishing access signs. This will give us a better feel for short and long term monetary needs, short and long term partner needs, and short and long term people needs. Clete felt we need to start by updating and breaking down costs for the original 6 projects. Amy will enter the budget information into the computer to give us a budget framework. It would be helpful to define the Commission's role in each project, to see how they fit with our mission, and to discuss how we are coordinating with other partners. Dick felt we need to show our efforts with the Peace Officers Association, and Clete suggested we need to coordinate more with the County. Other county commissioners are using the bicentennial as major development efforts in their counties.

Huell Willis wants to bring a York interpreter to Helena in February. Would we like to host a presentation with the FS and/or the Chapter? Amy will look more into it. We can help promote and organize. We might be able to use it as a fundraiser.

The next meeting will be January 23, 6:00. Meeting adjourned.  







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