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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber, 1:00 P.M.
September 16, 2002

Members Present: Linda K, Sharon, Theresa, Marcy and Linda W.

Web Site - Lindsay gave pages on web site; it is up and ready to be reviewed by the communities. It is located on midrivers until it goes live. Check it out and let Lindsay know about corrections.

Linda - All Miles City stuff was lost.

Minutes: Corrections on the minutes for Bozeman State Lewis & Clark Commission meeting is Oct. 2-4. Linda asked for approval of the minutes as corrected. Marcy made the motion and Kim seconded - passed.

Treasurer's Report:

Sharon will bring the check boom the next time.

$423 for posters - Sharon will check on this as it is more than originally thought.

Question about $150 to MT Historical Society - it was registration for one of us.

Linda K. will meet with National Park Service person in Billings about our Kiosk. She has been working with the museum on a fence. The kiosk must be seen from the museum as the highway.

Sharon updated us on the Lewis and Clark Visitor Center.

They decided to keep the beams rustic; ordered carpeting, tile, cabinetry, counter top.

They will place the statues by the sign. They have a new sign but getting it up has been moving really slowly.

Oct. 2-4 Jeff Dietz wants to visit about signage.

River Mapping: Will said they are working west to east. The first map is almost done from the Big Horn to Rosebud. David Squires will be contacting us when the next meeting will be.

Kim and Linda W. were brainstorming on the drive to Glendive about something that the Lower Yellowstone could do to make it unique. Something that might attract people off the Interstate. We liked the horse that Billings did but our communities do not have the money available for that. We were thinking about the other animals (beaver, antelope, deer, buffalo, etc.). At the meeting we brought this thought up and continued brainstorming and came up with a mosquito. Clark and his party commented all the time about the pesky mosquitos on the Yellowstone. That is one thing we all have in common. So Kim and Linda were to search out a fiberglass mosquito or something similar and report at the next meeting. Jokingly, it was sated that we could be on the "Mosquito Trail." Our thoughts were that this is a project that would not cost a lot, but could get the communities involved from Hysham to Sidney with a common theme. The cost should be affordable enough that 4-H clubs, churches, schools, artists, college students, anyone could be involved and maybe a lot would. It was decided that this was a worthwhile thought to pursue.

Marcy will check on the Internet to see what she can find.

The commission decided to skip the Oct. meeting and meet on Nov. 11 in Glendive at 1 P.M. That we we may have more information on the mosquito trail, as well as the kisok.

It was decided that we will set new goals and elect new officers at the Nov. meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 3 P.M.




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