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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber, 1:00 p.m.
April 8, 2002

Attendees: Kim Lapp, Ginny Archdale, Sharon Rau, Theresa Knapp, Marcy Hamburg, Will Hubbell, Kathy Doeden, Linda Koncilya, and Linda Wolff

Linda K asked for any additions or corrections to the minutes. Correction in spelling Peter Yegen Jr. Museum. Hearing no other corrections the minutes will stand approved as posted.

Kim presented a bill from Great Falls Interpretative Center classes she had attended. Linda K asked if anyone would be interested in attending the workshop on April 22 in Great Falls on Wayside Exhibit Planning for communities. If anyone is interested contact Linda ASAP. State mileage reimbursement was discussed. IRS indicates $.365 per mile.

We need to encourage the Interpretative Center to continue having these lectures in other places as more people can attend, and we want to be sure that they know how much we appreciate their effort. If you can drop them a note or an e-mail it would be helpful.

Linda has a list of the Spring classes at the Interpretative Center so we can sign up for more classes.

Linda K reported on the Add 'Interrp" to your employees' Vocab at Lubrecht Forest out of Missoula. It is an experimental forest, and a ghost town is very close but too much snow to get there at this time. She felt it was great Chamber information."What you want your visitors to know," and "What your visitors want to know." Great questions for all of us to ask our front line people.

Will mentioned the Guide Training workshop. If you take 5 of these classes offered you are certified as a guide. The idea for this is when a company calls the Interpretative Center and wants to know someone in a particular area that could talk about Clark or Lewis they have someone who has been trained to do that. It would be good if someone from our area could do that. Will mentioned that he has been to 3 (I think) and he is wanting to go to another 2 to be certified. Sharon reported that Sidney has 2 people trained so far. Keep this in mind and spead the word if you know of someone you think would work great for this.

The National Lewis & Clark Bicentennial is having a big kick off on Jan 18, 2003 in Monticello. There was some discussion about what we could do out here. Suggested to take it back to our communities and see if we could develop anything for this. That is a time when the schools could become involved.

Sharon asked what happened with Mike Casler and the CORPS II letters of support that we were going to write. Linda K was going to give Mike a call and find out where that was, and what we needed to do as a commission.

Quite a bit of discussion about the CORPS II program and the web site was suggested as providing a lot of information.

July 25 - 26 the signature event is to be at Pompey's Pillar and Aug 16 - 17 the next signature event to be in New Town, ND.

Kathy Doeden mentioned that it would be good if we could get the colleges involved in having a 400 series class, maybe a visiting scholar. Linda will visit with Dr. Hammon and maybe Robin Gerber. More discussion that it would not have to be a 400 series but more education at the college level.

Lewis and Clark Resource List - list of people trained with the Interpretative Center. That would be helpful state wide.

State Lewis and Clark Convention will be in Bozeman on Oct 3-4 at the Grand Tree with the Regions to meet on the 2nd. Regional Lewis and Clark meeting will be in Glasgow on June 17 - 18.

Sharon reported that the plans for the Visitor Center in Sidney are progressing. They are trying not to add on as that is the greatest expense. They will have a stand up computer in the lobby for the guests to use. They will have some Lewis and Clark exhibits borrowed from Mon/Dak Heritage Center and Fort Union. Sharon's office will move upstairs and where Lindsay's office is now will be open for the Visitor Center. They plan to begin work by Aug 1st and be finished by Oct. They haven't decided how to fund the rest of the construction but their board will do that soon. The Marque will be a message reader board luminated on both sides. There will be life-size silhouettes of figures on the southeast corner of Lewis & Clark and Sacajawea.

Much discussion about the front page of the web site which will be up and running very soon: Kim and Linda W worked on this and if there is something else that needs to be added or is wrong please contact Lindsay at the Sidney Chamber to make the correction.

Lindsay needs out calendar of events as soon as possible to be placed on this web site.

Linda K received a letter from the Montana Historical Society, Rich Aarstad, Lewis and Clark Reference Historian. The Historical Society has established a Lewis and Clark website titled, "Encountering Montana: Lewis & Clark in Big Sky Country." The web site went live a few weeks ago and is available from two different locations: 1) or 2) The site contains a bibliography of sources we have abailable in the library/archives, a Montana time-line, ask your favorite Lewis & Clark questions, and a listing of sites in the state that are the national register of historic landmarks. The site is updated monthly and new changes incorporated. We strongly encourage feedback from interested individuals. Our goal is to assist in telling the story of the expedition and contribute positively to the commemoration of this seminal event in American history and the development of the West. Contact me anytime with inquiries or suggestions.

Respectfully submitted,
Linda Wolff




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