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Southwest Montana Lewis & Clark
Bicentennial Committee Meeting Minutes
Dillon, Montana
September 11, 2003

Meeting was called to order by Cameron Clark, Chair at 11:05.

In attendance were: Jim Boetticher, Judy Siring, Nick Novich, Dawn Huckaba, Kit Mather, Katie Bump, Deb Bradley, Judie Tilman, JoAnn Juliano, Bill Kolar, Cameron Clark.

Introductions were made around the room. Dawn Huckaba is a new representative from Jefferson County. Minutes were approved for the June 6, 2003 meeting.

Issues concerning Lewis & Clark Guides: There seems to have been some confusion regarding permits to take groups onto Forest Service lands. Katie explained the rule. If a guide is being paid she/he must have a special use permit which is about 3% of the fee charged the customer. Also F.S. requires liability insurance. A lot of people donít realize this as State of Montana only requires guides for hunting and fishing to obtain licenses and pay fees. The State Bicentennial web site does give names of certified guides, but this doesnít mean they are licensed for federal lands. Forest Service is trying to educate guides and tour companies as to the requirements. To obtain the special use permits, a guide can through the local District Forest Service Office.

Interpretive Signage: Judie explained that we need to turn in a progress report ASAP to the State Bicentennial Office. Bill Kolar went over the sign guidelines and the need for each of the counties to get a draft of the sign. Discussion followed on some excerpt from the Journals that might be good starting points and where signs could/should be places. We will need to get the text & graphics approved by both NPS and the State of Montana. Counties are to work together to ensure coordination and bring drafts to the Oct. meeting.

2004 Passports: Jim Boetticher reported that we handed out the 10,000 2003 Passports. No one seems to have any left. We paid $7,000 for 10,000 passports and can obtain 15,000 for $9,000. Last year we sold 90 ads and made a profit of $267. Motion by Judy Siring to have 15,000 printed if we can sell enough ads to pay for it. Jim Boetticher seconded. Passed.

2003 Annual Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Conf.: Judie asked who is planning on attending. She stated that we have funds available to assist with travel and registration. Judy Siring, JoAnn Juliano, and Cameron voiced their intentions of attending. Cameron will attend the Regional Commission Meeting as our representative. Also we need to make a report on our activities at the meeting. Cameron will make that report, however we need to get him any information that we want him to emphasize, i.e. the JVP, the Reenactment, the Poster Contest, the Interpretive Park at Twin. If anyone else wants to attend, please let Judie know so that she can ensure that there is sufficient funds for everyone who wants to go.

The State has also asked us if we would like to have any of our volunteers recognized at the Friday luncheon. They would like letters nominating volunteers. After some discussion it was decided that any of the counties could nominate a volunteer. They just need to get the information to Judie & she and Cameron will do up the nominations and get them to the State.

Community Reports: Reports centered on the success of summer activities and plans for the Twin Bridges Art Auction in late Sept.

Next Meeting: Will be in October so will can assess the progress on the signs. It will be in Twin Bridges on 10/23.  


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