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Southwest Montana Lewis & Clark
Bicentennial Committee Meeting Minutes
11:00 a.m. Dillon, Montana
July 9, 2002

Meeting called to order at 11:00 am by Judy Siring. Those in attendance were:

JoAnn Juliano – Beaverhead Co.; Deb Bradley – Madison Co.; Judy Siring - Beaverhead Co.; Jim Boetticher - Beaverhead Co.; Katie Bump - USFS; Nick Novich- Madison Co.; Kit Mather- Jefferson Co.; Judie Tilman- Headwaters RC&D; Margie Ewing - USFS; Jori Peterson- Guest; Diane Havig – Guest

Report -Cultural Tourism - Margie Ewing, USFS

Margie reported on the “Share Your Heritage” Workshop that was held in Missoula in March. There is a growing interest in developing cultural tourism corridors in Montana. These corridors would provide opportunities for local artisans, specialty ag producers, and others with unique made in Montana products to be able to better market their wares to tourists and perhaps even to outside markets. She emphasized that people need not be afraid to make money and develop viable businesses. Margie presented some handouts and talked about the success of the Handmade in America program in South Carolina. She mentioned that a group from the Golden Triangle and also a group from Anaconda-Butte-Phillipsburg and Deer Lodge are looking at developing programs for those corridors. She mentioned that with the work we have done on the Passport and our Lewis & Clark Corridor from Whitehall-Twin Bridges, to Dillon – Jackson/Wisdom we might be ideally situated to develop a cultural tourism program in our area.

While this is not an easy thing to establish and get off the ground the rewards as they found in South Carolina can be great. Need to decide what the corridor should be (theme), standards for participation, how to set up, funding, partners, etc. If we were to decide to pursue there is expertise we can tap into. She left the group with a lot to think about and an idea that would greatly expand our Passport idea.


The Passports have been paid for and are being distributed. Judie reported that she had handed out over 100 at the Women’s Conference in Butte, and that Phyllis Burns had asked for some to take back to Washington, D.C. The Butte Chamber of Commerce has given out one box and has asked for another box. Jo Ann mentioned that they have also found their way to Phoenix.

State Bicentennial Commission Meeting in Glasgow

Katie Bump was able to attend on our behalf. She passed out brochures and Passports. Katie reported on the meeting. Corps II is still looking for funding. Possible that they won’t have sufficient funds to do everything as originally planned and may be more emphasis on the “satellite” than the big set-up. Will have a basic itinerary by Sept. and hopefully will know what their funding will be shortly.

There was discussion of the upcoming annual Lewis & Clark Conference to be held in Bozeman Oct 3 & 4th. It would be great if we had a short video of the play and other pictures of other area projects. (The State office will put out more later) Katie thought maybe we could get some video from on of the plays in Cardwell.

Also discussed at the meeting was the need to advertise the license plates at the courthouses and make sure people know about them. Judy mentioned that everyone had received raffle tickets for the License Plate (L C 5) that we were given to use as a fundraiser. While everyone had been enthusiastic at the May meeting, it appeared that sales were not going as well as had been hoped. Members were urged to sell the raffle tickets.

Geological Signs – Western Mt. College

No one was in attendance to talk about the project.

County Reports

Madison County: Nick reported that they are working on identifying an Indian burial site. There is a big gala event scheduled for Sept. 28th to raise funds for the bronze.

Jefferson County: Kit called our attention to the new billboard that has been put up by Cardwell. JVP is in its 2nd season and will hold 10 performances from June 28- July 27th. They have a new Director this year and are excited about the changes in the show. Kit has finished 11 murals and the 12th should be complete in August.

Beaverhead County: Jim reported that they are still working with the owner of the land that the Jackson Hot Springs is on to develop a trail to the hot springs that can be utilized by visitors. Working with the Undaunted Stewardship program. There will be a gun show in Wisdom on Aug. 4th. Judy Siring reported on the plans for the Lewis & Clark festival Aug. 3-12. Will kick-off with the reenactment at Clark Canyon Dam on the 3rd.

There being no other business the meeting was adjourned. The next meting of the group will be Sept. 9th in Twin Bridges. Anyone with agenda items may get them to Judie.  


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