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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
November 12, 2001

In attendance: Kathy Doeden; Will Hubbell; Kim Lapp; Doug Melton; Ginny Archdale; Mary Hamburg; Theresa Knapp; Sharon Rau; Linda Koncilya; Linda Wolff

Nov 5 Mike Casler set a meeting in Sidney with the surrounding Chambers and communities of 150 miles radius of Williston. Those who attended were Linda Koncilya, Glendive Chamber; Linda Wolff, Miles City Chamber; Sharon Rau, Sidney Chamber; John Bacon Dunn Co JDA 701-764-6092 214 Railroad St PO Box 283 Killdeer, ND 58640;; John Combs, Dunn Co Tourism Bureau, 701-764-5805, 270 High 22, Killdeer, ND 58640; Craig Herbert, Sidney Chamber, PO Box 808, Sidney, MT; Mike Casler, Fort Union Trading Post; Judy Deitz, MonDak Heritage Center. Mike Casler proposed working together to get the Corps of Discovery II to stop in Williston and have a united front when we ask them. If you look at a map there is a signature event in Bismarck in Oct of 2004 the next signature event is in Great Falls in July. If you figure they will be traveling from Mandan to Great Falls in 2005, they will be traveling past Williston and Glasgow. If you figure the 150 miles radius there are a bunch of communities that can benefit from this traveling exhibit. Then in 2006 they will be in Billings for the signature event at Pompeys Pillar the end of July and the next signature event is in New Town, ND for an all nation pow wow. So that would put Miles City or Glendive between for another possible stop. They will have 2 trailers and 4 support vehicles that will be going into outlying communities for continuing education. It was discussed to all work together for support letters to the Naitonal Park Service to stop at these suggested communities. Which would be Williston, Glasgow, Miles City or Glendive. Linda Koncilya was visiting with Linda Wolff and mentioned that maybe Miles City would be a better place than Glendive because Glendive is within 150 miles Williston and Miles City is not. Some of the chambers were not there but Sharon and Mike were going to contact them and get their responses.

It was discussed about Corps II coming through here in the summer. Work with the planners of Corps II and maybe have special summer school events. That would be something we would have to do before too long. A sport that was mentioned by ND was to have golfing for travelers to do while they are here. There at 5 National Parks on the Lewis & Clark trail. Ft Union is almost guaranteed a stop on the trail for Corps II. We need to feed off the locations that are having signature events. It was decided that we need to have a proposal by the end of this year. Talk to the schools and youth agencies.

Meeting concluded at 1 PM.

L & C meeting - Glendive Nov 12 1 PM

Linda K discussed the web site - she had a proposal to have a copy of the antiques dealers in a 300 miles radius that she is working on with another group. To put this on the Glendive web site as L & C the first antique hunters. This will be available in hard copy as well as on the internet.

ATTENTION: Floaters Guide - Send letters to Mr MCILNAY Director of Bureau of Land Management, Miles CIty office. We need to have funded the floaters guide map from Pompey's Pillar to the confluence.
RAC - BLM group that Marilyn Krause is a member. To encourage them to get the rest of the river map done.
BLM does have a boat now to help with river rescues.

ATTENTION: National Guard Relay - Send letters if you want this to happen in our end of the state.

ATTENTION: Safety plan - Contact Sheriff and Peace Officers to see if they are part of the planning process with the state. If not try to encourage their participation.
Will's report will come later. I wanted to get these done before I forgot what my notes ment.
Possibly contact state legislators on any of these issues.

ATTENTION: Send your requests for L & C seminars to attend to Linda K by Dec 1. We want to send some people to as many of these training sessions as possible. If we can share or car pool of course the funds will go farther. Be sure to check this out and if you don't have a copy you can go to the state web site of the Lewis & Clark interrupative center and find them. If not let one of us know and we can get you a copy.

License plates - are available as of Jan 1 for $30. These will help with the funding for more Lewis & Clark projects.

ATTENTION: Lindsay needs the photo releases in order to put the pictures on our web site. Get them to her asap. Or if you have not furnished her with the information from your community please do so, as we would like to have this up and running by Jan 1.

There will be no meeting in Dec so we will meet in Glendive in Jan 14, 2002.

If there are any corrections please let me know so I can correct them. Respectfully submitted. Linda Wolff  







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