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Northeastern Plains Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Committee Meeting Minutes
November 16, 2004

The meeting was called to order by Betty Stone.
Minutes from the previous meeting were approved.

Financial Report - $512.66 remains in the O & P grant account. Whatever isnít spent will be sent back. It was suggested to buy supplies and stamps and give the remaining to Great Northern for administering the grant. We will only be getting $1000 next year.

Correspondence: We will be receiving $250 from a North Dakota Advisory Committee with Annette Schilling. This will go to the NE Plains Bicentennial for use at the Lewis and Clark at the Confluence Event.

State Bicentennial Commission Report::

  • The State Commission will support 50% of the license plate revenue to go to the Historical Society and the other half to local communities for Lewis and Clark projects.
  • The National Bicentennial Commission did not approve of the negative ads produced and is asking that the Ad Council does not run them. An example of the ads, are to the effect that itís not the same now as when Lewis and Clark went through.

Fort Peck Tribes Report:

  • The Corps of Discovery II will be moving from Wolf Point to Poplar due to the noise of the railroad tracks for the site that was picked in Wolf Point.

River Access: Nothing new to report.

L&C at the Confluence Event:

  • Bangs and Bullets are planned to be the menu for the Saturday evening feed. The Trenton Camp Ground is a good location for the buffalo feed. There will be a Confluence meeting at the Confluence on Nov. 30th.

Rivers of Time:

  • This event will take place May 20 & 21, 2005, on the Richland County Courthouse lawn and library. They will have a trunk from Fort Union on display. A display from the State Historical Society for documenting the Lewis and Clark Trail will also be available. Richie Doyle and his partner, David Jollies will also be in attendance.

L&C Festival in Nashua:

  • Dates are May 6, 7, 8, 2005. Plans are being made for the 2005 event.

Corps II:

  • Poplar - May 6-9, 2005, changed from Wolf Point.
  • Glasgow - May 14-17, 2005 at the Glasgow Fairgrounds. Glasgow has formed a committee for the planning.
  • It is a good idea to let the schools know so they can be involved and plan their field trips during the Corps II events.
  • Sidney - Aug. 2006. Arch is planning on having Bear Country USA and Birds of Prey to do demonstrations.

Old Business:

  • Betty had the latest schedule of the St. Charles Group. They were in Glasgow the end of October for a meeting. Normally, they ask for $1000 from the communities that they visit, but they realize this area wonít be able to come up with the $1000, so they would accept things like firewood, showers, meals and facilities.
  • They will be at the Wolf Point Bridge on May 4th, tentatively. They had a camp set up at he Circle of Cultures Event that Betty and Diane visited. There are 20 to 25 people traveling with them.
  • Christy asked for a contact. Betty will give their e-mail address to Carla.
  • is a website that shows their daily entries. Click on Lewis and Clark then and now. It is an educational program and video of what they are doing.
  • They flew the river to check it out.
  • The guy that portrays Captain Lewis drove to Poplar with R.J. to get ideas of where to camp on the Reservation.
  • Scott Mandrel is the coordinator for the St. Charles Re-enactors.
  • They have boats that are 30 feet long. They are self-contained and they can sleep on them. They are self sufficient for 3 days. The boats are motorized if needed.

A float trip in August 2006 starting at Fort Peck Dam and floating to the Confluence is still planned. New Business:

Next Meeting: January 18, 2005, 1:30, Great Northern Development Conf. Room, Wolf Point

Members Present: Christy Stensland, Betty Stone, Doug Smith, Arch Ellwein, Ruth Mattelin, and Carla Hunsley.  



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