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Southwest Montana Lewis & Clark
Bicentennial Committee Meeting Minutes
Twin Bridges, Montana
September 9, 2002

In attendance: Judy Siring, Cameron Clark, Deb Bradley, Michelle Van Dyke, Nick Novich, Jim Boetticher, Kit Mather, Katie Bump, JoAnn Juliano, Judie Tilman.

The meeting was opened at the Madison County Fairgrounds. Michelle Van Dyke, Deb Bradley, and Nick Novich explained the plans for the “Lewis & Clark Island” and showed the artist’s rendition. The Sacagawea bronze will be the centerpiece. The committee was asked for comments and suggestions. The Committee expressed the opinion that it would be a great addition along the Whitehall-Dillon Lewis & Clark Corridor and looks great. There was discussion on the need for restrooms associated with the “Island” as it will have a picnic area. The Twin Bridges people explained the dilemma with the sewer system that must be piped under the river and the high cost of doing that. There is some hope that if something is done at the Old Children’s Home facility then sewer will be available to the Fairgrounds.

Other discussion involved making sure that in grant applications etc., that the tie to the Corridor is stressed. There would then be the Whitehall Murals & Play, the Twin Bridges L&C Island, Beaverhead Rock, and the Dillon Diorama. Other discussion included the need for parking and making a safe entrance for RV’s and ensuring that traffic is not routed in such a way as to make it unsafe for playing children.

The Twin Bridges group is raffling off small bronzes as part of its fundraising efforts. They hope to be able to finance the life-sized bronze (~$50,000) through donations and raffle sales. However, they will still need to raise $20-$30,000 through grants.

At 12:00 the group adjourned to the Blue Anchor for lunch and the business portion of the meeting.

Cameron Clark called the business meeting to order at 12:10.

Minutes: Minutes from the July meeting were approved.

Operational Grant: Judie Tilman gave the financial report on the Operations Grant from the State. There is $1,352 remaining of the $2,000. This will allow any of the members who so desire to attend the State Annual L&C Conf. In Bozeman. The grant will pay for conference registration, 1 night lodging (@ $55 conference rate) and meals. Mileage will depend on funds remaining, it is doubtful that there will be sufficient funds to pay mileage. Receipts are required. Judie asked who is planning on attending. The following members expressed an interest: Judy Siring - firm; JoAnn Juliano- firm; Cameron Clark- will attend the Advisory Committee meeting on the 2nd, not conference; Deb Bradley- tentative, check schedule; Kit Mather- firm; Wally Madsen – firm; Jim Boetticher- tentative, check schedule; Judie Tilman – firm, however NRCS will pay her expenses; Katie Bump - FS will pay expenses.

Other Conference Matters: Also discussed was the power point presentation the State Commission is putting together. Judie sent them pictures and a very brief description on 3 projects, the Reenactment at Clark Canyon, the Whitehall Murals, and the Journey of Discovery.

The Break-out session is something we should try to attend. Judie gets to facilitate it and needs all the support she can get. Probably each Committee in the Western Part of the State will discuss plans, projects, events, and ways to coordinate.

Group felt they would like to have a display booth. Cost before Sept. 20th $125. Judie will send in registration for it. Twin Bridges group will display the Bronze and sell raffle tickets. Katie, Kit will chair this effort and delegate work on booth as needed. Motion made and seconded to have a booth. Approved.

License Plate Raffle: Judy Siring reported that it actually was a money loser for us. For some reason tickets did not sell well. We did not realize that in addition to the $35 fee there was also a $25 fee for a personalized plate. We lost $10 on the raffle and made it up from funds we had in reserve for next year’s passport.

Passport 2003: We had 10,000 passports this year and only have a few left. Look at printing 12,000 to 15,000 for next year depending on price. Motion made and seconded to increase production. Approved.

We have $2,402.80 to help with next year’s printing. Deb, JoAnn, & Kit will be the lead members for this project. They will mail advertising information early and have a Feb. 15th deadline for ad information. The passport should now be self-sustaining.

County Reports:

Beaverhead: The Chamber hosted a FAM Group that visited all three counties. Hope to get at least one story from this effort. Judy reported that it was a lot of work so hopefully it pays dividends.

The L&C Festival went very well for the 1st year. Had 305 for the BBQ, and the events at the Old Depot were well attended. Plan to build on it for next year.

Jim Boetticher gave out information on L&C Training Academy. He plans to attend the session this fall. He also visited Travelers' Rest. It is state-owned, but managed by Friends of Travelers' Rest. He wonders if something like this might be possible for the Jackson Hot Springs. The owner of the property is still interested in doing something. Katie has given information on the Hot Springs to the Undaunted Stewardship staff. Katie also is looking at trees for designation as L&C historic trees. Therefore must be 200 years old. Looking at trees on Lemhi Pass, hasn’t found any yet.

Madison: Michelle reported that a Gala Art Auction is being planned as part of Twin Bridges fundraising for the Lewis & Clark Island. The date is pending. They plan to have entertainment and make it a very special night. Some discussion ensued on potential entertainers that have L&C programs.

Jefferson: Kit announced that the 12th Mural is now complete and passed around a picture of it.

Next Meeting: November 4th 11:00 AM ---Cameron & Kit will determine place.

Agenda items always appreciated.

Meeting Adjourned at 1:15. After the meeting some members went to view a Native American archeological site south of Twin Bridges. Nick was the tour guide.  


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