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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber, 1:00 P.M.
November 11, 2002

Members Present: Linda K, Sharon, Kathy Doeden, Will, Kim, Marcy and Linda W.

Minutes approved as sent.

Treasurer Report - Sharon reported that we have $155 and $189 from L & C license plate sales.

Question about what the posters cost - 7 posters for $423.36. Will asked if we thought we might be able to sell them as just posters without the backing. We felt that the cost was prohibitive. Good idea though.

Sharon will place the $20,000 in an interest bearing account until we are ready to use it for the kiosk.

Kiosk - Linda K. reported on her meeting with the NPS in Billings. The National Park Service will take care of the most of it for us. She gave us some examples and we have to decide what kind of kiosk we want. She suggested having one that was on a slant so that you can see the campground while you are reading. She will put together bids. We will need to put the information together for her that we want on the kiosk. She said it would probably be about a year before it is completed. If we want a special photo they will help find it for us.

Discussion about the panels, if we want the same as Livingston or more ???? It was thought that we probably would want the same wildlife information, some sort of free flowing river and something about Native Americans. It was decided that we want to be more specific about our area and not so general. The NPS thought we might even be able to get more than one kiosk with the money that has been set aside.

Mosquito Trail or something similar to the Enchanted Highway in North Dakota

Marcy was asked to come up with a place to get fiberglass items. After some research she found a company out of Chicago that will make and design anything you want. She will contact them at 800-474-9097 and check on prices. Size of the mosquitos was discussed. The thought is that the mosquitos would be placed in the communities along the Lower Yellowstone. Our thoughts are to involve the schools, churches, 4-H clubs and anyone else we can to make these and have them on display on the buildings for people to see. Our hope is that the cost is affordable for this to happen.

Linda W. explained the frontage road project similar to Enchanted Highway. We will try and pull them off the Interstate at Hysham and between Hysham and Forsyth have 3 or 4 sculptures or silhouettes, or wood items easily visible from the road on private property. Then have something similar or totally different between Forsyth and Rosebud, Rosebud and Hathaway. Then they would have to be on the Interstate until Miles City. Off at Miles City until the exit by Wild Horse following old Highway 10. Then back on the Interstate until Diamond Ring exit and have something along the road until Terry and from Terry to Fallon. Back onto the Interstate until Glendive and turn to Sidney and have more from Glendive to Fairview. This way we will have a route for people to travel, it puts them into the smaller communities and at least we have a chance to get visitation up for all of us.

Linda W. will check on costs for artists, wood butchers, or whatever they prefer to call themselves, Marcy will check on prices for mosquitos, Kim will help with the route and Linda K. will write the grant to the Bicentennial committee.

Kathy Doeden mentioned that Les Christopherson made a spiral with a horse on top of it for her. She thought that would be fun if we could do something like that with the mosquito.

Sign Committee - Jeff Dietz - Billings

The group received a $15,000 grant for signage and unfortunately none of our commission was able to get there for the meeting. They asked for volunteers for the committees of Overall; Portall; and Brochures. It was suggested that all the committees meet on the same day so that we can travel together. The Lower Yellowstone committed to helping with the committees but until there was more of a description of what these committees would do, we do not have the actual names. But we will definitely work with the rest of the group.

Linda K. has a proposal to take to their museum where the kiosk will be located that has a vinyl picture of Lewis and Clark on two sides of the building. The vinyl would not disturb the exterior of the building and if they need to be removed they peal off. The Glendive Chamber is working on the plans for the campsite next to the museum where the statues will be located. Eventually they will have statues of the entire party made from a chain saw artist.

Corp II

Kathy reported on Corps II. She visited with Clint about Corp II decision to go from Billings to Glendive and then Sidney. Clint said they figured that Glendive and Sidney were one stop. He mentioned that they are waiting on the Crow Tribe to decide if they want to be a part of this or not. He also said that the stops are not finalized yet.

Kathy reported on the fundraising campaign for the Lewis and Clark Campaign, with their book they published with all the information about the entities that are participating etc.

There was some discussion about the State's Legacy project - some kind of artwork to be visible to the public and leave a legacy after the Bicentennial is over. One thought is to have something displayed at the Capitol in Helena.

We talked about the footprint and that Corp II was thinking they have the money for the smaller one and they will move ahead with that, but continue to work on the big footprint.

Sharon reported that she received information from Robin Williams that he has a digital film of the entire Lewis and Clark trail and it is titled "The Trail". Robin is one of the top filmmakers in America. It covers the entire route from Monticello to Ft. Clatsop and back to St. Louis.

Will mentioned that since the last time he was here he did not get the job vacated by Kim Prill and that a fellow from Missoula got it.

Discussion about the next meeting and we will have everything e-mailed to Linda K. before Dec 5th. We will not meet in Dec.

Linda W. read a proposal by Lynn Tompkins of Forsyth to purchase a lighthouse that the government is selling. We could sell bricks to people for $100 and they would have the name of that person on it. These bricks would be used to build a replica of the lighthouse. The money from the sale of the bricks would buy the lighthouse. Our replica will be somewhere in Eastern Montana. It could serve as a drawing card, visitor center, destination spot, golf course, Dude ranch, etc. We could be a "Sister-City" with the city where the real lighthouse is located. Numerous possibilities. I have more information on Lynn's proposal if you would like more information.

The group decided not to pursue this venture partially because they felt there would it would be hard to find a location that was acceptable to everyone. Several thought it was a great idea. Thanks Lynn.

A suggestion was to have our elevators be made into lighthouses, with stairs and a platform on the top for a good view. Another thought was to have characters painted on them for travelers.

Election or officers and goals were postponed until January meeting. Be prepared.

Will & Kathy were discussing logos and one of the logo's for our area could be the signature of Clark. Will suggested having lapel pins and collector items made because people like to have souvenirs. Even a mosquito was mentioned.

Sharon mentioned that the Sidney Chamber Lewis and Clark Visitor Center open house is scheduled for Dec. 3 from 3 - 7. Linda W. to bring our L & C posters of the animals to Sidney for Sharon to use.

Kathy and Sharon were discussing a train to retrace the trail from Billings East during 2006. Maybe more than that if possible. Kathy will check this out.

Will mentioned a conference he read about in New York dealing with living history ideas. This college received a large grant and each teacher that took the training received the traditional clothing, and hands on experience. Therefore they could come back to the schools and teach this living history to the students. This would be a great opportunity to get our teachers more educated before the Bicentennial is here.

Helena is having a kick off celebration at the Capitol on Jan 18th to start the Bicentennial along with Monticello. It is asked to see if the schools could do something recognizing that date.

Lewis and Clark Minutes
Glendive Chamber 1 PM

Linda K, Sharon, Kathy Doeden, Will, Kim, Marcy, and Linda W.

Minutes approved as sent.

Linda W. mentioned that she had spoken to a teacher about L & C events and she will have her students do a project that is 3 D and I will get them into the windows of our businesses.

Lindsay asked people to check out the web site as it is almost ready to go live.

Meeting adjourned 3:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Linda W.




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