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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber, 10 AM
October 14, 2003

Attending: Marcy, Linda W, Sharon, Kim & Linda K

Linda asked for approval of the minutes and with a spelling correction they were approved.

Send minutes to Hysham - trying to get a contact person, who might be interested in attending meetings and planning with us.

The redesign of the state L & C web site seems not to be user friendly. In order to find say for instance our corridor web site, you have to go to our minutes and then to the bottom and there it is. In the beginning it was much easier to find, and more user friendly.

Treasurers report - Sharon

Savings = $13,410.93

Checking = $1,970.25

Discussion about out kiosk.

We have paid $7000 to Advance Design already.

We will pay around $6,500 to them when the project is finished.

We will pay approx $1000 for installation & frame.

Posters of the kiosk panels cost $39.87 per poster. If we decided to have 8 sets made approx $1000 to be placed in the following communities. Forsyth, Miles City, Terry, Glendive, Wibaux, Sidney and Savage. If there are other communities that would like them please let us know asap.

We will need directional road signs for our kiosk. Linda K will speak to John Haas about what is available.

Sharon showed us a map that Travel MT did for the travel & trade office in Japan. This was a piece of what Travel MT uses its $200,000. It was a map that shows each of the tourism countries with photos and is very small to fit in a shirt pocket or purse. Excellent.

Kim asked what is required to be a step on guide for Travel Montana. She has heard 2 different versions and is looking for the right one. One is you have to take all 5 classes, send in an application etc. the other one is if you are a teacher you may not have to take all 5 classes. Also that it is not a major deal to become a step on guide.

The next meeting for the Lewis & Clark at the Confluence (Significant event) will be Oct 28th at 10 AM mountain standard time, at the Ft Buford conference center. Linda and Kim need to get Linda K mileage for the last meeting they attended at the confluence on August 26th. It is 312 miles round trip from Miles City.

Corridor meeting looks like it will be Jan 31, 2004 in Miles City because of tournaments in our communities and that takes obligations from the Chambers. This is a meeting that has been held in Billings two years ago and Columbus last year. This involves the entire corridor from Livingston to Sidney & the Forts.

We will have a Lower Yellowstone Retreat on Nov 11th beginning at 10 AM to formulate plans for the coming year.

Question was brought up can we pay for any students to attend Super Host with our money. Linda contacted Amy and she said "no" but any of the committee that would like to attend is eligible. Traveling Trunks - keep in mind that we have information on these traveling trunks throughout the year. Possibly let your teachers know they are available just in case they did not realize it. We need to work to try and get this into the school system.

Mosquito Trail - comments were made at the Corridor meeting in Lewistown as to where to try for money to fund this project. MDU; Nat'l Park Service - Lori Heippel (Linda K will contact); Highway Dept (Kim); MT Arts Council & FWP (Marcy); 1st Interstate Foundation and MT Community Foundation (Linda W) another possibility Stockman Bank Foundation (Marcy). Bring info to the retreat so we can go from there.

Another thought was to do this project in phases. For instance do the mosquitos for the in-town businesses; students; organizations etc.

Second phase - Frontage road mosquitos.

Phase three - a brochure map to follow.

Someone spoke to Sharon at Lewistown when the conference was over about this project and she has misplaced his card. He was in the corridor meeting with us. We are trying to come up with his name as he had some really good suggestions.

It was mentioned at the State conference that they may be looking at having the next State L & C meeting in the Eastern part of the state. After some discussion Sidney will put in the bid, as it is close to the confluence visitor center and they have a L & C visitor center in Sidney. It seems more logical to have it there.

Marcy needs support letters to be sent to her. She is placing an application to the Governor to be our representative for Eastern MT on the State L & C commission.

Meeting adjourned 12:15 PM




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