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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber
1:00 p.m.
June 14, 2004

Attendees: Marcy, John, Sharon, Linda W., & Linda K.

Minutes: Motion made by Linda K. to approve minutes as mailed, and seconded by Marcy. Motion approved.

Treasurer: Linda K. reported that the kiosk is up and completed with all expenditures paid and within budget.

Posters of the kiosk are available at the Glendive Chamber office for communities along the route. There is some money to have them framed.

A motion was made by Linda W. to approve the treasurer's report, a second by John Little, motion approved.

Becky Kellvig - is from Sidney and an excellent source for Lewis and Clark. She will be encouraging the BLM to finish the floaters guide. Marcy also mentioned that she would be good to do a radio spot for Linda W.


L & C Web Site: No one has heard anything from our web master. Check your sites and make sure they are up to date. Linda K. said we would have to pay her but so far she has not received a bill.

Kiosk: Linda K. reported that the kiosk is complete, and they had a dedication last week end. They have some little things left to do with the statues but the kiosk is finished.

Floaters Guide: Linda reported that the floaters guide is planned to be finished to the Powder River by Sept of 2004 and the other 2 are planned finished by 2005. Linda mentioned to keep in contact with them encouraging them to get these finished. Also to offer any assistance we can give. Linda W. read a letter she received from Fred Wambold with the BLM on the floaters guide project.

Banner Project: Linda W. reported that the Miles City Chamber and Stein Chiropractic went together and purchased a banner, with the Welcome on it. Stein will have it on Main Street and Linda will have it for our Clark on the Lower Yellowstone event. She said she sold another banner with 2 businesses sharing, Stockman Bank did not purchase any banners, and she sold one more to a business that wants it for his business so he only wanted it on one side. The Sidney Chamber purchased one also. We felt that if we had them for display we could sell more of them.

Canoe Trail: Sharon will do a little more checking on this grant that the Williston CVB got for the Canoe Trail. John Little reported that the Richland Park was fully funded. Marcy asked about dock sites owned by federal agencies like Diamond Willow, Sidney Bridge, 7 Sisters on the Missouri, if they were going to extend the docks. John said probably not because the river has been changing every year.

Sharon will contact Jeff and find out who they applied for this grant to. Marcy will check on sources for access on the Yellowstone. Linda W. will check with the BLM to see if they have the river map drawn up yet so we can use that for the river access on the Yellowstone.

We felt this would be a good partner with the BLM Floaters guide.

Clark on the Lower Yellowstone: Linda W. reported that it will be a very full day beginning at 7 AM with a bird walk and breakfast. Then speakers, demonstrations, activities, buffalo lunch, and much more. There will be vendors with period items, t-shirts, pictures, beads, children activities just to name a few. The 5th Infantry will have an encampment, and the Custer County Art & Heritage Center has a display of the L. A. Huffman prints of early Miles City. We will have Native American Involvement with dancers and story tellers. The event will be concluded at 5 PM.

Lewis & Clark Group in Sidney: Marcy reported that this group got together and did some brain storming about why they were there and their purpose. They decided that they needed a funding source. They decided that they would have a fund raiser banquet. It will be held on Oct. 23 in the Mon Dak Heritage Center. They would have displays, exhibits etc. You will be able to pay for your meal with beads which you get in a nice little leather pouch when you sign in. They are trying to decide if they might have buffalo, fish, venison, corn bread, jams, jellies, wine etc. They wanted to find out about meat inspections. Marcy said it was very exciting to see this group of people get excited over this celebration.

Funding - TAC: Sharon reported that at the last TAC meeting there was a lot of discussion about the signature events and how they were not getting enough money to have a quality event. The Great Falls event was going to cost over $1 million. They are short quite a bit, and they have come to the TAC to see if they can give them more money. The Dept. of Commerce gives the L & C Commission $200,000 annually. They are discussing just how is that money utilized, and can it be used more efficiently. There was a lot of discussion and there is a major decision being made very soon on this matter. Sharon & Marcy did not feel that the commissions would get any money for next year to operate. More coming later.

Kiosk - Linda W. and John L. stopped by the kiosk when we were leaving town. They need a little directional sign but it is very nice. Also a nice setting with the trees, old log cabin, and the statues of the expedition, including the dog.

Meeting adjourned 2:45 pm.




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