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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber, 1:00 P.M.
April 21, 2003

Members Present: Kathy, Linda K, Linda W, Kim, Marcie, Cheri Heser, Jeff Dietz

Linda K turned the meeting over to Jeff to tell us about the banner project. Each banner is $75 per side and you can have 2 different businesses listed, one on each side total cost of $150. Discussion about brackets and the least expensive is $55 with $10 shipping. So when we sell them we can add the $65 for a total package. Banners are heavy vinyl, guaranteed for 3 years, must have the graumets and no wind cuts. The company will not stand behind the banners if wind cuts are inserted. Banner size is 24" x 48". Columbus has banner brackets that go through the pole. Check with the schools to see if they can make the brackets. We all need to have one location in each community for these banners to be drop shipped. Discussion about who to sell these banners to: Banks that are in multiple locations, gas stations, hotel/motels, utilities, phone companies were some suggestions. Maximum number of letters - none but the more letters the smaller the letters are. Title on the top of the banner "Clark on the Yellowstone" looks very nice. Jeff suggested working with the local service clubs and maybe give them $10 for selling them. Kiwanis, Lions, Rotary, BLM, FWP etc. Pre-sell the brackets along with the banners. That way it is all done at the same time. If there is someone in our community that would take on making the brackets that could do that some less expensive, please let us know. It was decided that each of 5 portions of our corridor would order 5 banners = $500, so that we have some to show. They would say "Welcome" on them. We need to order 750 for a price break. The banners have a picture of the Yellowstone River and it is very colorful so it is very attractive. This is one way that the entire Yellowstone Corridor can tie each community together. This would be very unique and only apply to Livingston East to the confluence.

Jeff brought us up to date on the Legacy Campaign and their progress. He felt that the eastern part of the state would be able to raise the money they were asked to help but was not sure what was going on elsewhere in the state. They are getting some pledges, but not much for cash.

Jeff also spoke about a Western Odyssey.

Find a Tree - Look for a 200-year-old tree in our region and clip branches from the tree and plant trees with a history all the way along the Yellowstone. There is a Lewis & Clark tree in Montana at Ft Harrison. Why could that not be elsewhere, too? Maybe we could get CNN to cover that. Keep the Mosquite Trail - Very unique and marketable. I also heard this from Carol from Travel Montana. She felt the same way that Jeff does. So if anyone has any ideas as to where we could go for financing, be sure to contact one of us. We need to get after it.

Jeff spoke about Monticello and estimated that Montana spent over $10,000 on the event. Pompey's Pillar & Great Falls went together at $4,500 each to produce brochures and posters to be given away there. They have a picture they gave away and had around 100 people sign up. Not too well attended.

Discussion about trying to get MT Rail Tours to come East to the confluence down the Yellowstone. There is no way you can get closer to the river without being on it than by train. Suggested to contact Conrad Burns about this. Joe Whalen (Miles City Books) has been talking about this also.

Marcie spoke about the conference in Great Falls. She felt that there were not very many vendors. Maybe it was to close to the Governors conference. Some were from out-of-state. She has all the information on the seminars as they gave out a 3-ring binder with the information on each session in it. At the next meeting Marcie will have an overview of the sessions for us to look over. Then if we want more information we can get it from her. She felt that it was a very good session and got quite a lot out of it.

Marcie spoke to Carol McBryant and the decision on where Corp II will stop in Montana will be in place by the end of the month. She suggested contacting Carol to let her know about Miles City and Glendive. Address is 1709 Jackson Street, Omaha, NE 68102, Phone 402-514-9318 or e-mail Marcie submitted her bill for attending Great Falls.

Linda asked for the approval of the minutes from March 10. Minutes were approved.

Cheri Heser will attend the meeting next month to report on her trip to Monticello.

Meeting adjourned 4:45 P.M.




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