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Southwest Montana Lewis & Clark
Bicentennial Committee Meeting Minutes
Dillon, Montana
February 10, 2003

The meeting was called to order at 10:35 by Chairman Cameron Clark.

Those in attendance: Judie Tilman, Judy Siring, JoAnn Juliano, Jim Boetticher, Kit Mather, Lynn Anderson, Mark Petroni, Cameron Clark, Nick Novich, Katie Bump, Bill Kolar

Introductions were made. The group welcomed Mark Petroni. He is the new representative appointed by the Madison County Commissioners to replace Deb Bradley.

The minutes were approved as sent out.

Old Business:

Montana’s Kick-off Celebration - Jim Boetticher reported that he and others from the Camp Fortunate Chapter set up a Southwest Montana/Camp Fortunate booth in the Capitol Rotunda. Out of the 8 booths, 6 were from Trail Heritage Chapters. Jim basically used the display that we had at the Annual Conference in October with a few more pictures. He felt the day was successful. There were probably 500+ people in attendance for the talks. The passports and other material he brought were pretty well gone by the end of the day.

Poster Contest - This was for grades 1-8. There were 113 entries, all from Beaverhead County. Cameron had delivered the information packets to the principals in Twin Bridges, Cardwell, and Whitehall but unfortunately we didn’t get any entries from those schools. There were 6 judges. It was a big job to select the winners. The Beaverhead Chamber and Camp Fortunate Chapter held a presentation on Sat. Feb. 8th for the winners. All but 4 of the winners were present . The Beaverhead Chamber along with the Camp Fortunate Chapter will have a traveling display of the winners posters and some posters will be used in storefronts around Dillon. This ended up being a huge project for Judy and her hard work is most appreciated.

Discussion centered on whether we would want to do again next year. If we do it was suggested that we start earlier in the year and make sure the information gets to the individual teachers. We need to get the involvement from Jefferson & Madison County schools. We paid for the prizes this year from the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial grant from the USFS Forest Service. Those funds will not be available next year so we will need to look at other funding sources. Our budget for this year was $600. (The posters were on display at the Chamber and the group was able to view them.)

Passport - Jim Boetticher has been busy selling ads. He has about $4,200 in ads to date and still has quite a few leads to follow up on, especially in the Twin Bridges and Whitehall areas. He hopes to have the passport to the printer by March 1 and ready for distribution by March 31.

He does need a new calendar of events from each County and asked that someone from each county be responsible to get him that. The calendar is about the only thing that will change substantially. He is also investigating some brochure holders that could be put at businesses to facilitate their distribution.

New Business:

Jefferson’s West and the Kick-off at Monticello - Judy Siring was able to attend as a representative of our SW MT group and Katie Bump as a USFS representative. Both emphasized that it was a great event (though it was very cold).

Katie prepared an excellent power point presentation on the activities for the week and on Corps II. It was especially informative to get a good idea of what exactly Corps II entails. While Corps II is in Dillon we can schedule local entertainment and activities that involve youth and that give a good representation of our area’s culture and heritage. Judy and Katie were to give the same power point to the Beaverhead Commissioners later that same day.

Other Business: Cameron said that Dawn Huckaba has been appointed by the Jefferson Commissioners to take Scott’s place on the committee. She is unable to meet on Mondays and asked if we could pick another day for our meetings. This seemed to be acceptable to the group.

Bill Kolar said that he would like the group to start thinking about what message they would like to have on interpretive signs from Cardwell-Whitehall-Twin Bridges. Although we do not know yet if the MTRI/NPS funding will be available this year, the representatives from those areas need to be working with their communities to determine what message should be on these signs.

Next meeting: Date picked is April 24th in Twin Bridges. Nick will set it up at the Blue Anchor.

Meeting adjourned at 12:45.



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