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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber - 1 P.M.
January 14, 2006

Attending: Marcy, Laura, Linda, Kim

Minutes: Motion to approve by Laura and second by Kim, with motion carried.

Treasurers Report: Marcy went over the final report for the O & P grant and after expenses were met there is a 0 balance. Laura made a motion to approve and Kim seconded it, with motion carried.

Curley Bear Wagner: Called Miles City and he is available on Aug 1 & 2 for our Corps II. Linda now has to get the application to the Committee for the Humanities and then send him the information from Corps II.

Committee for the Humanities: Miles City has received confirmation for Ritchie Doyle and Carla Wambach and will write the grant for Curley Bear Wagner all for our Corps II event. Marcy spoke to Yvonne at Committee for the Humanities and they will pay for both days but suggested that we help with motel room and possibly meals and use them for 2 days of entertainment, due to the distance the speakers will be traveling.

Corps II representatives will be in Miles City Jan. 26th.

Kiosk project: The Sidney newspaper had an article on this but Marcy will send the information to Kim so that the Glendive paper can also run one.

Golf Project: We will need to personally contact the golf courses because we have not received their cards and that way we can drop off the brochures at the same time as we get the cards stamped or signed. Some of them are closed until April 1st, so we will work on them after that.

Prizes for Golf Project: Linda will contact Melody and find out the cost of the shirts we will be giving away, also to see if they can take the bottom off where it says Clark on the Yellowstone for the 5 shirts. After discussion 3 larges and 2 extra larges will be ordered. Check on either a polo shirt or one of the denim shirts.

Posters: Would it be possible to use part of the Clark on the Yellowstone logo for the Golf poster? Linda will check on this.
Posters for locations: Glendive, Sidney & Miles City = 100; Billings = 200; Colstrip, Livingston, Laurel = 50; Huntley, Big Timber, Columbus & Forsyth = 25 for a total of 750 posters. Contact H & T printing. Check on logo from Billings & Logo from cards.

Glendive: No rendezvous but will have a cook out instead.

Floaters Guide: Linda reported that the one of the Miles City area was ready to go to the printers. She will call David and see where he is at. Marcy contacted the Bureau of Reclamation and they have indicated that they will help with the printing.

River Access Brochure: Marcy reported she will still need to find the Safety/Hazards of the River to be included on the brochure. Linda stated she had found out from David that the information may be available on line via the Internet. Marcy said she had met with Tom Harmon, he granted us permission to use one of Linda Conradsen’s pictures. Marcy also said both she and Tom had come up with two quotes to use for the Brochure, but would also like some from the Miles City group too. Marcy stated she will need a quote or two that the Miles City group would like to see on the Brochure, could possibly have the quotes from Aug. 1st & 2nd. Linda said she would check with Will on which quotes to use from the journals. Linda contacted Will, and he said that the quotes that Tom and Marcy came up with are ok with him, as they came through here really quickly.

Stewardship of the land: Linda check to see if we can use the same info that the Floaters Guide uses on our access guide.

Safety Tips for the River: Ask David, NPS has offered to assist with the design Lori Heipland, map & artwork.

State Commission Awards: Marcy said she had submitted them.

New Business:

NPS representatives will be in Miles City on Jan 26th, 9 AM at the Chamber office, Darrel Martin & Wanda Anderson. Marcy stated that Wanda and Chuck Lasater completed a site visit on Dec. 6 in Sidney and their site is ok. Linda stated they were not able to do one in Miles City, due to the amount of snow on the ground.

Meetings with Clint Blackwood: Linda stated that Clint met with Sidney and Miles City groups to go over the details and progress of our events. He had talked about advertising for Corps II. Denise mentioned - Dorothy Stullockson does the “Let’s Talk About it” show, which is about ˝ hours talk on the TV. She also said that Ed Agre has Video of the Corp II for promos and that the Glendive Radio KGLE station will also do the spots.

Linda reported that Miles City ‘s event will take place from July 30 – Aug 3, with speakers Rob Quist, Jack Gladstone, Ritchie Doyle, Carla Wambach, Jack Smith, Curley Bear Wagner, Bob Garritson, Ron & Jane Garritson, Rock Strohmyer, Robin Gerber, Karen Stevenson. They also plan to have the Stevenson & Sons wagon rides, 5th Infantry Encampment, the MT Army National Guard exhibit, along with the exhibits from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), and the Fish Wildlife & Parks, including the Caledonians, Newfoundland dogs and possibly a bull boat. Linda also stated that they plan to use Hein’s display of flags, will still need to check on this for Miles City. Marcy asked Linda if she could forward the information and his contact number to her.

Kim reported Glendive plans to take advantage of the dates of Aug 5-6 to celebrate Clark’s Birthday which will include a period cake. They are hoping to see if they can get it in the Geniuses Book of World Records. They also plan to have a cook off contest using authentic recipes.

Marcy stated they will be hosting the Corps II from Aug. 8 – 12, which will take place at the Richland County Fairgrounds. They plan to have an Opening ceremony on Aug. 8 and plan to invite the Governor, Lt Governor, local state & other dignitaries. Marcy stated the speakers that are planning to have will include Amy Mossett, Rick Strohmyer, Jack Smith, Hal Stearns, Curley Bear Wagner, and they are continuing to add more, with hopes for including Keith Bear from New Town. The local talent they plan to use are: Dr Council (medicine), USDA (2 trunks), Bec Kelliveg, Arch Ellwein and his Hi De Ho play. Other activities and exhibits may include: the Great Falls Honor Guard (they have a tent, they will be willing to do up to 5 programs inside the tents), a Mountain man encampment, a Buffalo on display, the BLM, MT Army National Guard, Water gun game, Trading Post (utilizing the Commercial Building) including a school art exhibit and military booths inside. They would also like to hold a Musical Dance and Jamboree session for both Fri & Sat nights.

Hysham – no report
Wibaux – no report
Fairview – Marcy said she would check with the Chamber there to see if they would be doing anything.
Terry – Linda will check

Marcia Hollis sent bill for $300 and $112, that is for our web site and she will make minor changes for no cost. We need to pay her using our extra fund money. A motion was made and passed to pay this.

Next meeting will take place on Feb. 16, at the Miles Community College in room 106 at 9:00 AM beginning with the State L & C Commission meeting and then at 3:00 PM for the corridor meeting followed by our regional meeting.

Marcy mentioned that January 17th, at the Elks is the Sidney Chamber will be hosting their Banquet with social at 6 PM and Banquet at 6:30. Tickets are $30.

Our next meeting will be March 13 in Glendive at 1:00 PM

Meeting adjourned 3:10 PM.




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