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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
Glendive Chamber - 1 P.M.
November 17, 2005

Attending:Kim Tangrmoe, Marcy Hamburg & Linda Wolff

Marcy asked for the approval of the minutes - Laura moved and Kim seconded.

Treasurer’s report: O & P Grant remaining balance is $571.70. The treasurer’s report was approved.

Linda agreed to write the grant to the commission for the 2 communities for the $5,000. Each community (Sidney & Miles City) will need to write the one for the Corps II event Marcy agreed to write the 2006 O & P Grant.

The group discussed the nominations for the State Commission RBC awards, to be recognized at the State meeting in July. Linda Koncilya (In honor of) was chosen because of her hard work, dedications and for chairing, and for serving on our commission for 6 years, we felt she should get one of the Regional Commission awards. In addition the group felt that Sharon Rau and Linda Wolff should received the remaining RBC awards for their dedicated hard work as being hosts for the NPS Corps II.

Mark your calendar to attend the State Commission meeting in Billings on July 21st. That will also coordinate with the VIP celebration that the Yellowstone Bicentennial Commission is sponsoring the night prior to their signature event. Contact Rita if you plan to attend the commission meeting. Contact Robbie or Melody if you plan to attend the VIP celebration.

We need to contact the golf courses again to get their signatures on their cards for our “Slice of the Trail” golf tournament next spring.
Linda contact Pete Yeagen - Jeremy Haider; Par 3 - Mark Hahn; Lake Hills - Phil Dahl; Eagle Rock - Bobbie Backman of Billings (4), Forsyth Country Club, Colstrip, and Miles City. We need to send Miles City another letter, as they seem to have misplaced the one we sent.
Marcy contact Sidney, Big Timber, Columbus and Huntley.
Kim contact Glendive, Livingston & Laurel

Floaters Guide - Linda spoke with David Squires and he said the final mock up of the Miles City map is done and is ready to go to the printers and they have the money to pay for it. The other two maps David will be in contact with Marcy in the near future. He has spoken with Linda Conradsen about some photos for the guide, and he will be traveling to Sidney for more input.

Marcy contacted the Bureau of Reclamation and after some phone tag, she spoke to the right person and they have partnered with the BLM on projects before and thought this would be a real possibility. He was going to contact Marcy again but she has not heard from him and she will contact him again to see where they are at with this project.

Regional River Access - Linda said that Will has some quotes that he will be sending to Marcy about the Clark on the Lower Yellowstone from Miles City to Sidney. Marcy will try and get a quote from Tom Harmon at Savage and Bec Kallivge at Sidney. Kim will see if there is anyone who might have some around Glendive. Marcy will continue to work on the brochure to get it finished.

Regional Event Brochures - continue to be distributed.

New Business:

Corridor Meeting:

Linda updated everyone on our meeting in Big Timber and her meeting with Marcy. She also shared the suggestions that came from those meetings.

Linda went over the Miles City event. They have Jack Smith, Ron & Jan Garritson, Bob Garritson, Ritchie Doyle, Rick Strohmyer, Carla Wambach, Robin Gerber, Jeff & Terri Evenson, Miles City Caledonians, and Melstone Cloggers on their agenda. Not all have been confirmed yet. They have identified around $1,200 in non-speaker costs. Linda has written several grants to cover the costs. They have contributions confirmed from BLM, MT L & C Bicentennial Commission, Custer Country, Wal-Mart, Allen Foundation and MT FWP. Grants have been written to Nefsy Foundation, MDU, First Interstate Foundation, and U. S. Bank Foundation. Linda has visited with the Custer County Commissioners about funding.

Miles City is planning to have the St. Charles group do their opening ceremonies and perform at other times if they want. They are considering having a Grand Ball for the closing ceremonies. There is a possibility of having a muzzle-loaders shoot, a black powder shoot and a bow and arrow shoot to be held on Pirogue Island, if it all works out. They also will have wagon rides, with historic information, possibly a quilt show, along with other vendors.

Marcy asked Linda if she would share her information about the trappers that she has contacts with: Fran Buell - Education P. O. Box 133, Gildford, MT 59252, phone 406-376-3178. She is interested in having them come to their Corps II. Marcy stated she would forward Linda the information on the St. Charles group.

Marcy stated the Sidney Corps II group is planning to invite the Manifest Scrutiny team, Ritchie Doyle, Rick & Suzy Graetz (Montana L & C Trail photos), Rick Strohmyer. They are also hoping that the Ft. Union, Ft. Buford, and the Ft. Peck dancers will agree to participate. Other local entertainers include: Bec Kalliveg, Pat Torgerson, Arch Ellwein, the Hi De Ho players, one of the local doctors has agreed to give a presentation on the medicines, and USDA-Agriculture Research Station has volunteered to do 2 trunks demonstrations. Their closing ceremonies will be on Friday and Saturday nights focusing on families.

Glendive plans to hold a Guinness book for the largest birthday cake in honor of Clark's birthday with a possibility or a rendezvous.

Marcy mentioned Hysham does not plan to have an event during the L & C celebration, although they do have their sculptures located around their community, and is worth mentions to our visitors.

Marcy stated she would check with Fairview to see if they plan to hold any type of event. Cheri Heser said that Forsyth will have an event. Terry will have their Terry Yippee Days. Kim will check with Wibaux to see if they are going to do anything.

After some discussion the group decided to meet in Miles City on Dec 15 or 16 for a planning meeting on the Corps II stops at 2 PM. Marcy will check with Laura to see when she can go and also check her schedule.

Our next meeting will be on January 9th in Glendive and then on Feb 16th in Miles City the same days as the State Commission meeting.

Meeting adjourned 3:00 P.M.




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