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Northeastern Plains Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Committee Meeting Minutes
September 21, 2004

Meeting called to order by Betty Stone.
Introductions were made.
Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

Financial Report - It was reported that of the $2000 planning grant, $1331.59 remains. Betty reported that it could be used for travel and reminded the committee that whatever is left at the end of the year gets returned. She also stated that if anyone would want to attend the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial meeting in Pablo, on October 13 and 14, these funds would be available to pay for expenses.

State Bicentennial Commission Report:: Clint Blackwood reported.

  • A map of Lewis and Clark in Montana was produced by the MDT. It has the Lewis and Clark Trail and lists events on it.
  • Glossy pictures of the Corps of Discovery II are available on NPS website.
  • A re-enactors group will be attending the Lewis and Clark at the Confluence. Larry McClean will be in Glasgow on October 28th from 10:00 to 2:00 to visit with the community on the re-enactment, Corps II sites.
  • Dick Basch is the Indian Liaison for Corps II and will be working with MTTA. He will be communicating with the tribes for Corps II locations.
  • Clint stated that the Medallions and Miniature Bronzes that are for sale will self fund the Bronze Bas Relief.
  • Discussion on the support of the National Guard to help out with parking and traffic control.
  • At the last State Bicentennial Commission meeting, $10,000 was awarded for the Lewis & Clark at the Confluence Event, to Northeastern Plains Bicentennial, with Great Northern handling the grant. A motion was made by Arch to accept the letter of agreement between Great Northern and the L&C Northeastern Plains Commission to operate the grant, 2nd by Mareta , motion carried.
  • There will no longer be project grants. $1000 will go to each regional commission. $500 will be given per day to help with the Corps II when in your area, from the State Commission. This can not be used for administration.
  • The National Park Service will be paying for Indian participation performances and $50 per performance for Non-Indian participation, for all locations.
  • Distribution of the money is still being worked out. Clint said that it would be easier to distribute to the regional commissions rather than to each individual town.
  • License plate sales are at $13,000 per month.
  • BLM funding has been approved for $2000 for planning and education for Corps II.
  • A thank-you letter was suggested for the BLM and State Commission for their funding contribution.
  • It was suggested to put the upcoming activities and events on Travel Montana’s Website.

Fort Peck Tribes Report: Mark Sansavor reported.

  • A meeting that took place involving the Tribal Council, Missouri River Country, Wolf Point Chamber of Commerce and R.J. Young. There is concern that nothing is being done for preparation for the Corps II. A Tourism on the Fort Peck Reservation meeting is planned for September 24th from 10:00-2:00 at Greet the Dawn, in Poplar.
  • Looking Eagle Manufacturing printed maps that was done up by MDT on Lewis and Clark in Montana. Mark had these available for whoever wanted them.
  • Tourism is the top three ideas for the Enterprise Community, which Mark represents.

River Access: Doug Smith reported.

  • The Snowden Bridge access site will take place, after a few things are taken care of.
  • The person doing the river mapping is retiring.
  • The bridge park located south of Wolf Point will have a paved ramp.
  • Poplar, Wolf Point, Oswego and Brockton were possible sites, but are on hold at his time.

L&C at the Confluence Event:

  • There will be a meeting Wednesday September 22 at 10:00am MT at Fort Buford. Items to be discussed include the MTTA proposal and working with the North Dakota Tribes. The Native American activities were set for Sunday.
  • Diane Brandt has been working on getting sponsors. So far $750 has been received and $100 for travel. She has also been working on speakers for the event and also on obtaining more grants. She explained that the brochures that were printed are almost all gone and the need for more to be printed. Missouri River Country has money budgeted to help with marketing. The board approved spending $450 to print more brochures.
  • Anyone wanting to be involved in the L&C at the Confluence Event should contact Diane.

Rivers of Time:

  • The date has changed to May 20 & 21, 2005. This is an outdoor event held in Sidney with Arch Ellwein.

The Mon-Dak Heritage Center will be doing a fund raising event (Clark's Cookout).

L&C Festival in Nashua:

    Dates are May 6, 7, 8, 2005
  • The 2nd time planning will be bigger and better. They plan to do more marketing.

Old Business:

New Business:

Next Meeting: October 19, 2003, 1:30, Great Northern Development Conf. Room, Wolf Point

Members Present: Carla Hunsley, Arch Ellwein, Ruth Mattelin, Bev Harbaugh, Mareta Brusett, Doug Smith, Mary Helland, Betty Stone, Diane Brandt, Mark Sansaver, Clint Blackwood, and Christy Stensland.

After the meeting Mary Helland showed a 17 minute video on "Lewis and Clark-the Assiniboines' Untold Story," filmed south of Frazer.  



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