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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber, 1:00 p.m.
April 17, 2006

ATTENDING:: John Little, Laura, Kim Trangmoe, Marcy Hamburg.

Marcy called the meeting to order at 1:15 P.M.

MINUTES: Need to have some corrections so will approve at the May meeting.

TREASURER’S REPORT: We have $92.50 left in our O & P grant. Laura made the motion to approve the treasurer’s report and Kim seconded it.


Golf Project: Linda brought the posters and gave copies to Marcy, Kim & Laura, for distribution. Linda also brought the cards for the golf tournament and the committee counted out the cards and distributed them to be sent out with the posters. Linda will distribute Miles City, Colstrip Forsyth & Billings 4; Kim took Glendive and Livingston and Marcy took Sidney, Big Timber, Columbus, Huntley, and Laurel. Marcy agreed to stop and pick up the ones for Billings from Linda in Miles City. She will give them to some to Melody & Robbie to distribute them.

Floaters Guide: Linda brought a sample of the floaters guide just finished from Miles City to Terry. The last 2 guides have been turned into the BLM office for final revision and David will take them to the state office in Billings. The funding is available to print them.

River Access Brochure: Marcy brought a sample for Kim & Laura & John to check out. John found a couple of changes that will need to be done on the map; he will see if Kathy Stewart (at FWP office) can make those changes on the map and e-mail it to Marcy. The brochure needs to be completed by June 1st. Marcy has checked on the pictures and has permission to use them, and she will check with Elk River Printing to see when she can get a copy of them.

Special Recognition for Linda K.: Marcy stated she would try to get that done by the next meeting.

Shirts: Linda reported she had checked on the shirts. The shirts are 100% cotton and the commission would purchase on for David Squires as an extra thank you for all his work and dedication on the floaters guide project. It was decided to go ahead and order the shirts: Marcy – 2 Women’s XL, Linda 2 Women’s XL, Kim 1 Women’s XL, Laura 1 Women’s Lg, Betty 1 Women’s XL, Will 1 Men’s LX Long sleeved, John 1 Men’s XL long sleeved, David 1 Men’s XL long sleeved.


Update on Events & Projects:

Miles City - Linda reported on Sunday they will have Ritchie Doyle, Rick Strohmyer, Jack Smith, Bob Garritrson. Monday: Jack Smith, Bob Garritson, Jeff Evenson, Rob Nurre, Robin Gerber, Curley Bear Wagner Tuesday: Karen Stevenson, Curley Bear Wagner, Robin Gerber, Nan Morrison, Rob Quist, Jack Gladstone Wednesday: Carla Wambach, ron Garritson, Cyndi Eidi, Pete Langdorf, Jane Garritson Thursday: Jane Garritson, Arch Ellwein, Ron Garritson, Rick Strohmyer. The Grand Ball is coming along fine and will be Sunday night with dance lessons on Saturday evening prior to the ball. The ball will be at the Range Riders Museum with a dinner prior. Linda stated their Opening Ceremonies will include Corps II, National Guard, St. Charles Discovery group and possibly the flags from Wayne Heinbuch. They have asked for a flyover from the National Guard along with the General to present to the veterans. Their committee has decided to have a parade prior to the opening ceremonies. They want to have horse drawn entries, with veterans, and anything dealing with the event. Linda stated the group plans to have children activities along with the BLM interactive tent activities like the fishing game, and the dig for arrowheads, possibly a track trunk etc.

Glendive – Kim reported their committee is working on putting together a Cook out, a birthday bash of some type, and they are working with Bud Clark with the St. Charles group in setting up an encampment.

Sidney – Marcy reported she was doing a PowerPoint presentation around area to bring more awareness to their event and to encourage participation and assistance. She stated the NPS would arrive Aug. 5th and set up on Aug. 6 – 7. Their opening ceremonies will be on Aug. 8 including some government officials. They have also invited Great Falls L & C Honor Guard, who will set up a tent and do 5 demonstrations for 2 days. Marcy reported they are working on obtaining presenters: Amy Mossett, Curly Bear Wagner, Hal Stearns, Jack Smith, Rich Strohmyer, and local presenters such as Arch Ellwein, Hi De Ho Play, and USDA-ARS will be working with 2 different Educational Trunks. Marcy said they plan to utilize the Commercial Building at the Fairgrounds as their “Trading Post” where they plan to have a School art exhibit, a Military Recognition display, and Merchant and Informational booths also. They have invited the MT National Guard, BLM, and FWP to setup exhibits or displays.

Marcy shared a copy of a map of the state with the 2006 events. In the corner it shows the bronze that will be in the Senate chambers and the dates of all events in Montana.

Marcy stated that Linda, Laura and herself had attended the Governor’s Conference on Tourism, where they heard about the 7 Immutable Rules for Successful Tourism. They said the speaker was very excellent and kept the group going.

Cancellation Stamp – Linda mentioned that Miles City will be doing a stamp, but it is not connected with the post office. You come up with a design and sell a post card and place it on in the return address location. They have been doing this throughout the trail.

If you plant to attend the final meeting of the Commission contact Melody or Robbie in Billings before the end of June.

Meeting adjourned 3:00 P.M. Next meeting will be May 8.




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