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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber
2:00 p.m.
September 20, 2004

Attendees: Marcy, Linda W., Sharon and Clint Blackwood

Marcy asked Linda if she would send pictures of our Clark on the Lower Yellowstone event so she can show them at a couple of Commission meetings she is attending.

Minutes from last meeting were approved as sent.

Floaters Guide - Linda suggested to keep calling the BLM and anyone else that they deal with to try and get them to get this project finished. We all need to do this, if we are going to get it done.

Challenge Cost Share Grant - NPS - Marcy spoke about what she found and we thought that might be feasible for us to apply for one to coincide with the Floaters Guide as a companion piece that the Chambers could give out for free. The grant has to pertain to L & C project goals; must be in by Jan 15th; there are 12 items to qualify and it looks good for us. Matching = complete in 2 years. We will pursue this.

Challenge Cost Share Grant - BLM - Linda checked on this one and it is for things only on BLM lands. We did not feel that what we were thinking about would qualify so this was decided against.

Canoe Trail - CVB in Williston asked us to continue this trail into MT. This is what we are considering with a Challenge Cost Share.

Golf Project - Linda K’s project - we probably need to pursue it.

Clint mentioned that Walt Martin, chairman of the Stillwater Commission, is also head of the golf course in Columbus. That might be a contact to help get this started.

Clark’s Cook Out - Oct 23rd at Mon/Dak Center; $25 per person in advance and $30 at the door. Limit of 150 pre-sale and possibly 200 at the door. A logo has been designed, ready to sell on Wed.

Sally Amrude - Heritage Center Director and a Chef

Roast Buffalo with Choke cherry marinade
Portable Soup - Sweet potato dumplingM
Discovery Hash
Polenta Squares
Missouri River Break up - Ice Cream pie
Herb Roasted Root Vegetables

Tokens will be given at the door. They will have MT Last Stop on one side and Sidney Corp II on the other side. They will barter with these tokens for supper.

They decided that they could not make any money by just charging $25 at the door so they got sponsors to donate $200. They also went to the County Commissioners and asked for $1500 and they said that was not enough and gave them $2500.

They got a L & C cookbook for the food - Call Livingston for this guy.

Call Rita about the man’s name on the food.

Speakers - Arch & Pat Torgerson
Music - Rick Strohmyer

Video’s - history library - 3 titles

Games -

Displays - timeline and taxidermist, Corp II prints, Linda Conrad painting, & Day in the Life pictures

Demonstration Booths - Army Corp of Engineers, Educational Trunk, Flint Knapping, Bows & Arrow, Star Quilts, Tanning, Pottery makes music, and bead & quill.

Arch donated L & C throw
Star Quilt
Ron Smith’s print
L & C Sacajawea bear print
Papoose carrier

Guest Book
Signed with Quill pen, powdered ink, home made paper

Clint mentioned that the Great Bend at Livingston does something similar called Taste of the Trail. Clint suggested having displays at the Confluence, Great Falls and Pompey’s Pillar.

There will be a meeting at the Confluence on Wed.

Oct 22-31 is Bismarck Signature Event.

Clint suggested having our presence at their booth. The MT state commission is using the Travel Montana booth and they would display any of our material.

We were trying to decide if we could get away to attend any of this and Sharon not Linda can make it. We have MACE on the 28-29th, Sharon has the Clark’s cookout on the 23rd. Marcy said that she could attend on the 29th and 30th.

Linda made a motion to cover Marcy’s expenses (mileage, motel & meals). Sharon seconded. The motion carried.

Clint met with the Clark on the Yellowstone commission earlier this morning.

He has a second power point of events.

Elis on the Pro Team (?)

Presentation kit
Map, power point, & picture
Pat Jones’ PowerPoint is available and will need text for this. We took the notes.

Stay in touch with Carol McBryant’s office.

MTTA - Dick Bash will be visiting the tribes with Corp II.

State Commission will provide for Corp II communities; $500 per day for Corp II for programming. NPS will provide $50 per day for programming.

PPL gave the state commission $100,000 over 5 years. This was strictly for Interpretive Signage. 1st $20,000 went to Upper Missouri Commission. 2nd $20,000 went to L & C County and Gallatin County. Next year $18,000 proposed to Yellowstone Commission. Interpretive Signs - late summer 2005.

Vista House - BLM helped. Walkway that over looks river. Introductive sign of brass to this site.

National Guard 2005 has $1.9 Million to work with.

L & C Trail that National Guard will be involved - now they can support local activities like tents, security, public safety for Corp II. They need to be asked by the Sheriff. The Guard now has money.

Discovery Expedition of St Charles group - April - June will go across the high line to Ft. Benton. Clint was thinking that because they are not going further that it may be an opportunity for some other communities to do some activities. For instance 1 day camps (Interp. camp) like at Tower Rock, Helena, Three Forks, White Hall, Dillon etc. Possibly use a Challenge Cost Share Grant for funding.

We should apply for the Special Events grant through the Dept of Commerce. That is where Sidney got the $10,000 for the Air Show.

Meeting adjourned 4:20 PM




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