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Lower Yellowstone L&C Bicentennial Commission
Meeting Minutes
1:00 p.m.
December 16, 2003

Attendees: Marcy, Linda K, Linda W, John Little

The proof for the billboard panel was reviewed and rechecked.

One change on 1909 regarding the irrigation at Glendive.

Also change the legend key to possibly on the 1st panel and if not there at least on the 2nd panel so it corresponds with the map.

Linda W. suggested that we should have when the steamboats were on the Yellowstone and Linda K is getting that information to add to the data.

Linda K. will contact the design firm and see if we can make those changes and it will be done.

Posters of Our Billboards: We have authorization to spend $2000 for these from our grant from the state. We plan to have them in the following communities: Forsyth, Miles City, Terry, Glendive, Savage, Sidney, Confluence Visitor Center, Wibaux Visitor Center and following discussion it was decided to order 10 sets, and if Hysham or someone else wants one we have it. Discussion about changing the location of the 501-c-3 from the Mon Dak Heritage Center to the EPEC Center so we can have more current, and easily available information. It was decided that on the next application to the state for money that we will list the EPEC as our 501-c-3 organization and that Linda K. would be the treasurer.

John nominated Sharon for the position of the President, and Linda W. will continue as secretary, Marcy will come in as Vice President. Linda K. will check with Sharon to make sure that is ok.

Linda asked if we wanted to write a grant to the State Bicentennial Commission that we need to do it really soon. Sharon suggested working on the Mosquito trail more and resubmitting that. Marcy will work on this, it is short time as it needs to be in by Friday.

Linda K. mentioned that the State Commission was working on a conference on the East side as well as the West side of the state. She said this meeting would be either in Jan or Feb. Possibly the last week in Jan. One additional day for signage. The week of Jan 26th in Miles City. 2 workshops on one day one in the East in Jan and one in the West in Feb, are being considered for signage.

Linda K. said she had received a survey from the state as to what Lewis and Clark signs we have in our region and that was an easy answer, it is the road signs with the finger pointing. She filled it out and sent it back.

Marcy was saying that the State Commission meeting will be Feb 9 - 10 in Great Falls. They are changing the name of the conference to Showcase Forum conference which will be held in Livingston on June 17 - 18. We need to go, they are having someone from Corp II to present and they want the hosting communities to be there. The June 17 - 18 meeting will be in Livingston. Marcy will check to make sure that this is the right date.

Linda K. mentioned that she has signed us up for A Day in the Life of the Yellowstone River Valley, July 25, 2004. Linda W. read the overview from Jane Indreland of Billings. If anyone does not have that information let me know and I will forward it to you. They are trying to involve each of the communities along the Yellowstone from Livingston to the confluence. If you know of a community that is not involved let them know so we can get them the information.

Linda K. received an e-mail from Rita Cortright that Bill Yenne of San Francisco, CA is gathering material for a pictorial book - photos or slides about how Lewis and Clark Expedition impacted the places that they visited and how the impact is still felt today. Photos of museums, memorials, personal tributes, re-enactments and anything visual related to L & C, the Expedition and the memory of the Expedition. Contact Rita or Linda K also has an e-mail address for Yenne.

Linda K. volunteered our region to set up a Lewis and Clark golf tournament, like a poker run. This is one of our goals for 2004. This would involve each community - advertise for local as well as tourists.

Marcy brought the dates of the minutes that are on the Lewis and Clark web site for our commission and in checking the dates, we are in pretty good shape. There was discussion about how it is very cumbersome to find these minutes as well as other commission minutes on the state web site. It was much easier prior to the last changes. It was suggested to possibly have our commission web sites listed under Related Links on the home page would make it easier for people to find us.

Kim Lapp told Linda W. that she would not be able to attend these meetings as she will be teaching every day as she is picking up another class. We really hate to loose her but have to understand, that a job comes first.

Program of Work for 2004:
Develop L & C events program for communities along the Lower Yellowstone
Installation of posters in each of the communities
Speakers for our events
Assist Miles City and Sidney in preparation for Corp II
Dept of Commerce - list of outfitters

Meeting adjourned 1 PM.




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