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Stillwater County Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commission Meeting Minutes
March 10, 2004

The meeting was called to order at 7 p.m. by chairman, Walt Marten. Those in attendance were: Walt Marten, Mary Schimmele, Steve Lethert, Aron Strange, Robert Grosvenor, Bob Germaine, Ron Nusbaum and Sharon Marten.

The minutes were read and corrected: at the last meeting Georgie Allen said she would contact Sherry Aschim at Columbus High School re: setting up a website for us--not re: doing a brochure. However, since she'll be talking to her, she'll ask her about doing both.

Old Business:

Mission Statement: some amendments were made to our proposed statement. The word autonomous was added, "acquired" was omitted and appropriated "by" instead of through was changed. Steve moved we accept the revised mission statement. Mary seconded. Motion passed.

Banner: Sharon passed around a picture of the proposed banner so everyone could see the design. Mary pointed out that we needed to check out the current brackets on poles in Columbus to see if they will work on the new banner. She also suggested we contact the previous banner purchasers to assure them that the present banners will be stored and reused if they are in good enough condition. Mary will do this. Sharon suggested we contact the Town of Columbus & Fred LeBeau regarding any rules or conditions regarding signage in the town or county.

Ron Clark Prints: Steve hasn't met yet with Art is Everywhere. He has an appointment on Friday.

Planning Board: They met Wednesday afternoon. They came up with some anticapatory costs. Steve will mail these out to everyone. Line items will be identified so we know how much fund raising we have to do or if items or events need to be eliminated. They went down and looked over the site of canoe camp. Dates for the events for the next 3 years have been set. They are: 2004--set up on 7/16, 7/17 from 10--6 and 7/18 from 10--4; 2005--set up on 7/15, 7/16 from 10-6, 7/17 from 10-4; and 2006--set up on 7/13, 7/14 from 10-6, 7/15 from 10-6 and 7/16 from 10-4. It was discussed and decided that we need to have a mountain man rendezvous committee to oversee people coming in and camping for the event. Robert Grosvenor will chair this and Walt will assist.

Writing Desk: Ron moved we pay Walt back for the writing desk. Steve seconded. Motion passed. It will become part of the lasting legacy after the event.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 8:37 p.m.

Sharon Marten, Secretary  



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