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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
March 11, 2002

Attendees: Kim Lapp, Ginny Archdale, Lynn Tompkins, Marcy Hamburg, Linda K., Sharon Rau, Linda W.

Linda K. asked if there were corrections or additions to the minutes and hearing none, stand approved as sent.

Forsyth e-mail is

Terry has a new Chamber president e-mail

Lindsay was going to check with Missouri River Country and see if they would charge us for a link for the L & C group, but Lindsay was not present.

Linda asked if anyone else wanted to go to any of the workshops as we have $120 credit from a person not attending. A couple of people showed interest and will get in contact with Linda K. There are quite a few from our area that are going to Pompeys Pillar workshop in May.

Linda K. reported on the Lewis and Clark meeting in Billings sponsored by the Yellowstone Corridor group. Almost all the communities along the Yellowstone corridor were present - excellent representation. Another Clark interpreter good but not quite as good as Hal Stearns There were old time fiddlers of the L & C era. Excellent gathering.

Upper Yellowstone seems to be focusing more on education.

Billings will have a regional Children's Park - a child's view of the L & C trail. Developing a Childrens book and a coloring book relating to L & C. They offered a link to their group so that we can keep up with what each other are doing "" at no charge Peter Jerger museum is having a terrible time with visitation because of being on the airport property and everyone has to be security checked, so they are working on very creative ways of getting people there and possibly thinking of relocating. There are lots of walking trails available.

If we have a Lewis and Clark story the person to contact at the Billings Gazette is E. Kemmick at Contact for Q 2 is Kay Erickson, 252-5611; Contact for KULR 8 - Gus Goernig, 656-8558.

The Kiosk for Livingston is not done yet and they are not sure that it will be done by summer. Linda mentioned that maybe when that one is done they will finally work with us on ours. We have not been able to get them to contact us back or get us a contract or anything.

Get started on our events ----Remember----- City & County - Keep informed. Police, Fire Dept and Road crew keep informed. Event Insurance, Signage, Partner with City and County. Linda K. reported at the State meeting they spoke of marketing on the Nat'l level = $300 fee and must be approved by the National Commission. These forms can be found on the web page: For Product Licensing:

Minutes can be included on the state's web site. Also once our web site is up and running contact Rita Cortright so she can create a link or e-mail our minutes.

Sidney was awarded the grant from the State L & C Commission for $12,500 which is about half of the request.

Hal Stearns had a sold out workshop and has agreed to put another one on April 26th at the Great Falls Interpretive Center. It will last from 9 - 5 with a half hour lunch. Kim reported that Hal was excellent.

Sharon mentioned that she has Superhost booked for May 20 in the evening and May 21 for the morning. Jenny asked if we could not work together to get Superhost at several communities at about the same time.

Linda K. received information from Tom Rolfstad who is the Economic Development director for Williston on L & C funding resources. For this information contact Linda K.

Montana Dept of Commerce Special Events - next grant deadline is May 1. Sharon is on the committee and it will have some revised guidelines but so far she has not seen them yet. They should be our very soon.

Linda W. had a newsletter called the National Arrow on the Yellowstone Trail from Plymouth Rock to Puget Sound, through 13 states. If anyone is interested let me know and I will fax you a copy.

The next L & C State meeting will be in Glasgow on June 17 & 18, it was discussed to see about getting it in Eastern Montana for June of 2004. The Fall State L & C meeting will be in Bozeman on Oct 2 & 3.

Governor's Conference on Tourism will be held in West Yellowstone on April 18 & 19.

Get Sharon the name of the gal from Billings that was talking about the musical - I think she was with the Rochejhone group.

Kim & Linda will work on how to use this web site - use Custer Country guide as a model. Also any events for the Calendar of Events.

Assignment: Each community get together a little writeup about your community. Maybe a paragraph, possibly your claim to fame. Then Kim and Linda will put that together for the page Why Should We Come This Way and How Do We Get There!

Send to Kim Lapp at by March 22 so we can have it done by the next meeting.

If you have not sent Lindsay your community information get on the stick because she can't get this web site finished if she does not have the information. That is Hysham, Forsyth, Glendive and Sidney that I can think of.

If there are corrections or additions contact me so I can get them corrected.

Meeting adjourned 3:30 PM
Respectfully submitted by Linda Wolff  







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