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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber
March 15, 2005

Attending: John Little, Christie Bury, Linda Wolff, Marcy Hamburg.

Minutes:Christie made a motion to approve the minutes with 2 minor corrections, John seconded and it carried.

Treasurer:Christie has resigned as Treasurer and Linda has agreed to take on the Treasurer position with Marcy's help.

Christie gave the originals of the O & P Grant to Linda to sign and send in.

Kiosk - Christie was checking into an overhang for the kiosk to help eliminate damage from the weather. Marcy said the commission was still talking about how to manage the signage in the long term. Marcy will bring info back from the commission on this.

National Park Service Cost Share grant is still pending until end of April.

Golf Tournament
Marcy called all 3 and they are closed for the season until April 1.

Marcy spoke to Robbie from Billings Commission and she said they have t-shirts that they would sell to us for $11 and denim shirts from $22-$28. After some discussion it was decided that we would prefer to have a Henley or a Polo shirt for prizes.

We will purchase 5 shirts for prizes for our tournament.

Christie called and her contacts were also closed until April 1, she spoke to someone at the Laurel golf course and they are a private course but if you live over 75 miles from there you can golf, otherwise you have to be a member.

Christie has a sample of the post card with the spaces around it for the locations of the golf courses. Linda spoke to the Town & Country Club in Miles City and they are all for it, however they can help we just have to let them know.

Question? Is exclusive or private better wording on our post card?

Marcy will check with Huntley to see if their golf course would be interested in participating.

It appears that we will have space for 14 courses. Dates April 1, 2006 - Aug 31, 2006.

Send a letter to each course explaining the card and a sample of the card so we can see how they will be signing or stamping or punching the card to cut down the fraud.

They will send this card back for us to keep for our records.

Send information for the following web sites:
Yellowstone Corridor
Lower Yellowstone Corridor
Each Golf Course
Travel Montana

Still working on the name of this event.

Linda contact Jamie from the Ranger Review, she needs information on the floaters guide.

BLM Floaters Guide - Linda has visited with David Squires and he is interested in completing this project. He is retired from the BLM now so it would be a private contract. Linda mentioned that she could write a grant to Custer Country for $1,000 and we would have to match the $1,000 and John Little with FWP said he could probably do that for us. Linda has been in contact with Dick Fichtler the L & C guy with the BLM and he is going to be working on this with us. David wants to have this completed by the spring of 2006. Linda has asked David for a proposal of expenses so we can get the grant written. Marcy wrote a letter to Dave McIlnay reminding him just how important it is to get this project finished.

Miles City received notice that we got the grant from Travel Montana for the Special Events grant for $6,000. The original grant was written for $6,500. YAH!

Glendive is working on a much smaller event for this summer. Possibly something in conjunction with Bell Bridge days, a Navy re-enactment, special event at the Museum like the camp fire programs put on the FWP.

Marcy mentioned that we can use part of our O & P grant for speakers this year and we might be able to help with a little if Glendive has a paid speaker.

Advertising - Linda mentioned that the newspaper insert "Best Times" put out by Lee Enterprises wanted to know if we wanted to advertise our events. page ad would be 5" x 15" $460; and a page ad 5" x 8" $245. It would be the same if we did it for next year no matter if the price went up or not. After some discussion and some possible options like How about a story with contact information first and if we get some feed back we'll buy an ad. Linda will contact Rosa on this. If not it was thought it was too costly.

Marcy showed a page ad that Arch Ellwein has worked up with Corp II and American Press and it would be once a month for the next 2 years for $90. Marcy will get more information on this.

Linda showed the baseball cards of Clark, Lewis, Sacagawea, York and Charbonneau that we will be giving away at our event. Also the Seeds of Discovery packages and the Rubic cube which we sell for $6.

Marcy mentioned that Clint had forwarded information to her about the National Guard. They have the funding to be available for 2005 to tear down, set up, security, possibly even presentation. If this is an option check it out but they don't have the funding for 2006 yet.

Marcy also mentioned the St. Charles Re-enactors that are following the trail. They have their funding for 2005 but not for 2006.

Meeting rotation - do we want to do this? After some discussion it was decided to leave it in Glendive as long as we can keep the meetings over by 3 PM.

There is a swap meet in Billings on April 7 for Custer Country.

Linda mentioned that Miles City is the location for the next Yellowstone Corridor meeting. She is working on a date. Possibly the 15th of April. I will keep you posted.

Meeting adjourned 2:40 PM.




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