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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber
1:00 p.m.
May 10, 2004

Attendees: Marcy Hamburg, Sharon Rau, Linda Koncilya and Linda Wolff

Guest: Marcia Holis - new web person

*Marcia has some suggestions - send corrections to her at

Check out our web site - old one and check out the new one which we also purchased. The cost is $9 to purchase this site. The second one she is able to use more updated technology and it looks better.

Linda K. made a motion to spend the money to have this site hosted by Go Daddy and Marcy seconded and it passed unanimously.

Mid-rivers was probably hosting this site for free and hosting will be in the area of $10 a month. We were not sure who was hosting it right now.

Map recommendations - Marcia suggested getting a map of our region that extends to Ft. Union and Ft. Buford. Marcy is working on that, and Marcia will check also to see if she can find something through the state.

Marcia went over our pages and removed outdated things, but we really need to get her a calendar of events, asap. This could include fairs, events that attract people, derby, etc. All communities need to do this.

If there is anyone that has more information on Rosebud, please let Marcia know as it is pretty short. The third link on our home page is other links and Marcia asked if we wanted something more exciting. We came up with Virtual Destinations.

Marcia is working hard on our site and making it easier to navigate. If you have any information you would like included please e-mail her.

*Sharon asked for approval of the minutes from March 10 if there were corrections or additions. Marcy made a motion to approve them and Linda K. seconded it.

*Treasurer's Report - Linda K. reported that we received our $2000 from the state commission for our operations grant.

The upcoming showcase in Livingston was discussed and it was decided that we would pay for anyone from our group that wanted to attend. If reservations are made prior to May 14 it is $35 and after that it is $45. It was also decided that we would pay for mileage as long as we car pool to Livingston. Right now Linda K., Sharon & Linda W. will be traveling together.

Sharon will make the reservations at the motel.

* Linda W. reported on a phone call and written notice from MT DOT to be part of their map revision team on July 14 in Helena, because of being with MT Association of Chamber Executives. Linda asked Sharon if she could attend, she has 3 events in that time frame so it is impossible. Linda W. is asking if anyone has any comments on the 2003-2004 highway maps to contact her so she can let the committee know your concerns.

One comment - Glendive needs a city grid on the back so people can find how to get to Makoshika Park. Along with an Interpretive Sign symbol on the park map location.

Now is the time for your comments, don't wait.

*Report on the Enchanted Highway - Marcy

We stopped in Dickinson for lunch and saw a dinosaur statue that we snapped a photo of. We felt it might be similar to something we might do for the Mosquito Trail.

We proceeded to the Enchanted Highway approx. 10 miles past Dickinson. #Each site is on 1 - 2 acres pull outs, #Sculptures are massive, #Gravel at each turn out, #fence around site, #Open air shelter at each site with picnic tables at some, #Interpretive sign on each site, #$Approximately $25,000 per site for metal etc, this includes NO LABOR, #Very hard to continue to get funding for new statues & maintenance, #Negotiates for land, pays for insurance himself, #This is a one man show.

We decided that the cost was prohibitive, maintenance of the grounds, painted etc. We felt this was way bigger than we could handle.

A suggestion was to possibly postpone the Mosquito trail for a couple of years. Another suggestion was to have something like this done with wildlife but felt the cost was an issue. Or possibly think of using hay bales similar to Utica. Linda W. said she hated to see it put on hold until after the Bicentennial because you have lost a lot of people. Another factor would be the liability insurance. This project was put on hold for now.

Marcy reported on the first meeting in Sidney of their Corp II planning group. Six people showed up, invitations were sent out. Purpose: Plan the Corp II for 4 hours per day. Continuing annual event after 2006 legacy. Interpretive Sign will be at the Sidney bridge. Regular meeting will be the Chamber office at 4 PM on the 3rd Tuesday. Fund Raiser - speakers, travel expenses, contact Corp II and get rooms early.

Discussion about Undaunted Stewardship

Arch wrote a nice article in the newspaper about our meeting. Fund Raiser - Artist - Ron Clark - is giving away prints to non profits 501-c-3's, he is asking for a donation when you are done. These are for raffles, auctions what ever. Marcy saw him at the last State commission meeting in Great Falls. He is wanting to promote the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial. Marcy will contact him and see if some of our communities can work out an arrangement with him.

*Stamp - Check with your post office - the L & C stamp will be available in Great Falls on the 14th. Sidney will get theirs on the 15th. This is a photo opportunity to promote our L & C events. *Floaters Guide update - Linda W. had spoken to Dave McIlnay at the Miles City BLM office and asked him about the guide. She then spoke to Fred Wambolt about it and told him that she thought the next one was mostly done except for a few details. She asked him to let her know if there was anything we can do as a group to make this project get finished. We were all willing to help. Fred was going to get back to her. Send your letters to Dave and Fred expressing the urgency in finishing this project prior to the Bicentennial.

*Banner project - Sharon, Marcy and Linda W. put the banners in their newsletters and received no response. Sharon was going to e-mail Melody to see if she ever got a sample (actual size) that we could show to help sell them. Not a huge response right now.

*Canoe Trail - Sharon reported that Jeff Altheiser - Convention Visitors Bureau in Williston did this project from Williston to the confluence and it was not a really big project. Sharon sent each of us information on this and we need to retrieve it and bring it to the next meeting for discussion.

*Kiosk - Linda K. reported that the statues are in place now and they are working on getting the sign done and then the kiosk will go up. This sign is promised to be done by May 31st. They are going to cover the concrete pad that it will be on with sod to make it more aesthetically correct.

There was discussion about whether to have our kiosk panels at knee level and at an angle or have them upright. They decided to put them upright as it should be more vandal resistant.

June 7 the Museum is having an old time fair. The Chamber will have people on hand talking about our Lewis and Clark stuff.

Marcy mentioned that there is a DOT person that will help you with L & C Interpretative signs on the exits. She will check on this more.

*Golf Tournament for the Yellowstone Corridor - Linda W. asked when we wanted this. It can be either 2005 or 2006. Talk to your golf courses and ask them how we could promote this like a progressive poker run, only to play golf throughout our region. Bring that to the next meeting.

*Next meeting will be June 14th. Meeting adjourned 2:50 PM.




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