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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber Office, 1:00 p.m.
August 11, 2003

Members Present: Marcie, Sharon, Linda K., John, Kim, Linda W.

State Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission meeting in Lewistown Oct 1 - 3, 2003

Agenda was sent for fall meeting to Linda K.

We are on the agenda 9 AM - 10 AM on Friday 3rd in Room 2 - 1 hour break out session with Yellowstone, Lower Yellowstone, Crow and Northern Cheyenne.

Linda K. said she has hired a man to make the panel frames for out sign. The railroad could not. His cost is about $1000 and he will make our frames and place the statues for Glendive at the same time. Sharon was telling us that she was reading in the National Kiwanis magazine that Kalispell Chamber as L & C throws like the cattle women sell around here. They buy them for $45 and sell them for $60 - $65. They have made $18,000 on them. There are 12 in a box and 240 in a case. Sharon ordered a box and was going to share so each community could purchase one if we wanted. Maybe that is something we all should look at. Dillon bought a box and within a week they purchased a case. They are selling very well.

August 26th Grand Opening of the Confluence (Ft Buford). MO River country is meeting and at 1 PM they are leaving Sidney to go to Ft Buford for a tour. If anyone would like to accompany them let Sharon know prior so we can travel together. They are meeting at the USDA Research Center at the Tech Center building in Sidney at 1 PM.

Question on the kiosk map, what are the red marking along the trail for? Need to add to the key. Sharon made a motion to pay for the reg fee and mileage for Marcie, Linda W and Sharon to attend the State commission meeting in Lewistown. If Linda K can attend her also. John seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Sharon reported that the Treasurers report we have $1970.25 in the checking account and $2035.28 in the savings account. Interest on the savings account is $6.

Place mats of our area and things to do. Sharon said they checked out 6 or 7 different sizes and the fast food restaurants wanted the small ones. 2 of their restaurants are actually using them for place mats on the tables. McDonalds in Sidney has them sitting on the side.

Linda W. reported on the Clark on the Lower Yellowstone celebration in Miles City. It was a success. We served 130 people lunch and had between 40 - 60 people at each of the presentations. People were there from 10 to 4:30. Really good comments about the event. We will be having a recap meeting soon so the participants can have input for next year.

Marcie got Corp of Discovery II schedule from Carol McBryants office. A couple of things we found Blackfeet, MT ???? Wolf Point, ND. Still has listed that they are stopping in Glendive and Sidney and not Miles City.

Approval of the July 14, 2003 minutes as presented. Marcie made the motion and Kim seconded the motion. Motion carried.

The title on our 3rd panel will be "Clark's Footprints to Eastern Montana's Future". Discussion about the panels for our sign. The last panel - steamboats - why do we need info on steamboats? Sharon said the Heritage Center in Sidney has photos and a painting of the Far West. Linda K said they had the text the sign company just needed photos of the steamboats. We decided we needed to have a time line as to when the steamboats came up the Yellowstone also.

Add 1828 when Fort Union was built.

Change 1881 - First train stop in Montana to Glendive, MT.

Another suggestion was to have the lift bridges listed as they are both still there, near Fariview and Snowden. Sharon will get this info to Linda K.

Something about the diversion dam on the Yellowstone and the beginning of irrigation. Marcie will get this info to Linda K. Sharon will check with Arch Ellwein.

John and Kim were looking at the state map and discussing out frontage roads. Suggestion to contact Travel Montana and really work on them to insist that those roads be put back on the maps. The feeling is if Travel Montana does not get involved that it will fall on deaf ears.

Missouri Country has a CD with photos or Eastern Montana - about 50 slides. They will use these for FAM tours. Glasgow did it and there is no sound. Sharon mentioned that they feel their should be some music in the background.

Linda K do you want to attend L & C state meeting. Let Sharon know.

Marcie is still checking on web sites for funding our mosquito trail project.

Craig Denney from Big Sky Airlines has a share in a place and they raise buffalo. He said if we have an event where we need some to let him know.

Meeting adjourned 2:30 PM.




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