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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber - 1 P.M.
September 12, 2005

Attending:Kim Tangrmoe Marcy, John, Laura, Denise & Linda Wolff

Minutes:There were no corrections or additiona. Laura made a motion to accept the minutes and John seconded. Motion carried.

Kiosk Sign: The over hand for the kiosk is completed. Mike Wooton has photos that we can use. The grant requires us to have a press release on the kiosk in Glendive, Sidney & Miles City. Marcy and Linda will come up woth an article for Kim.

Treasurer's Report:: O & P grant has $571.70. Denise made a motion to accept the treasurerís report and Laura seconded. Motion carried.

After some discussion we will split the O & P funds between Miles City and Sidney for speakers. Glendive does not have anything lined up for L & C until 2006. Sidney is having the Clark's Cookout in Oct 2005 and Miles City will be lining up speakers for the coming year.

Event & Golf Brochure: Elk River came in the lowest price for 10,000 at $1,150.00 or for 20,000 at $1,775.00. Denise made a motion to have the brochure printed at Elk River printing in Sidney and Laura seconded. Motion carried. Marcy will get the proof to Elk River to print 10,000 brochures.

Golf - Linda will contact the Billings golf courses and get the contact person and let Kim/Densie know who it is so the letters can be sent to the appropriate person.

Add to the event brochure for Glendive Aug 5-6, 2006 for Clark's Birthday and a Rendezvous.

Floaters Guide: Linda reported for David Squires that the map for Miles City is in the final edit and should be at the printer by Oct and the money is there to print it.

They are working on the other 2 guides and hopes to have them finished and at the final stage by Jan. Linda asked if Glendive wanted to go together with Miles City and Sidney to purchase 50 of the floaters guides, of which there are 3 so far. We can purchase them in 50 pieces for $2.40 each, then sell them for $4. Glendive agreed and Linda will contact the BLM office and get them ordered. For the Sidney (or the last floaters guide) Bec Kalliveg is doing the history of the Sidney area and Linda Conradsen is allowing her picture of the bear encounter to be used on the brochure.

River Access Brochure: Linda and Kathy from FWP have not been able to get together yet but will do that very soon. They have a meeting set for Fri, Sept 16th to go over and make sure that the hazards are on there (Intake diversion dam & Buffalo Rapids at Terry).

Marcy checked with NPS to see what we need to do to use this grant and we just need to request the funds when we are ready.

Upcoming Events: Linda went over what Miles City is thinking about. On one day of our five days as hosts. We plan to have a muzzle loader shoot sponsored by the Muzzle Loader Assoc and they will handle the shoot. Another day have a black powder shoot and have the Assoc put that on also. Then another day have a bow & arrow shoot and have that assoc put on that event also. Discussions are going on with FWP to have the shoot located at Pirogue Island which is historic by itself.

To finish out the event there are plans under way to have a Grand Ball. You have a cuer who tells you the steps you are to take while dancing. There are lessons given the day before and you must dress is period costume which we plan to have about a 50-year time span. Then they charge $5 for attendees who want to watch, $15 a person for dancers and $5 for lessons the day before. She also had period costumes that you can rent. We are still working on the details.

Linda said that Rob Quist has been wanting to come to our event and partner with Sidney so we can lesson the cost. Linda will try and make contact with him to get a price so we can see if he is feasible.

Glendive has no event for 2005.

Sidney - Oct 29th is their Clark's Cook Out - fundraiser for Corp of Discovery II. Rick Strohmyer, a musictologist is a performer with period fiddle and banjo. Cost is $30 for a full curse meal with buffalo steaks - fondue. MT Historical traveling trunk representing the Corp. Linda Conradsen is a local artist and will have a picture for a raffle. They will have a taxidermist with his artwork on display.

Marcy asked if she could borrow the animal posters from Miles City. Linda will bring them to the next meeting. Linda asked if they had received any of the prints of Gary Carter. Sidney did not receive any, Linda will bring 5 down for you to use however you want.

They will have a door raffle - stone art (Lewis & Clark on the stone) will be on display at the banks. They will have kids package - 2 games, flutes etc.

Sidney and Miles City will coordinate with Ron & Jane Garritson and Bob Garritson and Jack Smith to work out prices to share. Also check on Rob Quist.

State Lewis & Clark meeting: Big Timber on Oct. 11th.

Spring State Lewis & Clark meeting: Miles City in Feb, 2006.

Our next meeting: October 17th.

Meeting adjourned 3 PM.




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