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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber, 1:00 p.m.
March 13, 2006

Attending: Marcy Hamburg, Laura Schieber, Kim Trangmoe, Linda Wolff.

Minutes for Jan. 14 & Feb. 16 Laura made a motion to approve both minutes and Marcy seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Access Guide –Marcy has asked Kim & Laura to proof the access guide, she gave them copies and if they would let her know if they come across mistakes.

Treasurers Report – Marcy reported that we received $1000 for the O & P Grant. We have available $100 to pay travel for state meeting; the remaining is for speakers for the Lewis and Clark events in our region.

After some discussion it was decided to allow Miles City & Sidney $375 towards speakers, and Glendive $150 towards speakers. This will be dispersed upon receipts. Marcy has a copy of a receipt for the O & P funds for speaker fees and who will be performing at their event. Marcy will e-mail a copy of the receipt to Linda & Kim as an example for them to use. Treasurer’s report was approved.

Linda will check on the use of logos for the Slice of the Trail golf poster from the Billings commission. Linda will also check on the prices of shirts and posters.

We will need to make calls after April 1st with all the golf courses to get their signed cards. Hand out brochures, and put up a poster. Give 15-20 cards per course unless they want more. We will need 750 posters. How many cards do we want? I got a quote on 650 and it was $55 and that is on card stock with printing both sides, including the logo from Billings.

Linda check with Miles City, Colstrip, Forsyth, and 3 in Billings. Marcy and Kim have their list also.

Shirts: They are available in short sleeve is about $18.95 + $5 placing the dates on the left chest or + $10 for the dates on both sides of the collar. He will use the Clark on the Yellowstone logo and add Lower to it. We will be getting the same discount that the Billings group got. The long sleeve shirts are $23.95. If we have the dates on the collar we will be looking at $28.95 or $33.95 per shirt.

The short-sleeved shirt has no button on the collar and no pleat in the back. So far this is what I will be ordering. If any of your committees would like one or so let me know. I will be taking it to our committee on the 1st Wed of April.

Marcy – 2 Womens XL or Mens Large
Linda – 2 Womens XL or Mens Large
Kim – 1 Womens XL or Mens Large
Laura – 1 Womens Lge or Mens Medium
Will – 1 Mens XL – Long sleeve
John – 1 Mens Large – Long sleeve

The contact is Paul Stoekburger at Imagine That at 652-9343 or 1-800-652-9343 and this is in the mall in Billings.

Floaters Guide – Linda checked with David Squires and he said that he has the maps from the state office and there is very little to change. He spoke with Tom Harmon and got the ok to do a reprint of Linda Conradsen’s print of the Grizzly Bear. He said Tom was going to e-mail him the photo but he had not received it yet. He also said that within the next couple of weeks he wanted to have it submitted to the BLM for review and sent to the printer soon after.

Marcy asked Linda to check with David for the names of the last three guides so they can be included in our access brochure.

Special recognition for Linda Koncilya – Get a medallion and have it framed with some kind of memorial with a name plate and give to Kim.

Award certificates – the rest of us will get them. Linda W, Marcy, Linda K, Sharon Rau, Kim Lapp, Kim Trangmoe, John Little, Will Hubble, and Laura Schieber.

Laura made a motion to purchase the medallion for Linda and Kim seconded, motion carried.

Visitors Guide Ad – discussion about placing an ad in our local visitors guides for our Clark on the Lower Yellowstone events.

Sidney is making 2 x 2 banners with toggles on them and their sponsor’s logo and the business name on them for their event and when it is over the business will get them back. All sponsors will be listed on the posters in the commercial building in Sidney. Miles City is considering a pull out in the newspaper for Corps II.

National Guard Update - Tom McLee is the MT Nat’l. Guard contact and he sent me some paperwork to try and have a fly over and get the General to attend the opening ceremonies. I forwarded this information on to Marcy.

State Commission will faze out by the end of July. Executive Board will stay active until the end of 2006 or June of 2007. The State L & C license plates fund our grants.

Linda asked about the Sign project – Marcy said ours is done.

Speaking of signage – Linda mentioned that we may need to contact the highway dept to see if they will get some indicator signs before our kiosk. Kim will get ahold Ray Mengel and see if we can get this done.

Marcy talked about the limited edition Bronze replica that will be placed in the Senate Chambers at Helena. It is very impressive.

Events Update

Miles City - Linda mentioned that the Grand Ball is set for Sun, July 30 to be held at the Range Riders Museum. Lessons will be the night before. Our opening ceremonies we will try and have the National Guard, Corps II and the St Charles group present them. We will have a salute to our veterans. We are trying to have the General of the Nat’l Guard there and a fly over. We also want to have this outside and have the different flags from the US on display. We have Ritchie Doyle, Carla Wambach and Curley Bear Wagner through the Committee for the Humanities. We also have Ron & Jane Garritson, Bob Garritson, Jeff & Terri Evenson and Jack Smith. Locally we have Rick Strohmyer, Robin Gerber. Nan Morrison, Cyndi Eide, and Rob Nurre will be BLM speakers. We are still trying to fill a few spots; 5th Infantry encampment and St Charles group encampment.

Sidney – Marcy stated she did a power point at the Chamber Board meeting to bring them up to date on what the group is planning to have at their event. She stated they have filled most of their time slots for the Tent of Many Voices. She has contacted Margaret Gorski from the Forest Service to see if they have some type of tent or display they would be willing to bring. She also was checking with Fish Wildlife, & Parks to see what they have. The Sidney Group will be utilizing the Community Building at their fairgrounds which they have named the “Trading Post”. They plan to have informational booths and merchandise vendors inside, including a Sidney Booth, Military Recognition Display, and a School art display. Marcy stated they will have Great Falls Lewis & Clark Honor Guard performing during their opening ceremonies and that they will also be setting up an encampment where the Honor Guard will be having their equipment on display and doing some presentations. The group is working on trying to have some type of Boys & Girls scouts activity. Marcy stated they are also working on some type of Animal display.

Glendive – Kim mentioned that her ACT committee will be working on their event. She will report more at the next meeting.

Sidney sponsorships – Private = $1-$99; Corporal = $100-$249; Sergeant = $250-$499; Captain = $500 and up.

For the Captain sponsorships they get a banner, name badge, program listing and more.

Next meeting will be April 17th in Glendive. Meeting adjourned 4:00,.




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