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Southwest Montana Lewis & Clark
Bicentennial Committee Meeting Minutes
1:00 p.m. Whitehall, Montana
October 23, 2001

Those in attendance: Judie Tilman, Sgt. Tom Butler/MHP, Nick Novich, JoAnn Juliano, Kit Mather, Cameron Clark, Mike McGinley, Wallace Madsen, Mike Arterbury (visitor), Deb Bradley, Ron Roginski, Jim Boetticher.

Meeting called to order by Mike McGinley at 1:05. Introductions were made. Mike Arterbury is visiting from Oregon where he is on a L&C Bicentennial group and is interested in seeing what we are doing.

The Minutes were approved as submitted.

Reports on the Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Conference: Those who attended the Conference in Billings were Mike, JoAnn, Cameron, Judie, and Jim. Mike brought back a Conference notebook for Madison County. JoAnn referred everyone to the regional reports. All in attendance felt it was a good conference with a lot of information. Mike noted that he came away with a better understanding of the Native American perspective.

Gerald Baker from the Corps of Discovery II presented information on that endeavor. It appears that this will really be a major event attracting hundreds if not thousands of visitors as it progresses through the state. The Bicentennial Commission unveiled its License Plate that go on sale in Jan. 2002. Funds will be used to assist various projects. Cameron's notes on the conference highlights are attached.

L&C Bicentennial Commission meeting in Dillon: Mike reported that the Commission would hold its quarterly meeting in Dillon in Feb. The Chamber is in the process of working with the College to secure the meeting place, food etc. Mike is working on entertainment etc. He urged all the members to take advantage of the proximity of the meeting and attend at least a portion. It gives you a better idea of what is happening across the State and a chance to meet with people who are working on L&C activities in other regions. More information will be presented at the Dec. meeting.

Bicentennial Commission Grants: Judie stated that the grants are due Dec. 21st. She handed out guidelines and application forms. Mike reminded the group that grant applications need to come before our group before being submitted so that the group can decide if it's a project they want to support. This also helps with the coordination efforts. We can discuss the proposed grants at the Dec. meeting. Judie stated that Headwaters will submit another administrative grant application for $2,000 to help pay for the travel of the appointed committee members. This is reduced from the $2,500 available last year. This application is also due 12-21. Judie reminded everyone to get their travel forms to her for this meeting and for the Conference. There will be enough left to pay for Dec. meeting travel with probably some left over. Anything not spent by Dec. 31. Has to be returned to the State.

Reports on local activities: Jefferson Co.: Kit reported on the mural project. The murals are almost complete. She is working on one. Wally gave a run down on Jefferson Valley Presents and mentioned that they want to submit another Bicentennial Grant application to help with more of the infrastructure developments.

Madison Co.: Deb and Nick spoke of the needs at the Fairgrounds if they are to accommodate not only Corps of Discovery II, but also the visitors. Public restrooms are a major concern and they are not finding any real solution.

Beaverhead Co.: The Chamber group is still working on the store-front diorama project. It was turned down for the TIIP Grant. They will submit a Bicentennial Commission Grant. Mike discussed their Fairgrounds also and their desire to have it fixed up not only for Corps of Discovery II, but also so it would be a better more useable facility. We are all interested in having the L&C Commemoration leave lasting legacies for our communities.

Next Meeting: Mike stated that he would like to have an election of new officers at the next meeting. He feels that his other obligations prevent him from continuing on as Chairman. Judy Siring will be appointed by the Beaverhead Commissioners to take Mike's place on the Committee.

The Committee will meet Dec. 11th in Twin Bridges. Place to be determined. Judie will send out notice.  







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