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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber
1:00 p.m.
July 19, 2004

Attendees: Marcy, John, Linda K & Linda W.

Marcy made a motion to accept the minutes and John seconded, motion approved.

Marcy reported on the state meeting - Regarding the O & P grants all grants have been turned in and we will have O & P grants per year but they will be for $1,000 only.

Change in the grant program - 2 National events will get the most like Great Falls and Pompey’s Pillar will get some less than Great Falls due to the length of time of their event

The state is looking for funds for the significant events.

Corp II communities will get $500 a day for speakers expenses.

No project grants will be offered in 2005 -2006.

Legacy Program - State Senate project.

$3500 for a replica and they have bronze and silver commemorative coins. Bronze will cost $80 and the silver is $300.

Ron Clark is an artist who will donate replicas of paintings he has done, to communities that would like to use them for fundraisers for a Lewis and Clark event. He lives in Lakeside, MT. You need to write him a letter asking for the number of prints you would like to us as raffles or some other way as a fund raiser. You can request as many as you want and that is ok with him as long as supplies last. This is a donation for Lewis & Clark committee.

Corp II in Helena for 2 weeks in 2005 - Linda asked if anyone knew that Helena was a stop, I knew that Lincoln was but I had not heard Helena. I spoke with Carol McBryant and she assured me that they will be there.

Quilt - Kim Lapp sent a copy of a book she got from a gal who is making Lewis and Clark quilts. They sell the pieces to make one square for $15.00 but everything is there except thread. She mentioned that maybe we could work with our quilters and they could make one and raffle it off and maybe a second one raffle it too and give half the proceeds to the local L & C committee. Marcy was going to take it on to Sidney and Linda K. was going to check with the Glendive group. Linda has a person working on Miles City.

Address of the lady that put this together:
Stoneydale Press Publishing Co.
523 Main St.
PO Box 188
Stevensville, MT 5987
Phone 406-777-2729

Linda gave a review of L & C Showcase. Jack Smith as Charbonneau was excellent and he will be coming to Miles City in 2006. The group Michael McNeilly performed the Lost Journals of Lewis and Clark, it is a mime with singing and dancing. Funny and enjoyable. Willard Ferch - Echoes in the Valley is a musical group from Huntley and they come in costume - very good. Ken Nelson from Livingston The Pretty Good String Band is also very good. Bill Dow from Butte does Montana Sand Art - outstanding. Great to get multiple factors to work together. Evelyn Widhalm from Missoula does Sacajawea, My Friend - very interesting, knowledgeable, very good. Daryl Shortman from Helena - Songs from the Soul, Native American Flute - good, Rick Strohmyer - Minstrel Explorers of Lewis & Clark Expedition - good, Steve Taylor from Vancouver, WA - Lewis and Clark Magical Adventure - excellent especially for schools. Richie Doyle from Lolo - Dead Reckoning - the Recollections of William Clark - good. It was a good showcase and we certainly got some ideas for speakers and performers. I only wish that more people would have been there.

Linda reported that the Native American dancers that were scheduled would not be there but we have Jay Old Mouse, a flutist who will perform instead. Marcy mentioned that Darrel Martin has been working and performing with the Corp II and he is really good. He is also on the L & C Commission.

Linda was going to ask Carol McBryant if we can have speakers talking about later years and not just L & C era.

Yellowstone Corridor Golf Tournament - Marcy asked if we were going to try and do this in 2005 or just 2006. Linda K. said she thought we could do it in both years. It would be a progressive golf tournament and people could golf from Livingston to Sidney. This is part of the Yellowstone Corridor experience. How long would they be able to golf - possibly all year. Have brochures at the golf courses and on our web site. The golf courses have the forms and at each course the golf pro would verify that they golfed there and stamp their card. Linda K. will talk to the Glendive course and see what we might be able to do, or what would work the best. Possibly the golfers that have golfed in at least 5 courses get into a drawing. Maybe one of these pictures this guy is offering. Challenge Cost Share grant - Linda W. asked if this group had a project to write one for. Marcy will check on this and see what kind of projects they have funded.

Floaters Guide - Mark Jacobsen sent word that he is working on the floaters guide. Keep those letters and phone calls coming to make sure that this gets the priority that we need it to have. Maybe ask if there is any way we can help with any of it. At least that way he and his boss know that we are truly interested in getting it finished. Keep up the pressure.

Canoe Trail - Discussion on the access points. The floaters guide will have them, but if we want something sooner, or something that could be free at the Chambers, maybe we could do an inexpensive one and refer to the floaters guide for more detail. Sharon was going to check with the guy from ND on how they wrote their grant. John thought there was a web site from BLM that would have the Yellowstone River mapped out. Then we could add the access sites. Marcy was going to check on the web and see if she could find that.

Marcy will visit with Becky Kellevig on the Floaters guide. She is on the Resource Advisory Council for BLM.

Meeting adjourned 3:00 PM.




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