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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Miles City Chamber
July 15, 2003

Members Present: Jackie, Ginny, Mark, Kathy, Sonja, Muriel, Denise, Dee Abbott, John Halbert, Linda & Hal.

Posters - were discussed and passed out to be distributed. Jackie will give to Jeff for Coke. Linda will contact Blue Rock and M & C and deliver them. If you know of any way to get posters out of town please pick them up.

Banners - Linda mentioned frustration with Mike South in not returning calls and following through on the banner proof. Muriel said she would go see him. Linda mentioned to Mike that she was concerned if he would have them done in time for the event. He assured her that he would order the material and it would be here by the 21st and he would have it done in a few days.

Johnnie Thomas - is ill and will not be able to present on Sat. Discussion about someone else to fill in. Rick Strohmyer was suggested and Linda would contact him. Also Dancer Davis was suggested. Sonja asked if we wanted the Caledonians to dance, but the group thought they would like to keep it pretty much period stuff.

Sound System - Mark will check with Rob Frazer and Sonja said the Caledonians would bring theirs for out front for announcements etc.

Mark drew up a floor plan and the group figured out pretty much where we were going to set people up. The lunch, the cooking demonstrations, the girl scouts, the tables for selling souvenirs will be in the park under the trees. Rick Strohmyer will be performing periodically throughout the day especially during lunch. The 5th Infantry will be on the West side of the Art Center, while the buffalo and the horse (travoi) will be on the East side. The performers will be mostly inside the tank in the back and some inside the Art Center. The posters will be displayed as well as the maps. It should be a good show.

Advertising - will be in the Farm & Ranch on Tues the 15th, the Star on Thurs the 24th. Mark will work with KKRY with the Art Center taking care of the advertising on that station. The committee will cover the cost of $100 for each the Star, KIKC and KATL. Thank you Mark for cutting the ads. Arch Ellwein called in an ad for the radio station for a PSA for us. Linda was trying to contact Dancer Davis to see if he would do the same. So far I have not been able to make contact with him. Press Release - Linda contacted H2O advertising which is Custer Country's agency and they sent out PSA's for us across the state and surrounding areas.

Stage - Preston Wilson - they have a small stage and Sonja will check on this for out front. Ron Mills and group will be in the front area.

Buffalo donated by Wayne Perkins and Bill Swan working on getting their ranch names. Mark suggested roping off the front of the Art Center to eliminate traffic right there. We were trying to think of how we could do that with period stuff.

Ginny reported that Hartman's will donate the Porta Potties, toilet paper included. Waste Connections - will donate 6 garbage cans for us and will deliver them on Fri. If we feel that we need more let Julie know and she will bring a couple more.

Muriel - will check to see if we can get a tank for the water from Ranch & Home. Water bottles - Holiday Stations gave us a good deal on water and it has arrived. Jackie was going to pick it up along with the labels and her niece would put them on for us. Mark Hartse said they had some extra water if we need it. Jackie will bring out the water Sat morning.

Meeting adjourned 5:30

Respectfully submitted by Linda Wolff




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