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Southwest Montana Lewis & Clark
Bicentennial Committee Meeting Minutes
Dillon, Montana
April 2, 2004

Judy Siring called the meeting to order at 11:10. Those in attendance were: Judy Siring, Bill Kohler, Jim Boetticher, Nick Novich, Katie Bump, Kit Mather, JoAnn Juliano, Judie Tilman and Cameron Clark.

Interpretive Signs: Kit and Nick showed the group the draft of Madison County’s sign. There still needs to be a bit of work on the pictures and quotes. But everyone liked the concept and felt it was very professional. Kit will work with the Madison Co. group to get the sign to Judie by the end of next week. Judie will then forward it to Laurie Heupel at the NPS for approval.

Cameron is rewriting the text for the Jefferson sign. Will be complete in 2 weeks and then can be forwarded to NPS for review & approval.

Beaverhead’s sign is still not complete. Bill & Jim will work on and have to Judie by 4/23.

Judie T. will check with Laurie on the fabrication.

2004 Passports: Although about 20 of last year’s advertisers dropped out, we added new ones and had a total of 102 advertisers. 10 more than last year. Jim presented an accounting of the income. Total sales for the year are $12,380. Collections to date are $3,720.

Discussion ensued on distribution. The Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center in Great Falls has been a good place, as are the Chambers of Commerce throughout the area.

County Reports:

Beaverhead County: Judy S. reported that they received $2,800 from the MTDOC Special Events Grant. They will use this to help market their Lewis & Clark Festival in Aug. and bring in the Native American Dancers from the Fort Belnap Reservation for the event.

Katie & Judy S. will attend a Corps II meeting in Billings on 4/7 for host communities. They will report back at our next meeting.

Beaverhead County has started up its InterAgency meetings again to make sure that the county and all agencies are on the same page and sharing information for the upcoming Bicentennial. They will meet quarterly. The next meeting is 5/6/04.

Madison County: Nick reported that the Bronze has gone to the foundry and should be done by mid-June. They have gotten excellent publicity. They are focusing on getting the oval completed. They want to have a metal teepee. They have a 20 ft. cottonwood. ˝ of which will be made into a dugout canoe. Planning a big unveiling in June. Still have a need for additional funding.

Jefferson County: JVP did receive a Metal Mines Fund Grant to help with the remodeling of a building that was donated to them. This bldg. will be used for indoor theater in the off-season. The outdoor play will begin in July.

Forest Service: Katie told the group about the Big Hole event over the 4th of July at Hogan Meadows. The Forest Service is also having a training day for guides and outfitters to go over Forest Service regulations and Heritage Tourism.

Next Meeting: June 3rd in Whitehall or place to be determined by Cameron & Kit.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 PM.  


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