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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Miles Community College - 5 P.M.
February 16, 2006

Attending: John Little, Linda Wolff, Marcy Hamburg

Jeff Olson
Linda asked about someone floating the river and asking if they could set up camp at the Custer County Art & Heritage Center.
Norm Shantell – Retired Billings Professor – floats to pillar 252-3128
Bud Clark is planning to float trip down the Yellowstone (Part of the St Charles Expedition) 313-271-1564
He would like a stipend if possible – the BLM money can be used for Discover Expedition of St Charles.

Opening Ceremonies – we can have the Mayor, County Commissioners, someone from BLM if we choose, etc.

Challenge Cost Share – Talk to your congressmen to “Keep it Coming”. There are many projects that is program funds and we can certainly use more of them.

Send Jeff – dates, hours, physical location, name of facility – he will get us posters – ledger size and mail them to us. When it gets closer we can put the schedule on the back of the posters.

Jim Kelly
National Guard and NPS work together on opening ceremonies and the salute to the veterans take about 15 minutes.
Contact VFW, American Legion, National Guard, etc and let them know that this is coming. A General will come down and hands each veteran a coin and shakes their hands.

Aviation – How do I request for an aircraft to come over for the event, for students etc. Call 406-324-3055 and they have practice flights to conduct.

Veterans Salute - sometimes they will do a fly over, maybe during the opening ceremonies. Ask them to stay around for the day, contact boys scouts, girl scouts, etc. they will let the kids go into the planes, and check them out.

BLM Tent – hands on – they can keep the kids busy for 30 minutes if they can get them to the door.

One station – rub with crayons the signature of William Clark and then take the paper with them. Homestead patent site – with original GLO seal – very popular
Wildlife with animal stamps for book marks
Furs, skulls of buffalo, big horn sheep etc.
Corn grinding with artifacts (mano & matete stones)
Corn is the flour corn grown by Mandan’s for centuries
Native & noxious plants with plant stamps to make book marks
Bandanas for kids along
Lewis & Clark posters
Kids quiz – give away big medillion – had to fill out quiz & turn it in to get the medallion – lots of fun. They even help with the answers if you can’t find them.

Lower Yellowstone Meeting
Marcy will get a letter to Marcia about our web site. We thought we should keep it up until the end of the year. Then discontinue it, as all events will be over and there will be no more funding. We will keep it until Dec. of 2006.
Get your schedules to Marcia and she will include them on our web site.

River Access – Marcy is working on it. She is hoping to have all the information finished to be able to get it printed soon.

Floaters Guide – Linda spoke with Harvey and the BLM rejected the entire shipment of the floaters guide that they just finished because the folding was wrong and they looked terrible. They should be ready in about 3 weeks.
Linda spoke to David and on the 16th of Feb he was heading to Billings to pick up the basic river map and he said they are usually pretty accurate. He will need to take some stuff off and add some more but he plans to go to Sidney one more time before he is done. Linda just spoke to David (20th) and he is thinking that he will try and go to Sidney sometime this week. He is going to stop at Harmon’s Agates and check out Linda’s pictures for the brochure. He wants to use one of them in our floaters guide. Marcy would like to use the bear attack.

Marcy will call Missouri River Country about an advertising grant.

Golf Project
Posters – 11 x 17 Call Melody and see if we can use the logo on the posters. I checked with Robbie and we can use the top part of the logo for the shirts we want to have printed. Hopefully we can use it for the poster also.
Ask Steph at H & T to help design the brochure. We need to have a map of the Yellowstone and maybe the locations along the way for the golf courses.
Dates April 1 – Aug 31, 2006
Top 5 will receive a commemorative shirt

We need to discuss an award for Linda Koncilya.
After the State Commission meeting we had to make a change and we have 7 certificates will be given to: Sharon Rau, Linda Koncilya, John Little, Will Hubble, Laura, Kim Trangmoe, Kim Lapp. Marcy will receive something from the commission and Linda will receive something in Billings.

Meeting adjourned 5:50 PM
Respectfully submitted by Linda Wolff




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