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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber
February 21, 2005

Attending: Christie, W ill, Marcy, Linda and guest Denise Fink. Minutes for Jan. 11 meeting - motion to approve the minutes made by Christie and second by Denise. Approved.

Treasurerís Report:

Marcy and Christie and Linda have double checked the treasurer's report with a 0 balance. The beginning expenses for the 2004 O & P grant to be paid out are $342.70 for plane ticket to the state commission meeting. Denise made a motion to accept the treasurer's report and Will seconded it. Motion carried.

Marcy asked Christie if she wanted to stay on as Treasurer. She agreed she would serve as Treasurer.

O & P final report is done and the state was reimbursed $53.69.

2005 O & P grant will be for $1,000.There was discussion about the contract with the State Commission that Linda Koncilya had sent in. There has to be a revision with name changes. Christie being the Treasurer would need to send in the reports.

Memo from the State Commission says we can use the funds for Speakers on the O & P grant. Marcy will check to see if we need to decide on how much of the funds or just leave it as is.

Golf Tournament:

Prizes were discussed - Possibly t shirt from the corridor
Card - complete the card and return it to the Sidney Chamber for a shirt
Possibly the top 5 with all 10 courses would be in the drawing
1st to complete all 10 courses
2-5 have a drawing from the other
Minimum of 5 courses
Deadline Aug 31, 2006

Christie will design the card, listed beside each of the communities those members agreed to check with those communities to see if they would be willing to participate in the project.
Glendive - Denise
Forsyth - Linda
Colstrip - Linda
Miles City - Will
Big Timber - Marcy
Columbus - Marcy
Livingston - Christie
Laurel - Christie

Discussed the floaters guide. Linda suggested contacting Mac and Senators and Representatives and Dick Fickler (329-3884) in Missoula. Keep the pressure on and we may get this project finished. Discussion about the name of the guide so it is not confused with the BLM Floaters guide.

Access Point Brochure
Legal size - 8 Ĺ x 14
Will work on this and get it to us.

Challenge Cost Share Grant - contact Midori Raymond we will know by mid April if we got the grant or not.

Contact Art Center for the picture on the back of our brochure to see if we can use it - Linda.

Linda to contact Terry to see if they are doing something in 2006 that they would like to have on our events brochure.

Linda to contact Forsyth to see if they have anything going on also.

Denise will contact Wibaux.

Marcy will check on the Internet and see if Hysham has a contact person.

Linda reviewed the activities coming up for the Clark on the Lower Yellowstone event in Miles City.

Ask Hal Vosen about the Lewis and Clark garden if it could be resurrected, if he might be willing to do that.

Glendive will have something going on between Miles City and Sidney. Linda K. had mentioned having the biggest cake for Clark's birthday. Like work for the Guinness book of world records.

Sidney - Clark's Cookout tentatively set for Oct 29th. Similar to last year but they will have an art display at the same time and it is a traveling trunk.

State Commission will sunset Dec 31, 2007. The State License plates has been bringing in between $150,000 - $175,000 a year. This could be lower in the future as more will be renewals instead being new ones.

The Montana Historical Society submitted a House Bill which was tabled in committee (this Bill dies in committee by being tabled), a portion of those funds were going to be set aside for L & C projects. Another House Bill was submitted at about the same time. This Bill would split the funds three ways (Great Falls Interpretive Center, Pompey's Pillar and Travelers Rest). This bill was revised to include the Montana Historical Society. Each entity would receive a fourth of the future license plate funds. This bill has passed the House and is now in the Senate.

The Legacy project is an art project on the back of the Senate chambers. They are waiting for the artist to finish the relief sculpture; miniature copies sell for $3,500. The silver medallion is sold out, the bronze one is $80 that helps to fund this legacy project.

The next commission meeting will be in Great Falls June 2-3, 2005 during the Signature Event. The fall meeting will be in Big Timber in October 2005 and the Feb. 2006 meeting will be in Miles City.

Governorís Conference will be Mar. 21-22 in Helena.

Next meeting will be March 15th in Glendive.

Darrell Martin is the Native American liaison for Corp II, which is a wonderful thing for us.

Ask BLM if we can use their tent display for our events this year and next year during Corp II.

Meeting adjourned 3:45 PM




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